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dr death jm

KaRRiLLIoNs RTS3 for Arma3 (finnaly here)

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long time waited,


from ofp is now here.... 



this is working 99% there are some small things that are still work wip.

#1 script issue is vtol, still trying to fix.

#2 most scripts are still sqs...

 everyone is welcome to edit/fix.

please also post any modified RTS3, so other servers or players can enjoy the game/mission 

If anyone would like to team up to make this a mission of all time (again) please let me know.

I played this mission in ofp for years .. on KaRRiLLioNs BootCamp.


but please post your updates here (same as bugs).

you do not have permission to edit any credits to the people that have put time into the mission fixes.

if you do edit any fixes you are more than welcome to add your name to the existing credits.

you do not have permission to edit the name of mission.

you do not have permission to use this mission in any way of making money.

any other questionable what you can do and not do "please ask",

but remember Bohemia left the mission scripting to you and it is limitless.


ill post some pics and links to vids later or just click my youtube below.

all pic and vids are welcome.


if you wanna just test the mission


BiNaRyBoNe BooTCamP  
port 2302


some other info: binarybone server belongs to certa the maker of ofpwatch (I'm sure some remember him).

so anyone wanting some nostalgia let me know I can get the old gang in for some fun 

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thank you zonekiller , you know this mission wasn't possible to fix with out your help.

id like also for it to be known, eRazor  did the first sqs debug and fix .. that first brought my dream alive..

of having RTS3 even working in arma3.. lots of thanks ....


for the record

credits go out to

these people that I disturbed

Erazor = original (I can make it work in a day, plus too long list of what he did)

zonekiller = (helping me understand and optimizing  also too long a list to type)

doda = letting me use his mod and helping me get it working --- https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/187492-ai-command-high-command-replacement/?p=2968978

PsychoDad = (friend from ofp always there for testing, and falling asleep)

Zenophon = (has put some time in debugging, but his thing with me is RTSV and rewriting RTSV engine) (still in the making)

MAD T = helping me with aicommand mod from doda

KaRRiLLioN (for the original RTS3)

"these guys are the brains of the game"



ive added scripts from others and  there names are within there scripts in mission

 but the'll be a proper list of people involved as I'm updating (or others update).

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updated RTS3


fixed miner jip

fixed commander waypoints (WP1,WP2,WP3,WP4)

fixed marker for recycler's were they'll be mining was showing up global (now is local).

fixed player markers (thanks to zonekiller).



link in first post updated

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another update link in first post


fixed command control:

you can now build vehicles with ai  for playable ai that are not a player ...

you also can go into command menu click W2 ai then control button and disembark his (w2) ai and have w2 get in as driver/commander/gunner or to get out, and also have w2 ai get back in...

its not a simple system , I'm looking into a switch seats system so you wont need to have ai get out.

but also after all said and done commander can set 4 different waypoint and send ai of group out to cap , or just click cap territory's and he will try to cap them all...


if example w2 is a live (living player person) you cant control him, but if he needs guidance you can set waypoints up so he sees were to go ..

(markers are colored WP1,WP2,WP3,WP4) ..




please post bugs/errors/ or any questions.

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there will be another update in a few days, I'm getting a way to add more ai commands for players ai ,curtesy of ww-aimenu , (not as addon) but build into mission.  last thing I'm trying to fix is if ai isn't clicked an error pops up, but other than that I have ww-aimenu working 100%.

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added lots of ai control, with aicommand scripts (for commander) and added player type ai commands from ww_aimenu

updated first post to d load... (errors still in radar) I also added flaks to aa vehicles thanks to  flyinpenguin...

please post bugs/fixes.. all help is welcome ...

opps before I forget ,"rts3 is now" sp/coop/pvp...


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new vid is a better longer explanation on commander commanding ai remote 3 difrent ways, and how players can also command ai within mission control menu. 

its a long vid but perhaps worth a watch if your interested in having better control  of ai in rts3 and or interested in being a commander coop/sp ... I get a good kill shot at end of vid, after commanding ai to fly me somwere and I halo out..


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