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  1. I had some free time and made this small mod. It changes standard animation of weapon holding on AK and AKM series of RHS: AFRF mod. See picture below: New animation was in RHS:AFRF files. All credits goes to RHS team. Dependencies: RHS: AFRF Download link (version 0.2): https://mega.nz/#!HNM3mA4I!lVEKPDg4KHW2wq_KBEWb61SKr9fmBZljkFQT1dFRfQM Changelog: v. 0.1: - first release v. 0.2: - multiplayer keys added See on armaholic soon! Have already sent an entry.
  2. This is the part of mod made for my community. It disables zoom on all vanilla and rhs weapons/vehicles/man units. Vanilla and RHS configs are in separate PBO files. Download (v.1.0): https://mega.nz/#!LF8hULQC!bSqQlHwaBOUxwaaSr2O7gI27e6WI0aO-E4aK8u32F1U
  3. -hugepages do nothing for me. No influence on performance with tbbmalloc or cma.
  4. After triple run with system reboot in between, I got: CMA default: 66,9 (65,1; 67,1; 68,6) CMA AVX: 66,3 (67,4; 64,8; 66,7) CMA AVX2: 67,2 (70; 66,2; 65,6) CMA vs CMA AVX vs CMA AVX2 delta is less than 1%. As we see the most FPS boost gives custom malloc with large pages support itself, not AVX or AVX2 instructions. Personally, I choose AVX2 because it gave me absolute maximum - 70 FPS. Not sure but maybe CMA default and AVX may provide the same results in more runs. But still AVX2 gave me 69 and 70 FPS, CMA default and AVX gave me 68,6 max. P. S. I think (didn't test), that there is no large or huge pages support in default arma 3 tbbmalloc, -hugepages parameter do nothing. So if you want play with large pages you have to run custom malloc. If somebody can check and test that, please do.
  5. Personally I don't trust your results. If you do so, you won't refer to my result in your post and write 7 minutes later that you have tested it by yourself 7 times. I have made second test run AVX vs AVX2 (didn't test default CMA vs Default CMA), but won't post results here. Don't want people to trust my results and want them to run test by themselves. Actually, I got contraversary results.
  6. In my situation, fred41's malloc gave me 2-3 FPS on FX8350 system. When I had 30-40FPS it was a good boost. What about AVX and AVX2, more tests needed. I run only 1 YAAB test per default and AVX mallocs without PC restarts in between. More tests needed. Too early to give such conlcusions. Just run different mallocs yourself and test. To get proper results you will have to reboot PC when malloc switch because of large pages specific.
  7. It is a pity that BI just through that flag in without any instructions about that. I used fred41's malloc and knew that large and huge pages are need more work to do to work because of that. Also it is pity that you are unable to check if hugepages enabled, like in fred41's malloc and _blub malloc, where you may check that in logs.
  8. Yeap, I knew that. Tested with BI huge pages and CMA huge pages AVX2. The first one gave me 60FPS and last one 69FPS. Also tested other CMA (default and AVX) versions. But the most performance boost was with AVX2 version (default - the same as BI, AVX - 64FPS). Thank you for admin privileges clarification, will try. Btw, @Dedmen, did you try SuperMalloc https://github.com/kuszmaul/SuperMalloc?
  9. Just in case AVX2 version of CMA gave me incredible FPS boost from 60 to 69 in YAAB on Standard preset. Intel Skylake CPU. Thank you, @_blub
  10. To all players, try xtbbmalloc avx2 version from here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31217 That malloc gave me incredible 9 FPS boost, read installation/usage section carefully, especially Remarks (admin rights, secpol.msc). UPD: Btw, you will have to run game old style method with exe shortcut (with startup parameters). I just don't know how to run Arma3 with admin privileges from arma launcher.
  11. Pretty interesting, than you must have heavy lags on your build with 1440p ultra with 8Gb only.
  12. Well, 1070TI/1660Ti is totally fine for ultra ARMA 3 then. No need in RTX2070. Not as bad as you think. 4 cores are very good for Arma. As you can see from here https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/cpus/ more than a half of steam users have 4 cores CPU. It is OK for at least 2 more years. And in 2 years you may upgrade platform to new 5-7nm CPU. Btw, after messing around with mallocs and memory overclocking, here is what I got on Standard preset: Pretty impressive for: i5 6400@4.5Ghz, 3Ghz CL15 DDR4 and stock gtx1070ti.
  13. False statements. No need in RTX. Maximum settings - gtx 1070 fully cover ultra settings. Probably, even RX580 8Gb will be fine for 1080p, even gtx1060 wih 6Gb may be fine (not sure if 6Gb of VRAM is enough for 8xAA) About CPU wrong too. 8350k with overclock to 5Ghz totally fine too. That will give you 64 FPS in YAAB.
  14. I need Standard settings test if it will be 85+ FPS, I am gonna throw my PC to the window. Btw, no need for camrip, Nvidia Shadowplay will be fine. As I can see from statistics, difference between ultra and standard setting is in margin of 17 FPS his is 22 FPS.
  15. I think, that tester misunderstood the settings. Probably, he tested on LOW and STANDARD instead of STANDARD and ULTRA. Then 3 - 4 FPS boost is appropriate compared to old results (69FPS vs 66FPS).
  16. Looks like wrong results. It is 22 FPS (32%) more compared to other 9900K result, but overclocked only 10% on CPU and 16% on memory higher. That is impossible result. May I ask for video proof with all settings set on video plus YAAB run?
  17. Original addon: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175871-STI-Addons I found some good models in old addons and made some changes and fixes. This addon contain three weapons: - M32 MGL (Tan) http://i.imgur.com/ZWLP2Mk.png (449 kB) - M79 http://i.imgur.com/fX7Amsy.png (430 kB) - Mk13 (Tan) http://i.imgur.com/2xovLDk.png (437 kB) All three models and configs was taken from a Stiltman addon STI Launchers. I had to make some changes: - all weapons are shown in arsenal now - all weapons have recoil - added more kinds of magazines for them (different colors for different kind of smokes and flares for M32 MGL) - added localization (Russian and English) - tweaked reload time The main feature of this addon is models from STI Launchers with working sight zeroing. All changes was made with config editing and HEX-editor (resolve some issues with pathes). Author of original addon: Stiltman Author of changes: ruPal (me) License: APL You may download it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!vYkmgALL!3JOuqDZzJSWVNymALES6-VU2vDqxV7LzxgqTy8v6NIA It doesn't have keys cause I don't know how to sign pbo's. The link is on PBO only. Just put it into any other addon folder and run Arma 3 with it.
  18. Do you like tactical gaming? Do you use any opportunity to gain an advantage over the enemy? You like RHS and ACE3 but hate goggles glued to your helmet? Then this mod for you. Description: It gives you ability to get goggles from helmet (RHS helmets only) and put them back with very cool ACE3 interaction menu. Requirements: - CBA_A3 -ACE3 -RHS:AFRF -RHS:USAF Version: 2.0 Download link: https://mega.nz/#!nJUQTShR!I4yseVaCqpDX2--R0_3JVQn-5cAYTNkfQylhvQof1UE Armaholic mirror (Thanks to Foxhound):
  19. This mod adds range tables and advanced artillery feature to all RHS static weapons. Like MK6 in ACE3 (it is actually based on mk6 mod from ACE3 team). To switch to advanced artillery mode put ACE3 MK6 module on map and check advanced settings mode in it. It was made for RDS Static Weapon pack and then ported to RHS mod. Supports: - D30; - M119; - Podnos; - M252. Please notice that there are different range tables for different ammo types. Download link (v.2.5): https://mega.nz/#!HEdRwC5Z!CdBMFQlSiu_N7vuTqnGrYjHTPwVuNzuMwArY_DmR1t8 Mirror: Requirements: CBA ACE3 RHS: USAF RHS: AFRF Thank you to ACE3 Team for a great mod and help with that mod, Reyhard for his RDS Static Weapon pack and RHS team!
  20. No, there will be no updates. Sorry.
  21. I found that problem for a while on stable and dev branches. More than half a year, probably. Some particles disappear in seconds after been spawned. That is a huge problem for modding and visual appearence. But today I found that diagnostic exe on DEV branch is free from that problem! I just want to ask game developers to fix that problem in standart exe files on DEV and STABLE branches. Thank you. Check it out, look at dirt tentacles on arma3_x64.exe: and arma 3diag_x64.exe
  22. Up, also found that and posted in DEV branch thread:
  23. Since 1.64 in Arma 3 cheaters are blocked via VAC bans https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00171 But you have released a game on the same engine as Arma 3 - Project Argo. And now cheaters may test hacks without need to pay and use cheats not only in Argo, but in Arma 3 too. Because engines are the same, am I right? Do you plan to solve this issue somehow? If that is true, that is bad for Arma 3 gameplay.
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    Since 1.64 in Arma 3 cheaters ar blocked via VAC bans https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00171 But you have released a game on the same engine as Arma 3 - Project Argo. And now cheaters may test hacks without need to pay and use cheats not only in Argo, but in Arma 3 too. Do you plan to solve this issue somehow?
  25. [ALPHA BUILD] Mod adds effects to tracers. May hit FPS hard. For testing puproses only. For now it covers only red tracers. And all bullets have effects enabled (tracers and not). Mod based on Blastcore configs from Opticalsnare. Downloads: Steam Workshop Mega (will not be updated)