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  1. malcom86

    Zee Identity Pack

    Maybe it's not that but as you said for SP "select the correct head", I had a doubt: you don't have to select any head starting missions in SP. The head you "spawn" with at the start of any mission (SP and MP) is the head you select in your profile. You will have that head by default in whatever mission you are in, as well as the accessory you selected there. If you have problems in MP with your head, probably it's because you have a male head selected in your profile. @Zeealex Those faces are sexy !!! I love the hispanic look of Oakes, I don't see any fail...they are starting to be more "unique" very very nicely !!!
  2. malcom86

    Zee Identity Pack

    I vote for Tyler, as she's my favourite (it would be perfect to have her with blue eyes, to characterize her even more). But I agree Mason need more love. @lexx I agree. Fun fact ? I discovered some CUP uniforms work decent for female bodies as they are less bulky than Arma 3 uniforms. They are not perfect and still need a thick vest to cover the "differences", but the result is not that bad... The female uniforms anyway are somehow "broken" for me: the rolled sleeves versions and the FIA uniform are just a male body in underpants. Anyone knows why ? One last thing: not sure if anyone reported it yet, but the female faces are also in the RHS Russian pack, with a female voice. But I suppose they are not updated...is it something you left there by accident or it was intended ?
  3. malcom86

    Zee Identity Pack

    Excellent work, Zee !!! Looks like the new hairdresser on Altis is quite decent. The ladies will be happy :P
  4. Being a pbo, all you need to do is adding the pbo file into the "addon" folder of CUP Terrains. Than try and see if the problem persist. I think the file is quite secure, no need to alarm. The CUP team is probably working on a fix yet, just give them some time.
  5. malcom86

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Will you ever restart to work on this mod, Tryk ? Even to take back some of the uniforms...in particular the ones for PMCs and Arma 2 ports, for example !! Just having those updated would be great (I'm referring to armor values, in particular), even just a few of them. For beards, vests and the other things there will be time to get them back (if you wish, off course)...but it's too bad to see this mod so outdated... I saw Zebb is giving you also an help working on some cool vests...please, come back to modding Arma 3. Your mod is still one of favourite. Please, at least I hope you will read and reply to this...I miss your skills on this mod !! ;)
  6. malcom86


    I'm confused...do this mod replaces VSM Gear Pack (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29775) ? Will you still update that pack ? I'm still waiting for a snow camo. Any possible future release with it ? :D Btw...these uniforms are soooo sexy !! :dancehead:
  7. malcom86

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    Wow, this is indeed a lot promising !!!!! Can't wait for more ;)
  8. malcom86

    [WIP] Female base model project

    They are probably scared by something they never seen before...remember, no female has ever been sighted on Altis or Stratis. Wonders why...
  9. malcom86

    Jurassic Arma

    I too would be curious to know more about this mod, as having a T-Rex would be awesome !! Old missions with only raptors are getting boring... Any news ? :)
  10. I see Tanoa assets perfectly fitting on this....it's like BIS is realising something just to help you out !!! Just saying though, the decision is yours... The map looks great, very promising !!!!
  11. malcom86

    Zee - M107 - announcement

    This is simply amazing !!!! Am I wrong, or in the forth picture...that's a Krytek camo ?? Wow, can't wait to see this. I'll probably use the RHS version though as those mods are must-have for me. I'm brave enough too.... Great job Zee, I felt you were working on something !!! it's so great to have you back :dancered: !!
  12. malcom86

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's a superb work !!! Can't wait to see it released :627: :459: :627:
  13. malcom86


    I came here to ask the same question of Gunther, as I can confirm I'm having the same issue using ACE along with Ravage. Very glad to hear you're close to the next release. Can't wait until than !!!!! :D
  14. This is something I'm interested too. Actually I think the best kind of dynamic scenario with OPTRE would be Whole Lotta Altis, but even a classic Insurgency would be nice...I'm personally looking for a good SP mission though.
  15. Can you add Operation Trebuchet autosupport for this mod ? I see it still support Eridanus Insurrection but (sadly, very sadly) that mod will not receive any further updates...and I would love to play it as an Halo scenario !!! And Merry Christmas !!!!! ;D
  16. malcom86

    African Revolution [SP/CO-OP]

    If played as SP it gives the error "No player was selected". Not a big problem as you can still play it as coop, but I would love to play it also SP and be able to save mission status.
  17. malcom86

    RHS Insurgency ALiVE

    Thanks for the update !!! It was a mess to use the old LOP as I play on different servers using the newer version...updating each time I wish to play your mission (which is superb) was a real pain.... I'll not miss LOP. I agree he started to mess up that mod since he took off the ISIS insigna from the units. He just did a generic work and did stupid decisions making things difficult for who use (and try to create missions) with ALive. And IWAR is far better on many aspects though. I wished I know your mod before, Alexsegen^^ Looking forward for an Armaholic release of both mods. Meanwhile, I'll play downloading them from here !! (I'm glad I found this post !! SO much glad !!!). Thanks !!!
  18. malcom86


    Thanks for replying. Perhaps there's a way to change loot spawn as well ?
  19. malcom86


    After some hours playing this I can just give some advices, afar from what I have read you're working on yet: - More loot. Any kind of loot, especially food and drinks, as it is too much lacking in buildings. Starting "half-naked" without a proper equipment is nice....remaining so for more than half an hour is much more less entertaining... - I know you have much work to do before even thinking about it, but...I quote for a Panthera Island version of this !!! :D Great work, Haleks. Thanks for gifting this to the community !!!
  20. malcom86

    TAC Vests

    What's BHD ? A kind of vest ? Haven't find it on google neither...
  21. malcom86

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Can't wait !!! Expecially for the PointBlank !! And what about including the new vests into Tryk mod ? Have you resolved "circumstances" to update it, Tryk ? (I'm obviously referring to this)
  22. malcom86

    Switching weapons on the move

    As I understand someone could prefer to not submit his work into a bigger project, I quote for an ACE integration as it would be perfect !! At least a perfect compatibility with the new selection system "1,2,3". Thanks for your work, this is something I was really looking for ;)
  23. malcom86


    Maybe it's a dumb question but if I use Hidden Identity pack v2 yet, have I to delete the gasmask and shemags pbo ? (they should share the same classnames, can it cause a conflict ?) Congratulation on the release !!!! Can't wait to test !!!
  24. malcom86

    Everon2013 for @A3MP

    How cool would be to have this updated ? Perhaps with an intro and, if possible, even all the 3 terrains in 1 map !! It would be amazing !!! :lol: And how is it possible we don't have Insurgency or Alive missions using this map ??
  25. malcom86

    Land of Exile - Grand opening!

    Interesting !!! I really need to give this a try !!