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  1. When you group units together into a squad, they adopt a default name, usually along the lines of Alpha 1,1. This is the name that shows up in the character select lobby when hosting a server. I know you can change the role description of the squad by going into it's attributes, and the name change is reflected in the editor. But their name stays as the same default in the multiplayer lobby, Alpha 1,1. Is it possible to change their name so it appears different there too?
  2. I just loaded up the 3D editor, and have been experimenting with the new objects. One of them is a Respawn Position object, which can be found under Systems > Modules > Multiplayer on the right side tab. I thought that maybe finally i'd be able to set up unit respawns without having to manually edit the description.ext. I placed one down, and synced it to the player unit, but there was no option to respawn when I killed myself in the mission. Even if I launched it into multiplayer from the editor. What are the purpose of these objects, and can I use them to make unit respawn locations?
  3. I'm trying to place a custom group of units. I placed 5 units on the ground in the 3d editor (Missile Specialist (AT), Combat Life Saver, Autorifleman, Marksman, and an Officer). I linked them all together, but the group leader was the missile specialist instead of the officer. So I made sure all the units were at the rank of Private, and then set the rank of the officer to Seargent. But the missile specialist was still the group leader. No matter what I did I could not get any other unit to be the group leader.
  4. I've tried lots of ways, but no matter what do I just can't seem to get a proper heli extraction to work. Basically, I have a trigger, a helipad and a character. I want a helicopter to be hovering in the distance, and I want it to land on the helipad when the trigger is pulled. I want it to wait until the player character is inside the helicopter before it takes off again. I then want it to fly to another waypoint, where the mission will end when the helicopter reaches it. I've made the first waypoint a LAND waypoint and a second one a MOVE waypoint. I've put this code in the ON ACT of the MOVE waypoint; endMission "END1"; and put this code inside the CONDITION of the MOVE waypoint; player in extractheli I've also synced the LAND waypoint with the trigger. When I try this, the heli will hover in the air until the trigger is pulled, at which point it immediately moves past the first waypoint and to the second one. I'm not sure what to do about this.
  5. Maurdekye

    Tasks not working properly

    I've figured it out; if the synced trigger's type is "skip waypoint", then it bugs and immediately activates the module.
  6. I'm trying to use the task modules in the 3D editor, but they don't seem to work properly. Even when syncing a set task module to a trigger, it activates immediately without the trigger activating. As well, none of the "Task Assigned" or "Task Completed" popups appear properly.
  7. Yes, I have. Same issue. I was really hoping to make some missions as well. Guess I'll have to settle for waypoints in the meantime.
  8. I'm trying to set up tasks on my mission, and I've synced a Set Task State module to a Create Task one and a trigger. However, the Set Task State module activates immediately before the mission starts, even though the trigger doesn't.
  9. Before in the 2d editor, you had a lot more freedom as to how you could set up objectives. Now with the new waypoint objective system in the 3D editor, there seems to be a lot of functionality missing. One of those functions is that when a new objective waypoint is completed, it doesn't show up in the center of the screen with a little bwoop noise like it did before, making it difficult to see when an objective is completed. Is it still possible to do this, and how? If there's a scripting command that makes the messages appear, then that's okay, but if there's a universal setting to do it automatically for all assigned and completed waypoints then that's even better.
  10. I'll make a different post about it.
  11. I started using the task modules and am slowly replacing all my old waypoints with them. But the popup when they are created/assigned doesn't appear like it used to. Is there an option I forgot to toggle? Edit: Also, the Set Task State modules seem to be activating immediately even when synced to a trigger.
  12. Ah, okay. Originally they had a whole bunch of different preset tasks available, like MOVE and DEFEND, but they must have removed those for consistency when making the 3D editor. I guess I passed right over them when surveying the new layout. Thanks!
  13. I originally did make missions with tasks in the 2D editor, but it seems they were removed from the list of objects in the 3D editor. I took that as I was meant to be using waypoints instead, so that's what I started doing. Is that not the recommended way of doing it?
  14. I feel like something that ties into the existing waypoint system would be nicer. I don't really want to restructure my entire mission layout just for the popups.
  15. I've got a script that runs once a second on loop and examines all units each time, and one calculation it ought to apply is to check whether or not they're within the area of a trigger on the map. From what I can tell the only way to get a list of units within the trigger is by using the thisList var inside the trigger's activation, but that only fires once. I was hoping it might be possible to either access this list or query for inclusion in the list from outside the trigger's activation.
  16. Oh, it's only available in the dev branch? No wonder.
  17. The inArea command doesn't seem to work; it keeps giving me a strange error about forgetting a semicolon when I try to use it. Here's an example line in a logic entity; bluscore = southking |#|inArea contention; It gives me an error pointing to that character in the code, saying i'm missing a semicolon. What's going on?
  18. Looking at the page for BIS_fnc_Intrigger, it seems there's an in-engine version that should work better for my needs, inArea. Thanks.
  19. Ah, thank you. That's exactly what I need.
  20. Is there an easy way to do this? Preferably a scripting command that does something along those line, if one exists.
  21. I'm trying to enable respawning in my mission, and I want the player to be able to choose where they spawn. So I enabled "Custom respawn position" from the dropdown in the multiplayer attributes menu, and selected the "choose respawn position" checkbox. But if I start a mission in multiplayer, there is no gui to select your respawn position, and when I return to the editor, the box is unchecked. It also happens if I exit the editor and reload the map. This is incredibly frustrating and is driving me crazy. Here is a link to the mission.sqm; https://mega.nz/#!QRFRyYiB!9cLRRDJ_YKToDMRyjKrtQ3CEVLHpkylYYLfRjd77jpI
  22. I've looked all around and can't find any tutorials on how to do this. Does anybody besides BIS's dev team know how to make them?
  23. Maurdekye

    Change squad name

    Is it possible to run this script before the mission starts so that it appears in the lobby?
  24. Maurdekye

    Change squad name

    I'm not entirely sure how to implement that; it seems limited to the default templates as well. How would I change my group's display name to "Seal Team 6", for example?