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  1. ive had this error since latest win 10 update. scannow...no errors re installed c++ 2013 runtimes re installed arma 3! still getting error :(
  2. i cant install open cv. 'found bundled python f: blah blah blt: imported multifiles requirement already satisfied. open cv-python in F: \blender\2.79\python\lib\site-packages blt_info: opencv installation problem!! SOLVED!! i had wrong version of blender...
  3. jimbop

    DLL NOT FOUND...solved!!!

    solved! they were missing/deleted direct x files!
  4. jimbop

    DLL NOT FOUND...solved!!!

    ok, so the game wont run from the launcher. arma3.exe works! arma3_x64.exe is missing these....... XAPOFX1_5.DLL XINPUT1_3.DLL D3DCOMPILER_43.DLL X3DAUDIO1_7.DLL i re-installed the game yesterday so maybe these are not part of arma install?
  5. jimbop

    DLL NOT FOUND...solved!!!

    ermm....if i knew that i would replace it.
  6. is there a file to see apex assets in x-cam?
  7. Hi all, been away from playing with terrains for ages but now Apex is encrypted i fancy another dabble. :) Anything i learnt is now long forgotten so im a proper newbie again. I ran Arma3p again....(seems to have lost all my old projects on P:) do i also have to depbo arma/expansion files? any help greatly appreciated! cheers, jim.
  8. 'universal maps downloader' is a program to download sat images from lat lon settings. it gets the images from yahoo, bing, google and a few more.
  9. jimbop

    Tanoa Trees  

    so its basically paying mikero for bohemias trees? hmm.
  10. jimbop

    Tanoa Trees  

    bohemia still not released these assets yet? do you have to register with mikaro to get his trees?....and what are they?? been out of the loop for quiet a while and in need of trees, huts to finish off my little project.
  11. hope this is in the right place. well, i cant login with IE 11. all i get is the spinning wheel when i click 'login' i emailed BI but the reply i got......' clear cache, if that doesnt work use a different browser' wasnt really a lot of help. i have cleared cache and reset security to defaults all to no avail. yes i had to use chrome to login and post but id like to use IE. any clues to which setting i might have inadvertently changed?...this was ok a few weeks back.
  12. jimbop

    forum login?

    hmm looks like "try another browser" is a polite version of 'fuck off'!
  13. hi, playing with 3d max...every few seconds i get these lines! ive looked at viewport settings but im stuck. their not light rays, some kind of connecting lines, but their right getting on my tits. this will be embarrassingly easy no bet, i just cant find the box to untick/tick though. :wub:
  14. hi all, how are you all getting on with inland water? ive tried CUP water placed with x-cam, but its not swimmable or showing gunshot splashes. tried DBO ponds with TB [ cant get it to show up in x-cam library] which is swimmable but no gun splashes. the dbo vid shows splashes so I'm a bit baffled on this. CUP looks a better muddy colour for what I need...[well actually id like it a bit greener ] this is a major set back as working water is essential in my map. so I would really appreciate help with...... 1. DBO ponds showing up in x-cam library. 2. is there a program to test rvmap settings..ie specular, emissive etc? so I could change water colour? 3. my OB crashes if I try to load a .p3d I never use OB but would like to compare or tweak meshes [water planes] thanx, jim.
  15. well after downloading blender, I feel the same as you.....wish I had this before 3dmax! think ill stick with max as at this time, I don't feel up to learning the ui all over again. maybe later. cheers, jim.
  16. jimbop

    ponds, inland water

    what are you using? dbo? cup?
  17. ive recently dabbled in 3ds max but noticed theres a lot of love for blender concerning arma. would it be an easy transition to switch to blender?
  18. jimbop

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    is there any inland fresh water? and bamboo?......ponds etc or do we have a bone dry jungle?
  19. jimbop

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    he hasn't been on since febuary so it looks bleak.
  20. jimbop

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    hi mate, has real world commitments forced you to abandon this mod or just on hold?
  21. do you have this line in your config? newRoadsShape = "" note the closed brackets.
  22. jimbop

    Terrain Builder is dumb

    so terrain builder isn't dumb then bert? :rolleyes:
  23. I use BD for editing small parts of terrain but need the bigger brush in L3DT to alter elevations like hills etc.
  24. personally I woudnt bother with the tetrahedron fix....didn't work for me and bohemia know its a bug. just ok the error until its sorted. your flashing textures are just BD starting in the wrong screen res. this really baffled me a year ago as sometimes BD started in a res that didn't flash! just hit F1 and select your res. another thing is the fog. I have to move the slider then move it back to get a clear fogless display. oh, and I have changed the BD config to my preferred screen res but that does fuck all so I have to go through this routine every time I run the bastard. :(
  25. looks like what I get everytime I run bulldozer. the wrong screen res. I have to hit tab to click the close button then F1 to change screen res.