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  1. toysoldier

    Underwater Mission: Deep Hell

    Sorry no, that would mean a whole overhaul of the mission and this would not make any sense compare to the mission length.
  2. toysoldier

    Underwater Mission: Deep Hell

    Nice to hear you liked my mission, i appreciate it. Agree on your feedback points, there should be more storytelling.
  3. 2 GB but it was never a problem befor after some updates, friend of me had the same problem. The game automatically change the texture quality to low but in the option it stay ultra.
  4. BUG REPORT After playing some times it happens a lot (i think after high zooming) the game automatically change the texture quality to low and stay this way, even it's set on ultra in the options.
  5. toysoldier

    New war simulator

    Yes i did, no results...
  6. toysoldier

    New war simulator

    Looks like the VBS3 from BI simulation have a new competitor, called Titan Vanguard. For people there are interest, here is a youtube video :)
  7. toysoldier

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    How about to add a armed RHIB version.
  8. toysoldier

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    They look more like this :P
  9. toysoldier


    Agree the lack of naval/diver assets on the perfect tanoa map for this stuff makes me... :391:
  10. toysoldier

    Littlebird Counterpart for Russia?

    Kazan Ansat
  11. toysoldier

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    On my opinion tanoa looks to clean and perfect, there is no junk around it, wrecked cars or abadoned buildings.
  12. toysoldier

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Please Devs Add both, unarmed and armed version of the RHIB to apex. I would appreciate a statement about this :)
  13. toysoldier

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Overall i like the expansion, but i'm really disappointed too about not new naval or diver stuff. Tanoa map has many islands around it for cool naval/diver missions, so many potential wasted :mad:
  14. At grid 142188 (Athira) the white building, all window glasses are not breakable. :huh:
  15. Can confirm it, same problem all players hold it like a rifle. New scoreboard is now useless, because if you are under nr.17 you don't see your own stats. So please make it like the old scoreboard where everyone had a own tab with his score!