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  1. I agree with all the positives on here.Present font far better than the previous one which had my eyes bloodshot after every game.What he said: And I'm just grateful to have this new tool..without bugs finally.
  2. miasdad

    EA-6B Prowler

    A great match-up..Intruder + Prowler
  3. miasdad


    ChernoPlus worked for me using Rsoftokz's "Roads" port except for the loot not spawning in DZ's modified buildings but the trash cans outside of them had loot aswell as the vanilla structures.
  4. miasdad


    "Lights on" as in street lamps?That is something I noticed in CUP TP..streetlights not working (even w/o Ravage).Whereas In AIA TP they worked.
  5. Yep.Here I was thinking placing the oil rig was going to be a headache but it fit perfect.Thinking about scrapping the LHD for the battleship Iowa since it ALWAYS spawns on its starboard side without fail!
  6. Hi, I'm making an apocalyptic-style mission and want to insert an LHD/Carrier but spawned lying on its port/starboard side.Trying the setvector command but it spawns upright still.
  7. [ship, 45, -45] call BIS_fnc_setPitchBank is what I put in the boats init.Is it wrong?I'm somewhat new to to manipulating objects via scripting somewhat.Used to editors that allow you to manipulate every object with just a mouse(BF2 for example).
  8. Thanks for reply but didn't work.Still upright using this [ship, 45, -45] call BIS_fnc_setPitchBank
  9. miasdad


    I agree.How about "rabid" dogs?Or even better...wolves?In the woods(especially in Europe) I'd think you'd stand a better chance of running into a pack of wolves/wild dogs than a pack of chickens/pet dogs.
  10. miasdad


    Just a heads up,latest Cherno Packs work fine,but the Altis mission has majority of camps in the sea?
  11. miasdad

    co10 Escape

    Just d/l cpl of the missions but one(co10_Escape_AT.Chernarus_Summer) wasn't playable b/c I needed the add-on "AT_Units"?What is it & where can I get it?Also.as in the previous CUP_US missions there are no guards and when there is they've been shot by some unknown unit(I came across dead units,destroyed vehicles elsewhere during my escape).Otherwise I love these missions.Thanks.
  12. Is where I got it http://www.angryinsects.de/downloads/Mods/@napf2.zip
  13. miasdad

    co10 Escape

    Incidentally,has anyone considered adding survival mode to these missions. Realistically it's something POWs(downed pilots especially) have to face during escape & evasion("Behind Enemy Lines,BAT 21"). Just a thought. ;)
  14. miasdad

    co10 Escape

    Heh,heh...wondered if anyone was going to catch that.Several times I've managed to just "walk out" instead of using the gate due to the guards shooting the walls down
  15. That would be great.And I floated thru most of the villages of Napf and most are enterable.
  16. Is it possible to ravage Napf island with your template?In addition,what about creating a cache for all your loot,or if you're lucky enuff to find a vehicle? In the roadz Cherno mission I dumped loot I could no longer carry in one of the boxes then left & came back & it was gone?
  17. miasdad

    "sites" modules broken since update

    I thought I was the only one having probs w/ module.Game freezes when I try to place any module in the editor.
  18. If you're referring to "items" I had one & to double check I retrieved one from an items crate I placed in the editor yet still blank map.Can you be a little more explicit?
  19. In-game Map Screen empty.Just made a mission & during play in preview press map key but no map?
  20. Thank you R3vo..what I needed.And thanks to all of you for quick response.Presently educating myself on BI scripts.Totally different from Ghost Recon.
  21. :confused:Is there away to customize the module,i.e spawn AI unit from a community mod instead of vanilla units?