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  1. Hello to all, Me and my team was using acre in Arma 2 days, and everything was working perfectly. In Arma 3 we started using tfar i we did not have major problems. Now, we want to use acre2, but we have problem with long range radios. We use long range radio a lot, for CAS and artillery missions. So, we tested acre LR on Altis. I placed 2 helicopters on Molos airfieldand and we were using AN/PRC - 117F. We took off, and at distance of 2km we couldn't hear each other. We were on the same height, no physical obstacles between us. I did not use any modules, and did not change any settings. Everything was at acre defaults. We use cba, ace3, and rhs mods. Do we need to place acre antena? Does acre antena have any functionalities at the moment?
  2. When we can expect update for 1.58?
  3. mali_boki_87

    Capture sectors one after the other

    If I disable trigger for sector C until BLU capture B, then OPF will not be able to capture C if they have captured D. So i need some scripting, some kind of IF statement. I'm not scripting guy, so, I asked for your help.
  4. Hello to all, I'm making TvT mission with sectors. There is 6 sectors along the line, first sector is owned by BLU and the last is owned by OPF, and the battle is for the middle 4 sectors. So, what i want to achieve? I named the sectors A B C D E F and I want to make it that BLU can't capture sector D until they capture sector C and vice versa, OPF can't capture sector C until they capture sector D, etc. I have searched for answer for a few days with no luck. I use sector modules, and everything works great, i only need to force players to capture sectors 1 by 1. Thank you in advance.
  5. mali_boki_87

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Can we expect an update soon? I really like this plane. It is one of the best mods.
  6. After respawn I do not have option to put my backpack on chest. :( Is this available in script so clients don't need the addon?
  7. mali_boki_87

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does anyone have range tables for "2S3 Akatsiya"? I realy don't like to use artillery computer, but without range tables it is impossible to hit the target that is not in sight. Please, can you make those range tables for artillery for next update. Please.
  8. mali_boki_87

    Arma 3 Supports Module: Supply drop

    I use this module in my MP mission, but I have problem with JIP players. JIP players can't call supply drop.
  9. I have problem with "Task Force Radio". I have whitelisted all SW radios, but, when i save and load my gear it says thet that specific radio is not whitelisted. Example: classname of that radio is: tf_anprc148jem But when u take it it automaticly become tf_anprc148jem_1 , tf_anprc148jem_2 ... etc. And when I load saved gear I got message that tf_anprc148jem_1 is not whitelisted. How can I solve that problem?