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  1. Tokkok

    More readable map v2

    yes that solved the problem, thanks! @taro8 can you pls update your mod, I tested it with what Alwarren said and confirmed it works.
  2. Tokkok

    More readable map v2

    tried but didnt work.
  3. Tokkok

    More readable map v2

    Can anyone confirm that this mod & bhc_map_contour mod doesnt work anymore after latest Tanks DLC game update?
  4. Tokkok

    Enhanced Movement

    Pehaps I didnt make myself clear, I'm just A REGULAR ARMA3 Player AKA MOD User. I download / subscribe mods, find a COOP server and start playing. I don't make missions or mods, so I don't see why there's a need for me to read the mission maker's guide. I gave you a feedback from A REGULAR ARMA3 Player AKA Mod User's point of view and experience using your mod. You are speaking from the mod maker / mission creators point of view, telling me that I should learn how to edit your mod myself ? Pls make life easier for us regular normal Players AKA Mod User.
  5. Tokkok

    Enhanced Movement

    How do I edit the mission variables? I'm just a regular player not server admin or mission creator.
  6. Tokkok

    Enhanced Movement

    My point was to show that we can't really climb houses, boulders etc when fully loadout with more than 45kgs. There are people who wants it limited while others doesnt. Maybe you can make it optional via an ingame setting or player editable UserConfig file.
  7. Tokkok

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Are u using any mods? My experience so far happens only on 3 Coop servers hosted by the same clan, while using a particular mod. Removed the offending mod and everying went smooth. Check the "Arma 3.exe" in Windows Task Manager, FPS drop happens when it's Working Set (Memory) goes up to about 3GB, 25-30min after joining the server.
  8. Tokkok

    Enhanced Movement

    @bad benson Found that there's a weight limit of +/- 45kg. Or maybe should call it a height limit because when weighing more than 45kgs, only able to climb up a very low height. Screenshots Player wearing APEX gear weighing 45.09kg. Only Bergen Backpack is loaded, nothing in uniform & vest. Without launchers or pistols. Boxes A, B & C with different heights. At 45.09kg - Able to climb all 3 boxes. At 46.91kg, only able to climb box A which is the lowest. Failed at climbing boxes B & C, thus no pictures shown.
  9. Battleye have this error when launching: Blocked loading of file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@athena\Athena.Extension.dll'
  10. Any users of the Roccat Isku keyboard? It seems that the latest game patch has caused a recurring problem with my Roccat Isku keyboard. Both the 'M4' and 'PgUp' keys are disabled in ARMA3, rendering them useless even outside the game. This problem occurs only whenever I start a multiplayer game after the 1.50 patch, before that it has been working fine all along since I started using the keyboard from Dec-2014. The 1st time happened 3 weeks ago after Game Update 1.50, I sent the keyboard for a replacement at the local service center. Afterwhich it was working fine both in and outside the game. The 2nd time happened around 10-Sep, both keys are disabled again in the game. I sent keyboard for service and the firmware was reset. The 3rd time happened just today with the same keys disabled. I'm pretty sure it was caused by ARMA3 as it happened only in the game when I want to use the M4 key. Just minutes ago it was fine before the game was launched. I'm curious to know if there are any others who encounter the same thing and if this is a known issue with any way to fix? Hardware Info: Roccat Isku firmware v1.25, driver v1.22