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Multiple addons on custom linux server

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I own a hosted server on Linux, but some addons doesn't work well.

All what I want is to be able to use RHS units with Zeus + Ares. But Zeus doesn't read it.


Is there a conflict between the mods ? Cause I have the command line -mod= @CBA_A3;@ares;@RHSUSAF;@RHSASFR;


Does someone have at least maybe a pbo file where every configuration similar to what I want available on download ? 


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Hey Pouflex,


I think we had to sort it out too. Problem is that launch paramenters can´t be read by linux dedicated server in multiple mods @ in the same -mod parameter. Try to separate all mods to separated launch parameters like: -mod=@CBA_A3; -mod=@ares; -mod=@RHSUSAF; -mod=@RHSASFR;


It helped us on CentOS 7 Arma 3 Linux dedicated server with @Exile and @allinarmamappack


Let me know if it works..





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