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  1. While the respawn menu with the weapon listing is pretty sweet, configuring the loadouts really sucks because you can't specify what goes where. For instance, if I want FAK's to go only in a uniform, only ammo in vest, and some other stuff only in backpack, I can't do it. So, is there a way for me to script a way to say if a player chose x in cfgrespawninventory, run y loadout script on them?
  2. This breaks ACE Cargo (cannot add spare parts to vehicles)
  3. Hi, How do I get spare tracks (or anything) to show up in the ACE cargo of a vehicle? I've been trying for a while now and nothing seems to work. I've tried in the Object: ACE Options area of the vehicle attributes. I've tried specifying in the vehicles init: [repair_veh, 2, "ACE_Track", true] call ace_repair_fnc_addSpareParts; I can't get anything to show other than the default wheel or whatever that shows in ACE cargo of a vehicle. The vehicle has more than enough ACE cargo space for the items. EDIT: FOUND THE CULPRIT R3F Advanced Logistics breaks it.
  4. Hi, will the various runways/airstrips ever be converted to the Arma 3 airport/airstrip system?
  5. I have a trigger that starts a script: OnAct null = [suicardriver_2] execVM "ambush\carfollow.sqf"; ambush script _driverman = _this select 0; _driverman setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _driverman setSpeedMode "FULL"; _fol = [] spawn { while {alive _driverman} do { _driverman doMove (position veh_food); sleep 5; }; }; Whenever the trigger is touched, I get an undefined variable error- but only in the following area: _fol = [] spawn { while {alive _driverman} do { _driverman doMove (position veh_food); sleep 5; }; }; (script error says line 7 is the issue).
  6. doctorbutts

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    There are values in some of the files that lower your reputation if you fire your weapon within x meters of a civilian and an enemy is more than x meters away. This is one of the things that hurt our group's rep because we'd be engaging enemies from quite a distance. You can try modifying this value. If you find yourself damaging buildings, that will count against you as well- which sucks because that means engaging armor in towns gets tough because if they blow up they add damage to the buildings around them. You can really dig yourself in a hole with those things. You can keep doing side missions as much as possible, and just sweep each town for IED's.
  7. OR MAYBE NEXT TIME I SHOULD VERIFY I EDITED THE CORRECT INITPLAYERLOCAL BEFORE POSTING! Thanks for your time and effort. I realized that I was modifying a different initplayerlocal.sqf in notepad++ from another version of the mission. So I put the data in the right file and it is working now.
  8. Awesome! Would that persist on players through respawns, or do I need to add the code to onplayerrespawn.sqf as well?
  9. doctorbutts

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Where can I modify the amount of time it takes to load, transport, unload resources in logistics?
  10. How can I add a variable to a player after they choose a loadout in ACE Arsenal? I'm using default loadouts, so they are available in the mission.sqm file. Let's say I have a Loadout called "Medic" and I want to do something like player setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass", 1, true]; if they choose that loadout.
  11. doctorbutts

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Is there something special I need to do to get the sprint to work properly? I downloaded the release PBO and when I try testing some things out in 3den single, it seems most of the scripts aren't loading. I spawn on carrier and don't even have an option to access the arsenal, and enemies don't spawn in towns. Also: I can't figure out how to get the mission to use ACE arsenal loadouts in the selection screen. I've modified the open_arsenal to launch the ACE arsenal, but for some reason I can't pull up any of my loadouts when I change private _saved_loadouts = profileNamespace getVariable "bis_fnc_saveInventory_data"; to private _saved_loadouts = profileNamespace getVariable "ace_arsenal_saved_loadouts"; or private _saved_loadouts = profileNamespace getVariable ["ace_arsenal_saved_loadouts", []]; What are your thoughts on moving some of the action menu items to the ace interact?
  12. doctorbutts

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    aaah crap my bad. I'm so used to downloading the files from the main github page, that I never thought to check the releases section until that post. Thanks.
  13. doctorbutts

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hi, I don't have direct access to the server but I need to make some changes to the mission before we put it up. How do I go about extracting the right files I need manually to work on the mission?
  14. Hi, what files/lines do I have to change in order for ACE_Medical to fully work with this mission? We've set 'ReviveMP' to disabled in the parameters, but it seemed the revive system was active and we couldn't heal ourselves just with ACE items.