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[SP/@] Dirty War (RWO)

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[RWO] Dirty War

Inspired by: Delta Force operations ins Nicaragua during the 1980s Central American Crisis

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_Force_Operations_and_clandestine_operations#Central_American_operations


Version: 1.0

Required Addons

ArmA3 Map Pack - A3MP http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23863

N'Ziwasogo http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24455

Isla Duala (parts of it, see N'Ziwasogo Requirements) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9150

SP Pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24099

US Pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24100

NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912

Audio Fix for Massi's Weapons http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180267-Massi-s-Weapons-Pack-Audio-Fix


-One folder for use in the editor (feel free to learn and copy from this mission).

-One pbo that goes into the "missions" folder to play right away.


Delta force commandos are tasked with leading a force of Contras to recapture a village recently lost to the Sandinista government forces.


Third beta, I need feedback on how to make radio triggered saves work, as well as formatting the overview text inside the description.ext.


-Classnames changed to be compatible with the latest SP pack addon release

-Audio Fix for Massi's weapons required to have sound

Known Issues:

* Overview still quite messy since I do not know to implement line breaks, as <br/> shows up in the text.

* Game does not save via radio-activated trigger




Armaholic mirror:

- [RWO] Dirty War (@) v1.0 thanks to Big



Edited by Mathias_Eichinger
Armaholic mirror updated

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An error occured, maybe a wrong URL?
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i'm very interested by this mission but I've got some issue when i use A3MP all my save game are corrupt i c'ant recall save game

I've got some missing message like CA ROCK.....

is this mission could be save and replay ?

thank u

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Hi, so to be clear, just need these files from Duala?:

You'll need IBR_Plants.pbo, IBR_Dtown.pbo and BRG_Africa.pbo

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I tried this mission with all of Isle Duala since all related files were in the same directory. Note I also use GL5, TPW mod, TMR, JSRS, Blastcore and STHud as my basic SP mod mixture.


Great choice of Engine. Love it.

Good Intro to set the mood.

Upon mission start, my squad complains of "low on ammo". I command to the move to the ammo crates but no one reloads as far as I know. In A2/ACE mod, there is a function to have the AI auto reload or check crates/bodies for ammo if they are low.

The Contras basically run off to fight the enemies at this point. Needs an indicator to say "lets go or moving out" after collecting ammo, changing guns or etc...

With the AI mods in this mission, I usually tell my team to hold fire until we spot enemies. The Contra AI team and Sandinista went all out upon LOS even at 500-600 meters out.

Instead of creep up ambush warfare, it felt like WWII.

Lastly, I was killed multiple times despite overwhelming numbers. I see opfor start flanking us to the right due to our overall numbers, and their side going down. They still fought really hard. This probably due to GL5 AI mod more than anything.

But overall, this mission felt brutal since we were basically massacring an armed village. It feels nothing like a NATO vs CSAT game in regular A3.

I think when and if we get female models into Arma 3, you need to add it to the mission. It really adds to the atmosphere.

Great job and I hope you can expand on it. I did not complete the mission yet but will again soon.

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@Karmaluja and KK:

please make sure you do not miss the partial A2 Isla Duala requirements (these were listed by KK correctly and I suspect them to break the saves on A3MP). Alternatively, please make sure to have the latest version of A3MP installed, because on all older versions, saves did not work and it broke the saves on all other maps.

@Valken: Thank you for your positive and constructive feedback.

I equipped all soldiers with 5 or 6 mags as default, so why they are still complaining is beyond me (I am rather confident that such a magazine number was sufficient in Arma2). Getting your squadmates to rearm is done using the "Rearm at..." command. Note that AI squads do that automatically. I think adding a "Go code" radio message at the player's control would be beneficial and I'll do that in a future update. Are there any more wishes to the basic mission structure (save for non-existent females)?

P.S: If you enter the middle trough the ravine, following the WP, you are likely to be flanked and it is very hard, if you flank the enemy yourself, you are more likely to see the end with less effort. ;)

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Just finished it. Have to agree a lot with Valkan.


I hate doing them. I suck at them. Anyways, mine went crazy, spinning around crazy when going from one camPOS to another camPos.

Nice story line to go with it.


Same about ammo. So I had all my units RELOAD using F keys for units then 6 key----> Reload.

I think you need to load up ammo first in the script/unit init box then weapon, yes?

Actually not a big deal. Could be realistic as in "Lock and Load!".

It was not bad to have the weapons catches, but same time, could be good to delete them. Too many choices.

Not sure of the time period but perhaps Iron sights would fit better then having things like scopes and SD muzzels?


I think like Valdren said, Player leads the battle then call in Alpha and Beta with radio.

It was a WW2 battle. Incredible!

Very nice choice of map. First time to play it.

Again, very nice mission. Enjoyed it much.

I'm inspired to do a mini Campaign about the Contra Wars with A2.

Will need time and man power for it.

Keep them coming!

BTW, I learned about this little MOD:


Will help you make some cool pics for your briefings and threads. I learned this from cimalex. I think h34dup uses it as well.

I've just recently started. Only need FRAPS with it and almost the same about of time you take to do the shot you did. In other words, not much time needed to make

cool poser pics.

Edited by Kommiekat

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The init area needs to have at least one mag loaded before the addWeapon entry so everyone starts with a loaded weapon.

It isn't a huge issue with your own squad since you can order them to reload but the enemy forces fight every firefight with pistols instead of their primary weapons.

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Hi Mathius. Like the improvements so far.

In the Intro and mission itself, bad guys are still using pistols.

Looks like you'll need to delete pistols from those units, either individually or by grouping them and using a code in the leaders init box.

With that being the case, the whole mission is one sided: Bad guys pistols, good guys rifles.

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I just updated my mission to Version 1.0, please see first post for changelog and download.

Edited by Mathias_Eichinger

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sh*t sh*t sh*t RWO on Arma III!!! Awesome! Im gonna give it a try tonight and of course give my feedback.

Thank you!

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