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  1. @TeTe T Sorry to disturb you again, Just another quick question about custom music, I have managed to get it to work fine with my music my only problem is that the audio is pretty quite and gets droned out easily. so far I'm running the script version looks something like this; class music_two { name = "Fortunate-Son"; sound[] = { "sounds\Fortunate-Son.ogg", 100, 1, 500 }; titles[] = { 1, "Fortunate-Son" }; uns_music_chopper = 1; uns_music_pbr = 1; }; From the instructions it says the first of the 3 numbers after the .ogg file determines the volume, however it doesnt seem to do much Any ideas ? Thanks
  2. Is the script available so that I can add it to individual vehicles through init ? Thanks
  3. you dont know how much joy this brings, being able to spam music is a gift. My only drama, can music be played by passengers or only pilot ? I use a lot of AI support for transport ect and would like to be blasting Fortunate Son whilst terrorising some poor farmer but cant seem to do it as a passenger THANKS !!
  4. awesome! Got to say Im really liking the direction youre taking hetman, simple changes like transport for recon makes a lot of difference to the game. The new arty auto rhq is working well with RHS artillery my only drama is the lack of other shells and limited magazines Is there a way to manually "RydHQ_Add_OtherArty = [" in the game without having to play around with inits and scripts ?! Second is there a way through HAL to add infinite magazines to artillery ? Many thanks 😄
  5. Ok excellent, and I dont need to sync the module registers to a hal commander do I ?
  6. Hi Ninja Thanks for getting back to me, what you said makes perfect sense, just another quick question so if I sync the ammo truck to the ammo support module and that vehicle gets destroyed but then replaced by another one through the reinforcements (asset compiled truck) will it then recognise that vehicle Or do i need to sync asset compiled vehicles to the same rhq module hope that made sense 😄
  7. Afternoon, Loving the addon mod, youve done such a great job transforming and modernising HETMAN. I saw that you recently added the "RHQ modules" Are you able to briefly explain how to set them up properly ? (ideally a demo mission like the cargo one you did before) Many thanks
  8. It might be, But it still runs with no addon errors ! Also there arent loads of people who run vanilla arma anyway so...
  9. Thanks for the swift response dude, its much appreciated. From what I understand of HAC the RHQs allowed for the leader to sent appropriate units and give certain tasks for certain units, SF get recce missions, AT squad sent to deal with Tanks and so on. With this "autofill mode" is HAC still able to recognise these roles and then give orders appropriately ? Or would you still recommend doing RHQs for mods ? Many thanks
  10. Hi again, Apologies if this is a bone question, I have very little experience with the script version of HETMAN, ( i predominantly used addon for arma 2 and 3) I downloaded the demo chernarus mission (RHS USAF vs AFRF) Have you added the classnames for RHS to hetman or would i need to do the "RHQand RHQsArrays" and categorise all the units ? Also are there any other mods you have done the classnames for ? Hope that made sense, Many thanks
  11. Hi dude, Great to see Hetman is still going strong, Just a quick question, would you anticipate VCOM ai clashing with Hetman ? Thanks
  12. would be really nice to see the new skins on the vehicles, seems a shame to not release them after the hard work youve put in. I really like the mod so far, far superior to vanilla units and works seamlessly with RHS units