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  1. Hi folks, How can I re-enable the group interface in singleplayer? I can't lead my bots to victory 😃 Which option should I change? Thank you
  2. The Squad Modset: Direone's Static animations, RHS
  3. I am sure Solano will fix the mod if new patch has changed something. I can't play Arma 3 without it.
  4. At the third attempt, yes :)
  5. _marvin_

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Thank you very much :-)
  6. _marvin_

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    In SP mode, with the new version 0.94.1 I can't give orders to my soldiers with 1<->0 buttons. I removed the weaponselect.pbo. Any solution? TY
  7. Hi, Is it possibile to use an AI mod with MCC? Gaia maintains the squads, I'm trying to change the behavior of individual enemy soldiers for a greater immersion. TY