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  1. Last weekend's recorded missions! Come join the 101st today and jump into the Airborne update with us!
  2. Join the 506th PIR and make yourself a part of the greatest IFA3 unit today! Come join us as we await the Airborne update and begin creating our historic campaign! Taking the 101st through D-Day, Carentan, Market Garden, Bastogne, Foy, and many more historic engagements which the screaming eagles participated!
  3. Unit swapped from 4th Polish Infantry Division to the American 101st Airborne Division in preparation for the Iron Front 'Airborne' update releasing in April! Come join the REAL Screaming Eagles today, positions are filling up quickly and we gain new recruits every day!
  4. What is the 101st Airborne Division? The 101st Airborne Division is a Realism unit which utilizes the Iron Front mod in combination with typical realism mods such as TFAR, and ACE3. We represent the elite paratroopers of the American 101st Airborne Division in the second world war. Our goal is to provide a realistic, and professional combat environment within ArmA III simulating the operations of the American airborne in World War II. Server / Asset Information We currently own two ArmA III dedicated servers to host our events on, as well as a Teamspeak 3 server to facilitate voice communications for the unit. Our public server currently runs Iron Front Liberation as the Allied forces, you only need IFA3Lite and its dependencies downloaded to connect to it! Our platoon drill server is also dedicated and runs our platoon drill map along with our unit modpack. You can download Iron Front ArmA III and its dependencies here on the Steam Workshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 Teamspeak 3 Server : klimikts.ts.nfoservers.com Website : http://101stabironfront.boards.net/ Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/101stIronFront ArmA III Units Page : https://units.arma3.com/unit/101stabifa3 IFA3 Liberation Server : Unit Drill Server : What can I do in the 101st Airborne Division? As a newly formed unit the 101st AB is looking to fill numerous positions in our ground forces. Just like any other unit, riflemen are always in high demand! If you have a specific inquiry into a position you could possibly fill, it never hurts to come into Teamspeak and talk to us! If you have an inquiry into filling a leadership position, please present any documents you possess relevant to the training/organization/structure/SOP in the position which you desire to fill and explain to us why you should have such a position. Time-wasters and immaturity is not tolerated within leadership. How Can I join? This unit is open to any and all persons above the age of 16 and we would love new people to come make the 101st Airborne a reality with us! If you are interested in joining, please add me on steam or join our Website and fill out our recruitment application at : http://101stabironfront.boards.net/thread/5/recruitment-application-format All of our events, general discussions on forums, and unit structure/information is contained on our website, that is our main form of unit organization besides our Teamspeak Server! --- Staff Sergeant Klimik 1st Platoon Sergeant, Easy Co, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
  5. I am trying to get my public server configured to use a custom ArmA III insignia my friend has made to show up for use in the virtual arsenal for everybody who either has the addon for the insignia installed or downloaded. How do people use inisignias in the virtual arsenal on multiplayer servers?
  6. 61st Naval Infantry Regiment, Russian Naval Forces - ArmA II Realism Hello and welcome to the 61st Naval Infantry Regiment! The 61st Naval Infantry Regiment is an ArmA II military simulation group that uses the Advanced Combat Environment and the Advanced Combat Radio Environment game modifications to simulate the combat forces of the real life Russian Military. We represent ourselves as Russian Naval Infantry (Marines) of the Northern Fleet garrisoned near the port city of Murmansk, Russia. We operate our own Squad XML for ArmA II, our own server running a customized Russian Insurgency on mulitiple maps, and our own Teamspeak 3 server. We are a group of mature and realistic players operating one of the few, if any OPFOR military simulation units in the ArmA community. If you want a new feel to your realism career then the 61st Naval Infantry Regiment is for you. Since the 61st NIR represents the real-life Russian Naval Infantry, we also use the russian navy ranking structure as they do in reality. Since this is a rank structure most people are not familiar with, the staff of the unit has already created a document for you to study the ranks of the Russian Naval Forces, dont worry! We are always recruiting! WHAT WE OFFER : - Our own Teamspeak 3 server. - ArmA II ACE/ACRE server running a fully customized Russian insurgency. - Squad XML for the in-game unit logo. Appears on uniforms & vehicles. - An up-to-date steam group that we run the daily functions of the unit from. OUR ARMA II SERVER : HOW TO CONTACT US : - Our Steam group : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/61stNIR - Our Teamspeak 3 Server : - Add me on Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009742025/