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  1. Nathan423

    Get RscMapControl to update

    Update: So I figured out that the markers I am trying to create don't automatically show up on the dialog, but they do disappear once I open the vanilla map. The dialog map will update with the last image I had of the vanilla map, and when I click a function to clear locally, it clears all the markers. So the problem is with the map not receiving the updated data, bur rather grabbing from "memory", and deleting the markers seems to work as intended.
  2. Hello, I have ran into an issue where I have created a map control, but the map will not update until I open the vanilla map. I have no idea how this works and cannot find a hint to a solution. Here is the define for the mapcontrol: and here is my actual GUI: Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Why do you not just over-ride the units to use the weapons?
  4. For the init, change _car = _this select 0; _car execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\Lightbar.sqf"; _car execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\directional.sqf"; _car execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\sirens.sqf"; to _car = _this select 0; [_car] execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\Lightbar.sqf"; [_car] execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\directional.sqf"; [_car] execVM "\slm_s60Arma\scripts\sirens.sqf"; As sirens.sqf is using this select 0, which requires an array. This is because you are pulling the object out of the array, so you have to put it back into an array. Alternativly, you can change your sirens.sqf to _car = _this; or (untested) params ["_car"];
  5. Nathan423

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    I too would like to know if this is possible. The current version of the spectator is not as good as the EG Spectator.
  6. Nathan423

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Mission 3 on MP gave me a bunch of scripting errors, along with mission 4. RPT errors are as follows: Mission 3 ended up stopping at a black screen just after the timer finished counting down at the beginning, and had to skip playing it (three people present on local hosted) I had a very enjoyable experience with the campaign (so far, only on mission 5). Loving the free form of the layout, feels like you can do what ever you want. The respawning system also works great.
  7. Nathan423

    [SP][Campaign][CUP][AAFR] East Wind 2020

    Can you post screenshots for me to ravish over while at work?
  8. Nathan423

    Save our own compositions?

    At present, no
  9. Hello, I am Nathan and I am looking to join a project. I have over three years of arma coding experience, and have a firm grasp of knowledge of the RV engine. I am willing to work with or without pay (although pay would be nice :) ). I WILL NOT WORK ON ANY LIFE STYLE MOD. If you are interested in getting me to work for you, send me a PM.
  10. Is there a scripting method / command to find the current admin (either voted in or logged in) and to get their name? I am working on an admin menu and I am wanting to display the persons' name for anyone who has access to this console.
  11. It would help both us and the developers if you could find the actual ticket on the feedback tracker. Just saying these things without linking or new video proof is going to make you less credible. It is a lot easier to post the issues without thinking of solutions, providing more detailed reports, etc. My two cents. The last update to the arma engine was the nexus update, just a couple months ago. EDIT: added a quoted response.
  12. Nathan423

    "killed" eventhandler

    What are you asking? if you want to display the name of the units, use name (veriable) to show the display name of the unit.
  13. Nathan423

    Scripted Gear Automator

    You could change { player addItem _x; player assignItem _x; } foreach ["ItemMap","ItemCompass","ACE_Altimeter","tf_anprc152_3","ItemGPS","Laserdesignator"]; to { player linkItem _x } forEach []; to stream line the code
  14. I have a few questions about this stuff. Is it multiplayer tested? How are the uniforms identified in the "uniform list" tab? Is there plans to get the items inside the uniforms and display them? Otherwise, it looks really good, and I can't wait to try it out.
  15. Nathan423

    Little function issue

    Do you have "show script errors" turned on, as it tells you where in your script is breaking.