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  1. Nummi

    =BTC= Militia for A3

    Our community is going to add this excellent mod to our repository within the next 2 weeks. A couple questions: 1. Do you plan to make inventory pictures for clothing and headgear included in this mod? As of now they have placeholder pictures. 2. Do you plan on reducing clipping issues when using vanilla backpacks and vests with your clothing? 3. Do you plan on adding optional HLC AK configs to the mod? Very few middle-eastern factions actually use AK-74M's or SVDM's. Cheers from Finland, Nummi
  2. Oh man, I can't wait for the updates. Poor Toadie, is he getting help with the sounds or is he weaving through the swamp all alone?
  3. So those PWS updates 3 pages back were just PWS stuff, not any updates from your side Toadie? Just wondering if you managed to upload an update or not with the problems you've been having with the ISP. All the best, and thanks for the awesome mods!
  4. Nummi

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    Cheers, thank you very much. Awesome work you've done.
  5. Nummi

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    So as I understand it, under the CUP liscence, would I be allowed to take your ported Harrier out of CUP, modify it's configs, and use it in our communitys mod-set on it's own? I'm not sure if I got it right. If that's the case, freaking awesome. We're using mostly the formulae of 1 mod for 1 faction, so having the Harrier on its own would be great since we're using BAF and RHS atm.
  6. Hey mons00n, nice script you've conjured up. I've managed to remove the points system from my missions since I don't need it, but one particular problem is bothering me. I want to create markers on the cache locations for opfor only, and hide the markers from blufor. How would I go about this? I know how to hide markers generally, but I can't find what the names of the markers this script creates are, or alternatively the cache names, so I could create the markers on top of them myself, or remove them from Blufor. I tried to put the //cachemarkers code into a if (sidePlayer == east) then {}; and change the "createMarker" to "createMarkerLocal", which works in SP, but I need dedicated support. The if (!isServer) exitWith{}; prevents me from inserting code into this part of your script which would delete markers from all blufor players, but I don't know if I can reference anything in this script outside it.
  7. Any status on the graphics update on those G3's and FAL's? As far as I remember last you spoke of them Toadie you were in the process of digging into some performance problems which were caused by some....old template you used? I'm not sure if I remember right. We'd love to add these mods to our repo but if they have performance problems (they haven't been patched in some while) I don't think it's feasible. Any comment? Loving the work with the recent weapon packs, you really pour effort into these.
  8. Nummi

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Empty word in sentence 'XMIT' '' 'far' 'at12' 'xmit' 15:59:18 Error in expression <apons this))) && (((currentmuzzle this) == "tf47_smaw") || ((currentmuzzle this)> 15:59:18 Error position: <== "tf47_smaw") || ((currentmuzzle this)> Still getting massive RPT-log spams with this error. It's causing no damage to anything as far as I know, it's just unfortunate the error pops up while in-game, and for everybody on the server.
  9. Just because nobody has asked in a while, what's the status of the HLC FAL and G3 packs that needed updating because of some performance issues? I remember seeing a post which said you were working on it, has it taken backseat priority because of supporters requesting new stuff?
  10. Awesome. Our community doesn't use CUP as we see it's still in a state of heavy W.I.P, and RHS doesn't add any of the older vests or helmets as of yet. I'll wait for updates to this mod eagerly!
  11. This pack would be 10+ if it included a few of the most used east-european cold war-era helmets and vests. That would be a lot more work, of course. Maybe contact some other modders who've done models for stuff before? Looking great nevertheless, thanks for all the input and work!
  12. Nummi

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    Oh and just for clarity's sake, the server almost crashed because of duplication with 100+ players. In smaller missions the problem shouldn't be as severe.
  13. Nummi

    Arma 2 AV-8B Harrier II Port

    I'm from the same community as Jone_Kone. The TGP on the underbelly of the plane also duplicated in both of the missions we had the Harrier in. The duplication caused serious lag, when the pilot ejected the server almost crashed in the first mission. It must be a locality issue of some kind. I hope you can figure out what it is, I don't know shit about modding myself so I'm sorry for not being very helpful... Also, it might be a good idea to hide the TGP's UAV by default? There was a parameter for that in the original TGP mod: TGP_Visible = 0; //hide the "Darter"
  14. Nummi

    EricJ Release thread

    Didn't mean to intrude, sorry if I did. I just thought it was an oversight since they got RC8 on PWS. Again, didn't mean to overstep my boundaries as a player.
  15. Nummi

    EricJ Release thread

    Hey kecharles28 could we get that Taliban Fighters RC9 up on PWS as well? :P