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  1. I made a program that generate html files for each class. The goal was to allow anyone to make his personal and local Config Browser, the generation process need very few actions and takes 10 min (for vanilla Arma), so it's easy to update and you can add any mod to your Config Browser. It create 650 Mo of html file (for vanilla Arma) which is maybe not ideal, but it was easy to code. To use it first you need to use a script I made to log all the classes and their properties in the rpt file, then you can run the program, you will have to indicate the rpt file and an output folder, the program will parse the RPT file and then create the html files. One can imporve my program in many ways so feel free to do it. https://github.com/kamkill01011/ArmaConfigViewer
  2. There is a small invisible "wall" on one of the USS Liberty's door (the other doors seems fine) when you shoot. https://youtu.be/SwmkDbbUArw
  3. Since the new DLC came out I either get low FPS or my game crashes multiple time, this evening my game crashes 6 times in 1h30. Here you can download all the 6 rtp, mdmp and bidmp files : https://mega.nz/#!k0MzSTwb!o8IpNtO0jS0CRN6xf0o68fiYA09JoEPeLnKJWExcF3w I already verified the integrity of game files, I'm using some mods but I nerver had such problem with them.
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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hello, Does anyone know how to change the battery of a UAV?