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  1. doctorbutts

    Zeus is just straight up garbage.

  2. Been a few days: Yea, I ended up going this route as well. I just have one big while going that will check a few things and sleep at 5.
  3. I can get around it if I just do thislist select 0 for each condition: _healed_trig setTriggerStatements ["(alive (thislist select 0)) && !([(thislist select 0)] call ace_medical_blood_fnc_isBleeding) && ([(thislist select 0)] call ace_common_fnc_isAwake)", "hint 'victim healed';", ""]; Maybe the 'condition' portion of the trigger doesn't accept that sort of code or it still can't figure out what that variable is? but if I ever run into a situation where I can't attach the trigger to that item, I might be screwed, such as with a set/get variable. Unless I learn the getTrigger stuff correctly.
  4. Here's the full code I'm using to check, I have the victim taking damage to confirm whether or not isbleeding or isawake is being evaluated: _randvic = selectRandom civ_unit_array; _vicgroup = createGroup [independent, true]; _victim = _vicgroup createUnit [_randvic,position player,[],0, "NONE"]; [_victim, 0.8, "Head", "bullet", player] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; _healed_trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _victim,true]; _healed_trig setTriggerArea [3, 3, -0, false]; _healed_trig triggerAttachVehicle [_victim]; _healed_trig setTriggerActivation ["VEHICLE","PRESENT", false]; _healed_trig setTriggerTimeout [3, 3, 3, false]; _healed_trig setTriggerStatements ["this && {_victim = thislist select 0;!([_victim] call ace_medical_blood_fnc_isBleeding) && ([_victim] call ace_common_fnc_isAwake)}", "hint 'victim healed';", ""]; Here's the error.rpt 12:04:08 Error in expression <this && {_victim = thislist select 0;!([_victim] call ace_medical_blood_fn> 12:04:08 Error position: <!([_victim] call ace_medical_blood_fn> 12:04:08 Error Invalid number in expression So I took out the isbleeding part, leaving 'isawake', then got a similar error: 12:06:41 Error in expression <this && {_victim = thislist select 0;([_victim] call ace_common_fnc_isAwak> 12:06:41 Error position: <([_victim] call ace_common_fnc_isAwak> 12:06:41 Error Invalid number in expression Then I took all of that away and just saw if I could just thislist the awake condition: {_victim = thislist select 0;(alive _victim)} Got the same errors as the other two: 12:09:48 Error in expression <{_victim = thislist select 0;(alive _victim)}> 12:09:48 Error position: <(alive _victim)}> 12:09:48 Error Invalid number in expression I get the same errors when I try to set/get Variable method as well. It leads me to believe it still doesn't know what the variable is.
  5. Actually, It isn't working. It's only evaluating whether 'this' is true. I'm getting an invalid number in expression error every time I tried both methods.
  6. Since I had trouble finding it on my own (I could have sworn I read through all the Trigger stuff on BISWIKI), do you know the output array/params for a created trigger? I'm looking for something like (triggername1 select 0, triggername1 select 1), if it is even possible.
  7. The trigger is also a local variable. I tried it anyway and it doesn't work. Thanks though. Sure, here's every step of a chunk of code I'm working on just to figure out this part: _randvic = selectRandom civ_unit_array; _vicgroup = createGroup [independent, true]; _victim = _vicgroup createUnit [_randvic,position player,[],0, "NONE"]; _healed_trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _victim,true]; _healed_trig setTriggerArea [3, 3, -0, false]; _healed_trig triggerAttachVehicle [_victim]; _healed_trig setTriggerActivation ["VEHICLE","PRESENT", false]; _healed_trig setTriggerTimeout [3, 3, 3, false]; _healed_trig setTriggerStatements ["(this) && !([_victim] call ace_medical_blood_fnc_isBleeding) && ([_victim] call ace_common_fnc_isAwake)", "hint 'victim healed';", ""]; I suppose I could try some sort of { if(side _x == independent) then { hint "he fine, doc; deletevehicle _x; } } foreach man in thisList; I doubt that code is correct, but if I went that route I'm afraid I might run into trouble if I ever had to expand the trigger area and I had other 'missions' going on that had units of that same type when the conditions are met. edit: I guess I could further protect that by closing down the civ_arrays for victims/shooters and other 'missions' and then doing a 'typeof' "civ_man_bobby_bob" check for the thisList, but that would start limiting the randomness. Then again, I'm probably not understanding your statement correctly:
  8. I've created the victim as a local variable in the script and am using the _victim as the triggerAttachVehicle. The script is creating a few different triggers: I want to be able to see if the victim is conscious and not bleeding (and do something if it is) and I've created another trigger to check to see if the victim is unconscious and bleeding (and do something if they are). Both don't work because, as I've read around, you can't pass a local variable into the setTriggerActivation area. Are there other ways around this? Some of the posts seem to want to push it the Onact into another script but I still need to be able to check a condition before doing anything, so passing it to another script/code doesn't really help. Here's an example of one of the setTriggerActivation statements: _healed_trig setTriggerStatements ["(this) && !([_victim] call ace_medical_blood_fnc_isBleeding) && ([_victim] call ace_common_fnc_isAwake)", "hint 'victim healed';", ""]; The above code works when I create a regular/global variable, but I may have a number of _victims going at a time- so I'd rather not have the same variable used for all. For the OnAct code, I am going to do some other things (such as deleteVehicle _victim)- but I can't even get past the Cond area with the local variables. Overall, the script is a 'mission' that's called and has things like createTask and that condition being updated as well. Any suggestions?
  9. doctorbutts

    Immersion Cigs

    How do I get this crap from being added automatically to every unit, especially when I'm in Eden? It's messing with my loadouts. I can't find an entry for this in addon options. Do I need to add something to description.ext or init.sqf?
  10. I tried disabling the pilot's AI and that didn't work either. So, folks, the one workaround that worked with 100% success is: Removing the pilot from the vehicle and adding a 'landgear' trigger when they get close. Hooray.
  11. doctorbutts

    3den Enhanced

    Since the May 4 steam update for your mod, I can no longer connect to drones. Placed a basic NATO UAV Operator in a mission with NATO drones that were placed with AI in them. There are no options to connect to when going to the UAV terminal. If I restart ARMA without 3Den Enhanced running, I can connect fine. Just noticed this in mission testing today. It was working previous to the update.
  12. It doesn't open anymore I double click to run, nothing happens. Tried the fix from pages back, doesn't work. Also tried 'fresh' install. Nope.
  13. I'm still getting a failure 100% of the time. I've removed all mods and running just vanilla and the non-beta version of the mod. I'm not sure what else to check.
  14. Hi, For the f-18 In both the Armaholic/Steam version and the Steam Beta version, landing Autopilot will cause the plane to always overshoot and crash. In the Steam regular version of the mod, and error displays on final approach. In both versions, the tailhook does not autodeploy. Even if manually deployed, the F-18 is still too high to 'catch' the wires. In Steam Beta, the error does not show, but the plane still overshoots the wires. Main mods used: CBA, ACE. Link to video with error, using regular release version: I would like this to be fixed so the mod can be more accessible to more pilots.
  15. doctorbutts

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Confirming, getting errors trying to find/open my units.