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    End Game - Scenario Guideline

    Im still digging for proper write up start to finish on implementing the dynamic groups system....
  2. i have seen this question asked but un answered. Can you use with Multispawn: Spawn on Squadleader, spawn on respawn_West marker AND Heli insert and have that show up in the respawn menu as options? Is that working if so ill ask what parameters are actually needing to be set cause ive added all it all in in the past and it only did what the module said to execute....
  3. ALSO I THOUGHT ID ADD.....So i know its been asked and somewhat covered....but WHY if the map is fully populated and opcoms have factions designated do i still have to choose a faction for C2ISTAR? this process of choosing an opposing faction....that i have already pre-set in a number of places in modules...makes me feel like the missions will be random...and NOT tied to the battlespace itself....some clarification would be excellent.
  4. So i TOO am wondering this with or without...i used to have the CSE ones setup...but i never felt like they worked.....i would like to know how to get this going....properly.
  5. i was always scared to lower the groups count to 12 cause the hint says lowering it too much would cause funky issues. but if 12 is sweet spot....then gonna gonna go in HOT today!
  6. excuse me if this has been gone over. but is there a command to speed and slow down opcom speed? i have an Asymmetric setup i wanna have already ready to go with all the installations....but do i HAVE to sit on the server and wait for everything to kinda populate or can i execute a command in debug to speed things up then bring things back down once there is enough traction on the enemy's side? Follow up question. The sabotage and enemy insurgent movements. How we do ID these movement? do we get lucky and find them? will C2IStar give us an autotask to intercept insurgents that are on a sabotage mission? or do we see them setup IED? im trying to figure out how to work the battlespace and i dunno if im over-thinking the capabilities. will we NEED a bluefor opcom to get the full effect of the enemy Asymmetric warfare mode? If so....what mode do we set bluefor? just figured i have a Zargabad setup starting small and wanted to get the FULL effects of Asymmetric warfare module...do our own recon and ID targets etc.
  7. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    FF is typically the result of poor communication....if people are in proper communication....its MUCH harder to shoot someone by accedent when everyone is talking to eachother...lol to me it sounds like a great options set but i wouldnt make it required....its just something that should NOT show up during Veteran Mode....
  8. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    Anyone have the Dynamic Groups setup and working again? the code was given with little context i am looking to get the code implementation if its available yet?z
  9. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    yeah did the update fix the bleedout time or do we need to use Robalos workaround?
  10. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    basically as long as we can control the Time it takes to revive someone...and the multiplier BONUS that the medic class will revive someone...it should be fine. as long as you tweak it to where its BETTER OFF to have the medic save a member but worst case the guy next to him can do it.....its just longer process...this should help balance things and make the medic class relevant.
  11. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    now thats a bug. i haven't had this issue when using it in MP on custom missions personally...but im gonna check that out...
  12. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    TK is fine....means poor communication....which translate to a bad team/losing team...makes sense to me....
  13. --mastermind--

    End Game MP Mode - Feedback

    i mentioned this but got washed out. What is the most solid execution protocol for getting Dyanmic Groups operational? i have all these code snippets from page 11....but that doesn't have much context.....
  14. Okay so Savage. if say i made a server where the map is set to Asym....with low numbers....if i turn on debug on which module to watch them recruit civis....i havent see one civi put a gun up but i have everything setup as requested.....i am use the Opfor FIA and Stock BIS civis on Zargabad...while they occupy the city and surrounding villages well....i cant say ive feelthe civlian asymmetric presence... could the map itself effect this? ill start of with much lower numbers and see what we can conjour up on this next go....
  15. agreed worst case lets play pick up with it. id be glad to help anyone manage progress if the original modder will allow us to take it over and improve on this great mod.