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  1. ArmSTALKER Online – In development. This is a modification for ARMA III which turns it into S.T.A.L.K.E.R and feels like MMO-project, not just singleplayer. Now project is in development. ================»> Main features: • Full freedom in the opened world of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. • Up to 7 different clans: the bandits, the free stalkers, the Duty, the Freedom, the Monolith and the Military.; • A lot of monsters, anomalies and artifacts; • Huge amount of real-life weapons and its customization; • EcomiÑ system, auctions and trading. • Realistic world with migrating mutants, traveling stalkers, fighting Clans and Emissions. • And much more: an opportunity to become a legend of The Zone, interesting quests, crafting, different features of artifacts, unique weapons, full realism, PVP and PVE zones and etc. OTHER SCREENSHOTS: MONSTERS: VIDEOS: ArmSTALKER Online - Death Zone TRAILER. ArmSTALKER Online - Opening Scene (soon EN version). ArmSTALKER Online - Main Menu. ArmSTALKER Online - Teaser changes on Arma 3 (First modification based on ArmA2). ArmSTALKER Online - Presentation controller. ArmSTALKER Online - More mutants (with bug sound :( ). ArmSTALKER Online - Tested mutant ArmSTALKER Online - Animation Bloodsucker ArmSTALKER Online - Laboratories We need modelers, programmers, animators and mapmakers. Follow us: FACEBOOK Twitter Vkontakte Mutants models do not already have a lot of bumps and polygons. We are working on it. Our planned map:
  2. Hello! I had problems with animations in motions. https://youtu.be/BFna7bYgDHw As seen in the video, the character moves, but moves on the spot. Step by step what I did - 1. Animated in 3ds Max. 2. Export to FBX. 3. Import FBX (animation and sceletion) to Object Builder. 4.Export Matrice (in OB export to .rtm) Set walk.rtm and run.rtm to animation config Men A3. What am I doing wrong? Where can I find a tutorial on character animation?
  3. romzet

    Animation in motion

    I dont understand how edit step and xStep :(
  4. New TRAILER! ArmSTALKER: WarZone 2.0 Announcement Trailer
  5. SURGE DEMONSTATION - restored video
  6. Is there anyone who can help or suggest how to make a headlamp ?
  7. CORDON 2.0 NEW MAP. More screenshots
  8. @haleks No references, only the video Also : Avel in our team development. But in spite of our cooperation, the video was removed, and return it no one is going
  9. We did not even know that this leak. How could I know? I saw the map on armaholic and downloaded. Despite the fact that we have settled the problems with Exile-team, they are not going to remove the strike =\
  10. Is there anyone who can help or suggest how to make a headlamp ?
  12. New video - animation drinking and eating
  13. New animation standing with a gun in one hand.
  14. New location Bolota for WarZone. Work in progress.
  15. It looks amazing, you make a big step in the development of the project!
  16. Photos from the fields of development the main map.
  17. we need the PDA with the same functionality as the original "stalker" And the same design
  18. Hello! We need PDA ui system, you gonna do it? :)
  19. ArmSTALKER - Test dismemberment in the anomaly. NEW VIDEO!