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  1. Thank you so much for your help. I have found my mistake, as my script open the arsenal twice... I misunderstood the sample script. Now it has been fixed. Again, thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi guys: I found an issue that I cannot turn (rolate) after I use Arsensal functions in a SP mission. However, I can look up and down, and if I get in a vehicle, the turning has no problem. Somebody said this issue is because of loading saved mission. However, I did not load mission, I just run the mission in editor and call arsenal with following script: [] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; ["Open", true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; The Arsenal and change of equipments are very well, but after closing the arsenal I found I cannot turn. Thanks a lot if anybody can tell me how to solve this issue, or correctly use Arsenal in custom mission. I don't quite think this is a script issue so I post here, sorry if it belongs to script topics. Thanks.
  3. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    OK thanks, I will check it when I have time.
  4. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Are U sure you want to remove it? I don't have a easy way to remove it in current mission, sry.
  5. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Thanks @Leopard20 ,I will check the While and WaitUntil. What is C2??
  6. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Sorry just saw this, which version you refer? SP version or MP version? Enemy don't attack, do you mean no matter which side you use (NATO or PACT), the enemy side (PACT/NATO) just don't attack? You mean, don't move to your direction?
  7. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    UPDATED!!!! for such a long time I finally figure out why it was always laggy in later part of this game, now solved!!
  8. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    I think the most recent version is OK, at least on my machine. So the so called 1.74 should be fine?? Do you get any problem?
  9. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Well, that's the old problem. I don't know whether it is the problem of script, but I think it is due to the mass units in small area, which gives CPU high pressure. I found lower the AI skills can somehow improved the problems, as some players reported to me.
  10. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    OK, thank you so much for let me know this, :D
  11. dragon zen

    HEAT powerful than APFDS? what does HEAT mean?

    I think that topic has wrong explanation, as some guys considered HEAT as dual purpose? It seems the HEAT should be chemical energy anti-armor??
  12. dragon zen

    HEAT powerful than APFDS? what does HEAT mean?

    Alright thanks you for your explanation.
  13. Hi guys: I just realized that in both T-100 and M2A4, the HEAT is more powerful than APFDS?? For example, for T-100, HEAT had DirectHit 800, IndirectHit 40, IndirectHitRange 2, but APFDS had only DirectHit 550, IndirectHit 20, IndirectHitRange 0.5. I tested it, and HEAT round really hit armor more damage. Previously I thought APFDS is better at heavy armor. APFDS=armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot, it should be OK. And it is said that APFDS is targeting heavy armor. So what does HEAT mean? High explosive anti tank?? Does it mean that it uses chemical energy to destroy armor? Or it is dual purpose? It might be reasonable if it is the former, and it is amazing if it is dual purpose shell, even powerful than AP round. Also, the M2A4 used HEAT_MP_T rounds, so it indicates Multi-Purpose??? Any one could explain what is the purpose of HEAT, and why Arma 3 set such values? Finally, by the way, my custom mission AFCS SP version has been updated, which showed the data of vehicle ammo. You can check this issue easily with that mission, and I also realized this when I play it, :D. Dragon
  14. dragon zen

    [SP/MP]Advanced Fierce Combat System

    Ha ha, thank you. I am currently make SP and MP more consistent. However, because the MP version does not necessarily have a host, I don't think it is good idea to make everything adjustable or need to be adjusted, like in SP. Will consider how to deal with Green army, actually, a problem about 3 factions versus 2 factions. I know RHS and such only have two factions, that's a problem I need to think of.
  15. Awesome!!! thank you so much.