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  1. Okay, that was pretty helpful, but: With vanilla M21 description is shown. With modified (magazine name "20rnd_762x51" and weapon name "M21") not even "i" icon appears. On the other hand: magazine "Mine" has it's information icon regardless of the lack of description in DTAEXT. Solved,
  2. Hi! For some vanilla weapons there is "i" icon in weapon-selection menu. Is there any way to make my own "Weapon information" page for specific gun?
  3. CWA and publicVariable

    Okay... Different approach: isServer was introduced on Arma 1.06 and added to CWA I can see that publicVariable supports "String" and "Text" type of data in Arma 1.00. Did anyone know if this was also updated in CWA? I don't see that in change log, but hope dies last :/
  4. Functional power lines

    Well... I just want to make OFP/CWA great again ;P
  5. Since I won't have possibility to check my scripts on another machine for some time I want to ask: is "publicVariable" able to handle arrays in 1.99 ? And if not: Any idea how to achieve the same effect using fwatch?
  6. Hello again :D I don't know if anyone have done this before. I used models from MAPFACT, Chernobyl and KLA Powerlines. Powerline consists of three elements: - Source (e.g. Electric House) - Objects that may be controlled by source - Power cables In every electricity pylon model cabels are defined as "lines" and may be rotated around "axis" that is 100m below base of pylon. If one of the pylons is down - following will rotate its cabels so they are no longer visable (no floating things in the air... yay :D ) Also - if pylon in last in row - it's cables will stay hidden Script was created for using with modified islands, run by GameLogic element. Code of "Powerlines.sqs": In the movie I'm near the SECOND_LINE - that is just Electric House and lamp Explosion broke the FIRST_LINE _Hoes=["ElectricHo","Energy"] _Lamps=["StreetLamp","StreetLampWood","StreetLampMetal","StreetLampMetal2","StreetLampMetalSeda","StreetLampMetalStara1"] ;powerline: source(HO), line(b), objects(a) ; ; a a ; \ / ; HO-b-b-b-b-b-b-c(next HO) ; / \ ; a a ; ;LINE=[source id, [object ids] , [line-object ids], last element id, name of higher powerline, name of this line] ; ;simpliefied version ; ; ; ; d-b-b-b-b-b-b-c(next d) ; ; ; ;LINE=[source id, [] , [line-object ids], last element id, name of higher powerline, name of this line] ; ;all used lines definitions FIRST_LINE=[577,[],[576,667,719,775,814,861,970,1054,1132,1289],1383,"none","FIRST_LINE"] SECOND_LINE=[1383,[1516],[],1383,"FIRST_LINE","SECOND_LINE"] THIRD_LINE=[575,[],[718,774,860,969,1131],1288,"none","THIRD_LINE"] FOURTH_LINE=[578,[],[776,971],1290,"none","FOURTH_LINE"] ;creating matrix of active powerlines - active means that last element of the line has power SLX_ActiveLines=[] ; listing _listOfLines=[FIRST_LINE,SECOND_LINE,THIRD_LINE,FOURTH_LINE] _listOfLineNames=[] "_listOfLineNames=_listOfLineNames+[_x select 5]" foreach _listOfLines _num_lines=(count _listOfLines)-1 _num_line=-1 ; Hiding useless cables "if ((typeOf (object (_x select 3))) in _Hoes) then {} else {(object (_x select 3)) animate [{Fall},1]}" foreach _listOfLines #loop ~0.1 ;selection of powerline _num_line=_num_line+1 if(_num_line>_num_lines) then {_num_line=0} else {} _curr_line=_listOfLines select _num_line ;unpacking the matrix _curr_line_start=object (_curr_line select 0) _curr_line_objects=_curr_line select 1 _curr_line_line=_curr_line select 2 _curr_line_end=object (_curr_line select 3) _curr_line_dependency=_curr_line select 4 _curr_line_name=_curr_line select 5 ;OBJECT-RELATED OPERATIONS ;checking dependency if (_curr_line_dependency=="none") then {goto"over_dependency"} else {} if (_curr_line_dependency in SLX_ActiveLines) then {goto "over_dependency"} else {} goto "switchOFFobjects" #over_dependency ;checking if first element is broken if (ALIVE _curr_line_start) then {} else {goto "switchOFFobjects"} ;checking if first object is HO if ((typeOf _curr_line_start) in _Hoes) then {} else {goto "switchONobjects"} ;checking if HO is switched on if ((_curr_line_start animationPhase "Switch")>0.5) then {goto "switchOFFobjects"} else {goto "switchONobjects"} ;end of object-related operations #first_end ; LINE-RELATED OPERATIONS - SINGLE HO if (_curr_line_start==_curr_line_end) then {} else {goto "OverHUB"} if (_curr_line_dependency=="none") then {goto "loop"} else {} if (_curr_line_dependency in SLX_ActiveLines) then {goto "AddToActive"} else {} goto "RemoveFromActive" #OverHUB ; LINE-RELATED OPERATIONS - LINE ;checking if there is discontinuity _damMatrix=[] _allMatrix=[(_curr_line select 0)]+_curr_line_line+[(_curr_line select 3)] "if (ALIVE (object _x)) then {} else {_damMatrix=_damMatrix+[_x]}" foreach _allMatrix ;if no discontinuity - line works fine if ((count _damMatrix)==0) then {goto "AddToActive"} else {} ;hiding useless cables "if ((_allMatrix find _x)>0) then {if (ALIVE (object (_allMatrix select ((_allMatrix find _x)-1)))) then {(object (_allMatrix select ((_allMatrix find _x)-1))) animate [{Fall},1]} else {(object (_allMatrix select ((_allMatrix find _x)-1))) animate [{Fall},0.45]}} else {}" foreach _damMatrix goto "RemoveFromActive" #switchOFFobjects ; switching off all objects "(object _x) switchLight {OFF}" foreach _curr_line_objects goto "first_end" #switchONobjects ; switching on all objects "if (ALIVE (object _x)) then{(object _x) switchLight {ON}} else {}" foreach _curr_line_objects goto "first_end" #RemoveFromActive ; removing line from active list if (_curr_line_name in SLX_ActiveLines) then {SLX_ActiveLines=SLX_ActiveLines-[_curr_line_name]} else {} goto "loop" #AddToActive ; adding line from active list if (_curr_line_name in SLX_ActiveLines) then {} else {SLX_ActiveLines=SLX_ActiveLines+[_curr_line_name]} goto "loop"
  7. AC130 and question

    Yeah... currently there is more that 3GB of models and textures that I used just for fun... but it turned out to be nicely combined and so here is an idea of releasing it. And well... in most readmes there is "If you use something from this addon, please send me mail and give my name to CREDITS in your addon"... So I though it would be technically okay.
  8. Okay, it's next element of my maybe-someday-mod... and it works like this: - Every AC-130H has virtual empty static gun that is fixed to plane's center-of-roll and is constantly machning plane's direction (minus 90 deg) - Pilot or gunner may initiate script via "Enable combat mode" action. Gunner is then tranfered to this fixed gun. - Gunner will return to his seat when "Disable combat mode" action is used. - In case pilot is controlled by AI - rounding script is used - Onboard "gun" player is only abe to use optics view - its due to very strange angles of camera in case of external or internal view. Still WIP till I'll figure out how to make CAS script :/ And yeah - model needs polishing, but right now scripts are more important for me. Model is modified FLK C130. I was unable to contact creators and ask for permission so here comes another thing: Would it be fair and enough to list all credits of models/textures/etc. in kick-ass-credits-cutscene? After so many years it's impossible to contact most of the people.
  9. Red dot in night vision problem

    Yeay... now it's time to face 2Gb RAM limit :P
  10. Red dot in night vision problem

    Okay... here we go again :) Impossible can be done pretty easy. With fwatch... I've created resource objects with red and green dot in the middle - like binocular type one. No aimpoint scope model has it's own red dot As in my NV-Scopes script: FOV is crucial Every Aimpoint weapon in my mod has "opticsZoomMin=0.421" and "opticsZoomMax=0.421" instead of normal "0.420" Every unit has following script in it's init:
  11. Red dot in night vision problem

    It'll require making new DXDLL/Injector and thats's not what I'm capable of. But: Textures of optics have "user" parameter and - as far as I figured that out - it says if other parameters can be "skipped". User 0, Light shining - texture is shining and "over" night vision filter. User 1, Light shining - texture is NOT shining and "under" night vision filter (become "greened"). So it should be possible without scripting/animating. Maybe other values? Or I misunderstand the meaning User parameter.
  12. Hi guys. I'm trying to make nice red dot i CWA. End up with this problem: Is there any possibility to make this red dot appears green in night vision? Edit: And do it without killing "shining" parameter.
  13. Crew proxy "showing on top" problem

    It didn't work :/ Not for all vehicles at least. One more additional thing: after exiting window with game (Alt+Tab) fixes problem till next entering the vehicle. No damn idea.
  14. Crew proxy "showing on top" problem

    Edit: nope, that just changed angles in which problem occures "Move to bottom" and "recalculate normals" (no idea why, but works)
  15. Crew proxy "showing on top" problem

    Nope, I'll not. I've created Night Vision Scopes, one-shot launchers with no additional ammo and functional AC130 for my mod. I'll deal with this too :P Low poly count is not a reason. Simple model with "move to top" will be also shown above other textures.