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  1. Legonerd500

    US 75th Rangers

    Well done hawaiian! Downloading it now. Great job to all the testers and all those who helped hawaiian with the project. It's been a great effort. Keep up the great work boys. :D
  2. Well done so far fellas! This is going to make a lot of people happy. You have my support! :D Legonerd.
  3. Legonerd500

    US 75th Rangers

    I wouldn't worry about the color too much to be honest. Don't hold it to me but if I'm not mistaken the Virtual Arsenal's lighting is a lot different to the normal world lighting you would find on Altis or other maps. I normally test my textures in the arsenal and then in a map just to double check. Maybe that will help?
  4. Legonerd500

    US 75th Rangers

    Loving the Under Armour Thermal layer :) Keep it up!
  5. Legonerd500

    NORAF WIP Thread

    Now that's impressive! How did you manage to make the worn texture in the first place? Not the paint job but the wear on the gun? I'm trying to re-texture some weaponry and this would help a lot. Cheers.
  6. Legonerd500

    US 75th Rangers

    Wow this is really promising stuff! I'm liking the details such as the custom boots. Any idea on a release? Regards Legonerd
  7. Welcome. Interested in joining one of Australia's newest Milsim units? Heres our view. Read carefully to consider if we are right for you. Mission Statement Our focus is to provide a realistic Australian Arma 3 experience in a mature and resilient friend based community setting. Based on our core values of Teamwork, Integrity, Trainability, and Resolve. Whilst simulating the Australian Army's Second Commando Regiment. Our Core Values: Teamwork and Community A core aspect of the Army in general and the Commando’s, teamwork is vital to achieving mission success whether it is in training, or out on operations. Good teamwork and communication is key within our unit. We strive to build a resilient community that is willing and able to work co-operatively. ​Integrity We hold all members to high standards of conduct and maturity. This contributes to building a resilient community rewarding all members. However in saying that there is a time and place for jokes and banter. Trainability We constantly strive for members who are accepting of learning and are able to put into practice what they have learnt. Weather it be during training or operations. We are looking for players who are able to extend their knowledge and build on their experience levels. Resolve We as a unit ask all members to show a level of resolve. This may mean taking the initiative when making decisions, and possessing the quality of honesty. Being able to be accountable for your actions and take responsibility relates back to Teamwork and Community Resilience. Who are we? The Second Commando Regiment Arma 3 Milsim Unit is based off the existing Australian Army Second Commando Regiment. We strive to simulate this unit to the best of our abilities using strategies, structure and equipment utilized by the specialist unit in real life. Humble Beginnings The Second Commando Regiment Arma 3 Milsim Unit was officially founded in April of 2014 right after the Arma 3 Zeus Update. The unit's founding forefathers wanted a true Australian experience that no other game or simulator could provide. Although the unit was officially recognised in Arm 3 the unit existed unofficially for numerous years in Arma 2. The Future The unit hopes to continue its endeavor of providing a unique Australian experience whilst extending the community base. We are currently in the middle of a recruiting drive. If your interested send us an application via our recruiting email here: secondcommandorgimentofficial@gmail.com Please include in application: -Please Provide your In-Game name or Steam Tag -An explanation of why you think you'd be suitable for selection. -Include any previous service and your age. -Optional: Include any specialties or traits you could bring to the table. -A staff member will reply to your application within 1 week of submission. Some finishing notes you should be aware of... -As we are an Australian unit running of (AEST) we would prefer it if members could be in the oceania region. As this makes it easy to organise events. -Please make sure you're at least 16 years of age. (We tend to accept 17 years and older) Maturity is part of the parcel here and we'd prefer it if we could relate to our members. -We utilize third party content (mods) make sure you can download a lot of it =) -We use TeamSpeak as our main form of communication. Please make sure you have a working copy of TS3 and a functioning mic. -Any further questions regarding the unit should be directed at the recruiting email or a PM to the CO via BIS forums. See you in the field. Regards Legonerd - Unit CO -Arma 3 Units Page -Official Website < Still Under Construction
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/130650068@N06/21236307931/in/dateposted-public/lightbox/ Mods: RHS & Blast Core
  9. Legonerd500

    Arma 3 Tutorial Request Thread

    Hello all! I'm really new here to the modding and forum scene. From my understanding and experiences I have found it near impossible to get into modding for Arma if you're new like me. Basically I would like to perhaps have someone to consult on how to start out and be there to ask questions along the way. Eventually I would like to be making my own assets and models so if there is anyone out there that could make a basic tutorial going through that for lets say a vest or helmet that would be a God send for me! If any one can help me that would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Legonerd.