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AI CAS, Helicopters, & Jets


  • Let's make AI Helicopter Landings great!
  • Helicopter To Wait For All Players

Jets & Planes

  • AI calls air strike
  • Ai planes

AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting

AI Movement

  • Make AI keep disableAI "Path" on Zeus disconnect

Artillery, Mortars, & AT soldiers


  • AI Artillery Script

Mission Editing & Scripting

  • AI multiplier

AI Hunting player/group

  • Create group to chase player by script

AI Triggers & Waypoints


  • Returning the AI to waypoint behaviour

AI Squad Command, Guides, & Join

Squad Commands

  • Rejoin rogue AI units back to their original group

AI Injury & Medical

  • Make AI unconscious and pick them up?


Scripts - Adjusted spacing on script page as there were few overs paced listings.


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Its that time of the month again!

      Seems like its been 3+ months since i last updated this but it was but a month.

So as some of you may know i update this list once a month which allows ample time for threads, scripts, mods, and whatever else

AI related to be created or released, considering im active everyday on the forums it allows me to see anything that pops up, although there are things i do miss

some so if you find something AI related that i haven't seen please let me know either in reply to the thread or send me a pm and i will add it to the list accordingly!


As for the update, i have a big one for you:

added:  threads


AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting

AI Behavior

  • Don't punish player for friendly fire against AI team mates
  • DisableAI "AUTOTARGET" by keyboard press

AI Spawn & Respawn

  • Creating a sector capture scenario with respawning AI
  • Unit recruitment and dismissal
  • HELP Respawn playable units in group on mp

AI Halo, Parachuting, & Paradrops

  • Paradrop all AIs at one time

AI Squad Command, Guides, & Join


  • AI following player in safe

Mission Editing & Scripting

  • HELP with ai detecting script

AI & Buildings

  • Attach AI to random start building?

AI Chat, Dialogue, Interaction, & Speech


  • AI Chat via Triggers
  • How to make an AI unit say the generic "ready" AFTER code of addAction is completed?

Multiplayer & Server

  • [SOLVED] AI player control when player leaves server

AI CAS, Helicopters, Jets & Planes

Jets & Planes

  • AI drop bomb on lased target


Misc updates

  • Changed the wording on some of the listings as they made no sense, their word order was off.
  • Replaced the wording of some listings with lowercase letters as some listings were all capitals (only in areas i had added new listings too)


New project - Category condensing/url in the title and number system

Each title of a listing is a link itself and numbering all the listings in a category.

Currently i got up to the AI CAS, Helicopters, Jets & Planes section i stopped after AI Cas, i will work on the rest another time.


This method severely condense the list for each category reducing the need to scroll, and making each title more specific in its focus.

    However tinyurl is still being used, i just copied each tinyurl that belonged to a listing and pasted the link into the title, i may replace the tinyurl with

the actual thread url in the future, but it will all depend on what i figure out in terms of being the fastest method for doing that.

     The numbering of each listing is for associative purposes, its meant to aid the would be reader see listings listed specifically as the numbers disrupt

the listings from blending in when a viewer is looking at them all, and its also meant as a reference number for the future if the user were to go back to it.


Using original thread url vs tinyurl

Switching pages, copying links, then pasting them is extremely time consuming considering the massive volume of the list already

so time wise its almost unrealistic, regardless 99% of all the linked titles in each category are threads on the forums here, anything else is on the BI wiki

so i may just stick with the tinyurl, unless someone gives me a good reason why its needed.

All for today, cheers!

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