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  1. I think I dont understand what exactly you want, but you can press 'backspace' to turn off the interface and icons etc.
  2. Doke

    AI Difficulty

    So much work for a little dumber AI? :D Thank you anyways! :)
  3. Doke

    AI Difficulty

    Sorry for bothering, but is it possbile to get this working in a official Zeus mission? If yes, how? :D
  4. Doke

    Set Game Master/Moderator Rights

    You mean you set this in a custom zeus mission? I am talking about the official ones. I dont know where that description.ext is located at. :eek:
  5. Doke

    Suggestion: Add speedmode to AI

    Awesome job dude! :)
  6. Hello guys, hello Bohemia, i have the following problem. I just played some Zeus as Game Master on my own server (I am the admin) and then swapped the slot with a player so he can be Zeus. I took over the Game Moderator slot and set the rights for the Moderator to be the same as for the Game Master so i can help him to create the mission. The problem is i got into game but still had not rights. I think i would have to restart the match and set it again BEFORE starting the match. But isn't there any other option to enable/disable full rights for the game moderator? I would need it seriously. :)
  7. Doke

    Suggestion: Add speedmode to AI

    I dont know but i think you guys are working on it. It would be very cool if we could set waypoints and edit them like in the UAV Computer. Set behaviours and special waypoints like "land" for helicopters for example.
  8. Doke

    Spawning in vehicles

    Hey, spawning in vehicles while playing Zeus is a total mess. If you are respawning in a vehicle you spawn inside it as a driver for example. You can then drive some metres but then get switched automatically to another seat or get disembarked. This will kill you when the vehicle is driving. Or Right after spawning you cant get out of the vehicle. If you try to get out, nothing will happen. It is so annoying but a vehicle respawn is the comfortablest way for a respawn point in Zeus. Please fix it...
  9. Doke

    Arma 3 zeus official servers?

    They probably switched the servers to stable branch because of the upcoming release on Thursday.
  10. Doke

    No-Limit Zeus Loadouts

    Maybe even create your custom AI Soldier as an enemy or friendly would be nice! :D Choose his clothes and weapons and the side he is fighting for. Would be cool imo.
  11. Doke

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    Is there a list of the execute commands we can use in Zeus? I dont know any. :S
  12. I still have the same problem. It is still NOT fixed. Restarting steam does not work! I cant even join my server, as soon as i move the camera on the map my game crashes. And as soon as i join the server my speaker does some weird noise, like i would plug in a headset. :S I had to change the game mode to a non-zeus one. People are asking me to switch to Zeus, but the game crashes. :S And i experienced another problem, like some people mentioned before. Every server i join (not only Zeus) i get a ~1 sec fps drop (from ~60fps to ~30fps) every ~5 secs. :S
  13. Yeah i was so damn hoping to be able to play some Zeus this weekend and downloaded the last patch whith such hope. But i got disappointed. :( Please Bohemia get Zeus running again!
  14. I registered to the forums here because of that last patch. I also get extremely huge FPS drop when playing as Zeus. Its almost unplayable. And what i mentioned some minutes ago: the sounds are played in timelapse. If the FPS drop and i zoom in the battle the explosions and gun shots and even the vocies are played in a timelapse. It was cool when the tank exploded but its still very annoying. :p Please fix this Bohemia. And another problem that annoys me. I dont know what it is, but the AI seems to be more difficult in the Zeus Game Modes than normal. I and even other players recognized that. And i gotta say its very annoying to keep getting killed by one or two bullets while yourself have to unload half a clip to kill a AI soldier. I've set the difficulty on Recruit. :S That overpowered AI seems to annoy players and they leave the server after a couple of mins...