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  1. I like this, I think this is the best idea suggested to fix re-spawning in this thread. Allow multiple rally points that must be spaced out a certain distance so that spawn camping doesn't become a problem if someone finds it.
  2. Indeed there was a mission like that in America's Army. However In AA it was an illusion that the plane was moving. The plane was actually stationary and there was animation of clouds moving around it. You could see it if you entered the "mpcheat ghost" cheat in offline. So what they did is not as impressive and indeed would take a lot more work if the plane was moving. The desync experienced in Arma among many other issues like the physics and inertia of being inside the plane, would make this feature probably impossible for a long time.
  3. The respawning doesn't necessarily have to be back at base because I agree, this discourages people from traveling all the way back to the action and makes people just leave the server. Perhaps they can respawn at random locations nearby within 300m but it shouldn't be on top of people during a firefight. Speaking of the FOB, it seem quite pointless in its current state. Maybe add some additional rewards or reasons to capture it? edit: also the official test server listed on the website (http://dev.arma3.com/marksmen-mp) is wrong. When you put in the IP an unrelated server shows up. There seems to be only 1 unofficial server that is currently running End Game on the Development branch.
  4. Just tried this on multiplayer with a couple of people and as is, it is terrible. But since I know that the intel locations at the same position for both sides is a known issue then if they change that the mode could work well. The other problem is the respawning. The respawning is so unrealistic especially in this type of game. Respawn should only be allowed at set locations far away from objectives and not on top of players. Otherwise its an endless Team Deathmatch arcade shooter. Team switching also needs to be disabled and there really needs to be an option enforce team balancing, I shouldn't be able to join in a server with 8 Blufor and 2 Opfor and be able to join Blufor. If these issues are fixed the game mode could be fun and interesting.
  5. komalt

    DLC Ads

    This is such a bullshit excuse. That content shouldn't be given to me at all if its not what I paid for. Instead it is forced on me in nearly ALL hosted servers now. And whether I like it or not, the ads show up on my screen. I don't want to use the starter pistol, I dont want to use the new helicopters, but on every multiplayer server they are on there now. So what I shouldn't play multiplayer at all? No I guess the answer is I should pay 15$ for content I don't want, just to get rid of annoying ads on my screen. Seriously the fact that you are not allowed to drive the helicopters is enough of a premium content incentive. A really poor image move from Bohemia that a high incentive to buy the DLC is to just get rid of ads on your screen.
  6. komalt

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    I love these ideas specifically. Also I think it would be great if they expanded on the "Support" missions that was introduced with Helicopters DLC. Imagine if you could do all those support missions with any vehicles. You could do supply runs with a truck, or tow artillery into place and also fire it! It would be a nice co-op mission at least and for people who don't like helicopters it would give them jobs to do as well. Wouldn't it be great to have a 60 player "Support" mission. Where perhaps there are 2 teams of 30 performing support mission and operating on the ENTIRETY of Altis. Then Altis would really seem like a huge living battlefield. It would also make for a great strategic game if they allowed you to choose where the AI should go next. I would get rid of the whole sector control system with the tickets, it doesn't seem like a realistic system and its definitely one of the shortcomings of the scenario. Of course I'm not sure how that would go on the performance with all that AI fighting each other. I really would like to see much larger scenarios made that allow for more players and take advantage of the huge map size.
  7. komalt

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Picked up the game yesterday, long time Arma 2 player. Been playing all the single player modes and I have to say: the fatigue system that is in right now is incompatible with the current campaign. The AI Squad Leader and NPCs seems to sprint without any problem and you can't keep up with him without getting tired out. You miss out on events or have to sprint there and then you can't shoot, It just doesn't make sense and is very frustrating. The system is never even explained in detail apart from the fact that you shouldn't sprint for too long (Which is obvious but the campaign requires you to do to follow NPCs). For example I learned that sprinting with your weapon down reduces how quickly you get tired. It should really be explained more. Fatigue is necessary but it should be toned down a lot.