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  1. [NxG] AnimA

    Parking Lots

    Guys, sorry for the necroposting, but i wanted to know how to use these decals in a map. Can anyone help me?
  2. [NxG] AnimA

    roads not showing in buldozer

    Got it. Ensure you have the editor.sqs in the "SCRIPTS" folder in your P: drive. I just had that folder named "SCIPTS" :wacko: Sorry everyone for the loss of time
  3. [NxG] AnimA

    roads not showing in buldozer

    Same for me :\ The roads just don't show up
  4. [NxG] AnimA

    roads not showing in buldozer

    Did anyone got this to work?
  5. [NxG] AnimA

    roads not showing in buldozer

    Same here, roads are showing in-game but not in BD :\
  6. [NxG] AnimA

    [HELP] New map southern border glitch

    Thanks Uro! I solved it thanks to this post found in your FB tracker. Just resized my Surface/mask tile setting to the same value as the terrain
  7. Hello evereyone! I googled anything i could think of, there are some similar issues but not really like this. So, i'm working on my first terrain and i exported it for testing the clutter and in the map i noticed something strange http://imgur.com/D89CxRR Then,closely http://imgur.com/NiUtNQt http://imgur.com/AkHxF74 And in Bulldozer http://imgur.com/7fJg4hJ The terrain is 1024x1024 by 10 in ASC format from L3DT. I saw that other users have similar problem but with peninsula terrains, and they solved the problem changing something in the config. How can i solve this? Do i need to go back to the start?
  8. [NxG] AnimA

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    This did the trick! Thanks Silola for the help and this magnificent tool!