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  1. Waypoints in Beyond Hope seems odd. One does work, another zooms out to the max, another Zooms out a bit with every click. And my Team never made it trough Spartan Area :D
  2. saine

    Feedback Thread

    please not.... You wanna make this a BattleDuty Clone.
  3. I found this list and it turned out that that my AMD Crimson Tool caused the problem. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9828-SFLZ-9289&l=english edit: This also prevent Squad from starting.
  4. Depending on which way i start ArmA I get these errors. After some research i'm pretty sure they are steam related but I couldn't find a solution. I found something with Comodo Antivir, but i've never used this. Hope one of you guys can finally help me
  5. Not sure if it fits here. But I tried it a few times and have really no idea what i'm doing. How should people like me, who have no idea how to handle this, learn it? I'm really thinkink about buying ToH or an DCS Module, but that can't be the solution.
  6. I know nothing but about this stuff, so just a shot in the Dark. I discovered the "bcdedit /set increaseuserva" command. Shouldn't it prevent the OS from taking to much RAM. That ArmA can handle more Large Pages? Im at work and don't have much time to test. I already read that this is useless for 64bit but i don't know if it's OS, Application or whatever
  7. AWESOMO Im so in love with this Community, partially. Im already imagine to manage water, rations, tiredness for REALLY long missions. Maybe in Jungle... Does this feature work on other Maps? Im jumping on my seat right now :D
  8. someone told me thats possible to save a whole mission state/progress like it is in MP with MCC. And you can load the mission at exactly that point, with exactly same stats, items and so on. Is that true?
  9. finally... Im waiting for this project for Months now. Glad to see your on it now. :D edit: Not sure about this. Does anyone in War take care of Geneva Conventions, except for publicity?
  10. Like the title says, i need something like a crosshair in Cockpits. Im playing with this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170122-Key-Interaction-Cockpit-Interaction-Tutorial and the trial and the Trial and Error just for Coords is a huge amount of work
  11. saine

    [SP/@] Dirty War (RWO)

    All Armaholic Links
  12. saine

    Flight School 101 - Basic Helicopter Guide

    I read youre whole guide. But this picture on deviantart ist really uncomfortable. Why did you choose this way? An .pdf shouldnt be a problem.
  13. Thank you for this I really think that this is one of the most important ArmA Projects. When i get home i will abo all your twitch and yt channels, immediately :)
  14. i really dont know but i would guess sth. like that if isKindOf "Air" && vehiclePlayer (damageCheckCommand) > 0 then player allowDamage false without any syntax Red = dunno the real command