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Lee Kee Child - 2016 february maps launched [25 new levels]

Lee Kee Child needs to collect diamonds for completing levels.
Some levels flies and butterflies chase him. If Lee Kee Child
touch these little enemies he will die. Possible to
kill enemies by dropping stones, diamonds or touch acid.
When the butterflies die them transforms to diamonds.
Have fun!

Play game here: http://leekeechild.uw.hu/index.php?ed=2

Watch videos here:

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Guest Freerider

There's lots of free games out there, but the important thing is finding what you are looking for. Don't play a game just because it's free, because then you won't be happy about the choice :)

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Eve Online is now F2P:





Be warned though, it's a game that requires full dedication to really get into it so it's possible it will be the only game you'll be playing. ;p


Also, here's some cool free fan games:


The Dark Mod - It's like the old Thief games but running on a fancier (Doom 3) engine.


Renegade X - a free fan remake of C&C Renegade, the forgotten C&C FPS/RTS hybrid.


Sonic Utopia - if you played Sonic on your Sega when you were younger, now you can experience how it would be like if it was in a fully 3D world in this free fan game.



There was also a great Metroid 2 fan remake recently but that was pulled down so I won't put any links.


edit: oh, and Shadow Warrior Classic & Stargunner are free on GoG & Steam, certainly worth a look for fans of classic FPS and shoot em up games.

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About EVE:


The free version:


EVE and some of its most popular ships now available with no monthly subscription. Great for new and returning EVE players.


Subscription gets you this:

The full EVE experience, unlimited access to ships, skills and modules.


Sounds basically like a free trial version to me, not really f2p

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Ballistic RG

A retro re-made of the original game from psx console.





Haha, I remember playing the demo of this game as a kid... You started from the last position and had to overtake enough other racers otherwise the demo would stop :D Nice

By the way - Overwatch will be free for this weekend, starting 20:00 (8:00 pm) Berlin/Paris time (that's 09:00 pm GMT)

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Welcome to Ubisoft's 30 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS celebrating our 30th anniversary!

It's our way of saying thank you for 30 wonderful years of play.

Check in every day for a new offer - you never know what you might find!

Have a very happy holiday season from all the teams at Ubisoft.

Please sign in with your Ubisoft account to access this giveaway. If you don't already have one, you can sign up for one here.

It's free, easy and painless!



and just for spoilers, you can view the source code and see what you get and when biggrin.png


24/11 - Day 1: Rayman Classic on Mobile
25/11 - Day 2: 30% off Ubisoft Games
26/11 - Day 3: Exclusive Collection of E3 2016 Cards
27/11 - Day 4: Ubi30 Exclusive GIF
28/11 - Day 5: For Honor GIFs
29/11 - Day 6: Ubi30 360 Image
30/11 - Day 7: Just Dance Greeting Card
01/12 - Day 8: Ubisoft DIY Advent Calendar
02/12 - Day 9: Steep Wallpaper
03/12 - Day 10: Exclusive Digital Posters from E3 2016
04/12 - Day 11: Rabbids Holiday Goodies
05/12 - Day 12: WWW Wallpaper
06/12 - Day 13: Ubisoft Cocktail Recipes
07/12 - Day 14: Assassins Creed 3 on PC
08/12 - Day 15: Ubisoft Wrapping Paper
09/12 - Day 16: 300 Game Giveaway
10/12 - Day 17: Watch_Dpgs 2 Wallpaper
11/12 - Day 18: Ubisoft Gift Tags
12/12 - Day 19: Ubisoft Dessert Recipes
13/12 - Day 20: Ghost Recon GIFs
14/12 - Day 21: Wallpaper for Mobile
15/12 - Day 22: Prince of Persia on PC
16/12 - Day 23: Rayman Legends on PC
17/12 - Day 24: Splinter Cell on PC
18/12 - Day 25: The Crew on PC
19/12 - Day 26: Rayman GIF
20/12 - Day 27: Steep GIF
21/12 - Day 28: Exclusive 2017 Digital Holiday Cards
22/12 - Day 29: Ubi30 Wallpaper
23/12 - Day 30: Ubisoft Holiday Decorations

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