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  1. AC130 and question

    There were some... perturbations with my mod... But I'm still working on functional CAS script. Since AI of aircrafts can't always get the idea of avenue of approach work is stuck in certain point :/
  2. hi damotr

    i see an you video in youtube in this link



    you can upload the radio (PRC) in green skin, and give me the permission to use it on a personal version of a mod (ecp redux and ffur) :)

    thanks in advance


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    2. EliasComando


      so how can change the format the pac or paa files to modify in gimp? o a need a file converter?

    3. damotr


      1. download TextView
      2. Open texture by TextView.

      3. Save as "name.tga"

      4. Open .tga via Gimp

      5. Edit

      6. "Export to" end export to TGA. Mind that it must NOT have compression RLE

      7. Open .tga via TextView
      8. Save as .paa lub .pac


      And one thing - I don't think You'll be able to contact Laser and ask for permission, I was unable.

    4. EliasComando


      ok dont worry is for a personal mod :)

  3. Jamming script

    Nope, "jammed" is magazine, so: - no you can't fire burst if jammed on single (or other way) - yes, you can shoot grenade launcher if M16A2 is jammed ;) That's pretty funny that weapon parameters are defined in magazine - but useful afterall. Changing weapon to sidearm also won't change jamming status, but reloading sidearm would - that's by bad - I forgot to remove their animation from array :P
  4. That's makes it clear - mod wont be released. Topic may be closed.
  5. BD Grenade Pack FML_beretta471 by MIG (Luis Pinho) ORCS Russian Weapons Pack ORCS Russian RPG Launchers CoC_Mines SJB Weapon Pack JAM3 LSR Weapons pack Police LSR Delta Rangers, Pilots & Seals PSY_SOV: Psykke Libyan Army soldiers: Ironsight HYK Modern U.S. Forces Infantry: Models and Textures by Hyakushiki COMBAT! Modern U.S. APC Crew Pack OPFOR (and Islands) by Ballistic Addon Studios ORCS Russian Infantry in KZM suits FML Civilians MIG Animals: Semper Fidelis Addons (CH53, LAV-X, HMMWV Packs) COMBAT! HEMMT, HUMMWV Pack RHS (Tanks, GAZ66, Mi24 Packs) WW3 (BMPs) M1A2 SEP Pack INQ M60 M-109 ADATS by DKM-Mod 5t Truck Pack by Mp Specnaz mod URALs USMC BELL/TEXTRON UH-1N Dustoff Ah-1W - Super Cobra by Vit Mi2 SA-13 (DKMM) ZSU234 UAZ GAZ13 BMRD-2 A-26 U.S.S. Ashland LSD 48 FFG Oliver Hazard Perry and FFG Krivak IV by Gnat Vietnam PBR by Farside Zodiac by Fox2 A-10A Thunderbolt II by Diesel AV-8B (from WW4 Extended) SU-24,AN-72 Coaler,Mig29 by Footmunch Sterrable Parachute by Vosku Combat Diver addon USMC Symbols by Phaeden Warsaw Pact Army Symbols And Markers by Robin PCW JUNGLE TRAP Made by MiG upon a script by Aeon RKSL Camo nets OWP ZIL, MI8, MI26 and Pilots Fishing boats NK Hole WW2 Objects KLA powerlines KLA construction AGS Industrial AGS Port NAM Pack Objects CAT Afghanistan DMA Libya FFUR FDF CSLA WGL 4 WGL 5 WGL 5.1 TONAL Redux Mapfact many addons SLX Chernobyl Pack ORCS Russian Federation Static Machineguns M46 Fieldgun by DKM-Mod Pack Mortar by Ksatryia But in many cases is just part of model, one or two scripts etc. Eg. From whole FDF I used only model of UAV to transform it into RQ-2.
  6. Yes, and all this thread was to make sure it's possible or not. "Personal use" was just to explain why I started modding, and why it's not waste of time for me :)
  7. As I said earlier: all of this was intended as mod only for my personal use and to have fun. If relasing it will be impossible then it's okay with me. I don't want to violate any rules and that's why I decided to ask - taking into account circumstances that the creators are often unreachable.
  8. Understood. Well... then it's time to do miracles and find this guys :P
  9. Okay, so here comes questions: as I'm really don't want to use this without permissions (but the problem is contacting this people) would it be okay - only in case I'm unable to reach someone with any possible means of communication, and all other persons grant me their permissions - to post final mod here? I assume that if there is no possibility of contacting someone via forum/mail/website it's very unlikeley that they will complain about this thread. As it may seem like bending the rules - my hones intention is to give everyone credits and thank for their work that let OFP shine.
  10. If it will be closed - I may still play it and use it as LAN party game. That was original intention.
  11. Okay, I posted topic about "my" mod, and here's just explanation of one the element that I pretty proud of: jamming. Basically: every weapon defined in CONGIF may use multiple magazine types, and if removed and added to soldier - it will instantly load highest magazine listed in it's definition. Eg. class Rifle { magazines[]={"mag1","mag2","mag3"} } If solider has all three types of magazines and add him rifle - it will be instantaneously loaded with "mag1". Here starts magic: I created two types of "Jamming" magazines to match weapons with single mode (M21) and two modes (M16A2, M14 etc.): class Jamming: Riffle { scopeWeapon=0; scopeMagazine=2; displayName="$STR_MN_Jamming"; displayNameMagazine="$STR_MN_Jamming"; shortNameMagazine="$STR_MN_Jamming"; Count=1; ammo="Default"; modes[]={"this"}; canDrop = false; picture = ""; magazineType="0*256"; }; class Jamming2: Jamming { modes[]={"this","this"}; }; Then defined jamming in every weapon first magazine: class FAL:20rnd_762x51_FAL { [...] magazines[]={"Jamming2","20rnd_762x51_FAL"}; modes[]={"Single","FullAuto"}; }; Then created a script, running only on PLAYER (using it for AI would be pointless) that checks if weapon will get jammed at every shot: _soldier = _this select 0 _weapon = _this select 1 _muzzle = _this select 2 _jam = random (100) if (Time > 10) then {} else {goto"end"} #M21 if (_muzzle in ["M21","M21_SD"]) then {} else {goto"M249"} if (_jam < 0.3) then {goto"jam"} else {goto"end"} [...] #RPD if (_muzzle in ["RPD"]) then {} else {goto"FAL"} if (_jam < 0.25) then {goto"jam"} else {goto"end"} #FAL if (_muzzle in ["FAL"]) then {} else {goto"end"} if (_jam < 0.4) then {goto"jam"} else {goto"end"} goto "end" #jam _soldier addmagazine "jamming"; ~0.1 _soldier removeweapon _weapon; _soldier addweapon _weapon; _soldier selectweapon _muzzle; goto "end" #jam2 _soldier addmagazine "jamming2"; ~0.1 _soldier removeweapon _weapon; _soldier addweapon _weapon; _soldier selectweapon _muzzle; goto "end" #end exit For clearing the jammed weapon it was two options: - just enable player to shoot with rest of bullets in his magazine (possible but complicated beyond usefulness) - make him change magazine to full - easy and effective. To clear jammed weapon player need to reload it twice - it seemed much more natural that using action-menu. First reload will clear the weapon, second will load full mag. animChanged = "if (((_this select 0) == PLAYER) and ((_this select 1) in [""combatreloadmagazine"",""crouchreloadmagazine"",""lyingreloadmagazine"",""handgunstandreloadmagazine"",""handguncrouchreloadmagazine"",""handgunlyingreloadmagazine""])) then {((_this select 0) removemagazines ""Jamming"") and ((_this select 0) removemagazines ""Jamming2"");nul}"; I suppose this may work also with Arma 1/2/3 weapons: so if anyone wish to use it: feel free. Just mention me in credits, as it's something I'm really and finally proud of :D
  12. 4GB RAM CWA

    I recently found this: http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php and updated my CWA. Maybe it's just placebo effect, but I think FPS goes up by 7-12. Any thoughts?
  13. I'm fully aware of that - and it's the reason of starting this topic. On the other hand: many of addons I used are no longer easy to find, and I though that maybe bringing them back to life and glory to their creator would be enough as a justification.
  14. There are basically three types of addons: - "do whatever you want and mind credits" - "contact me if you want to use it" and - "no readme included" last one is tricky, I've managed to write down some authors nicks before ofp.gamepark removed all addons.
  15. Okay, first of all - I put my nick in quotes on purpose. I do not claim any rights to models, textures nor scripts (only about 50% scripts are purely mine, and that's rough estimation) This "overhaul mod" was born as I was just changing looks of my OFP/CWA to be more "eye-friendly". Then added some scripts, changed some aspetcs of the game etc. etc. It was not supposed to became mod - it was just hobby, I never intended to rip others addons to create mine, but long story short: after very long time as it became more and more complex I start wondering if showing it off wouldn't be a good idea. Here starts problem: I'm currenty trying to contact all addonmakers and moders whose work - or part of the work - I used and obtain their permissions. But - many of them are long gone from forum, not responding to e-mails etc. I want to create full list of this persons as well as "credits-like" animation to present names/nicknames with their work. Would it be fair, and possible? Also: as I don't claim this mod to be "mine" and don't want o put my nickname in any more visable place then credits list - would it be okay to use modified logo? To be honest... I just think bar with subtite (Flashpoint style) is nicer. Side note: I modified (or still modifying as it's not yet ready) all elements like GUI, overview images, missions and campaigns to be coherent. Here is a little trailer, just to show idea of this whole thing: If the releasing this mod would be treated as a violation of the rules ... well ... then of course I will not release it.