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    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Thanks for the tip! Works perfectly. Still *slightly* disappointed in the need for the workaround, but I'll take what I can get
  2. grubes

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    When enabling only @cba_a3 and @CAF, all Independent soldier classes are overwritten and have absolutely no EventHandlers populated. This means that no XEH code will run on any Independent units. Not even sure how or why this would happen since CAF doesn't add any INDFOR units. Please help? Is it possible to get this fixed? If not, is the CAF source code available to fork so we can fix it ourselves? Is CAF even still under development? Is anyone out there paying attention to this?
  3. grubes

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Would it be possible to add support for extended event handlers? I see in CAF_AG_AFR_P_Base you've overridden the Init event handler to call the Random.sqf script. Is it possible to just add the call to fire the SLX init function after the randomize script? Then your init handler would look something like: (_this select 0) execVM "\caf_ag_factions\africa\pirates\Random.sqf _this call SLX_XEH_EH_Init; I'm working on a script that utilizes XEH to call functions during unit init, and because the XEH call is omitted, none of it works for CAF units.
  4. I realize this was forever ago, but did you ever resolve this? Trying to build my first module and having the exact same problem. I'm looking at the ACE and TFAR repos on GitHub, and it looks to me like I have exactly the same setup - no dice, though.
  5. grubes

    AI can see through tree tops?

    If you, as a player, observe an enemy move behind a tree or bush or rock, what do you do? Do you forget about them and stop firing? No; you suppress the hell out of the tree or bush or rock so that supporting units can close and destroy, even if you can't actually SEE the enemy. Can we please stop being mad at the AI for doing exactly what we would do?
  6. I'm currently working on re-creating an old asymmetric warfare mission that I built for the Black Sh33p, this time using ALiVE to make it much larger and more dynamic. The mission is called Uprising, and you can follow its development in my github repo. In parallel with actually building the mission, I'm writing an in-depth tutorial on learning and mastering ALiVE. You can find all the details here: https://medium.com/the-creation-of-alive-uprising. I've created the initial Alpha release, available in the GitHub repo. The tutorial is broken up into multiple posts, each covering a different section of the building process. So far I've written: an overview of the vision for Uprising a familiarization page that points out some great ALiVE documentation and the order in which I recommend reading things a quick article about the base mission I always use when creating any ALiVE mission (this post will evolve over time as I add more commonalities) a tutorial on adding an Occupational force that seeks to secure and defend high-value objectives a tutorial on incorporating a dynamic civilian population a tutorial on adding an Asymmetrical force that conducts ambushes and recruits civilians a tutorial on adding an Invading force that looks to overrun as many objectives as it can as quickly as possible a tutorial on incorporating some of ALiVE's great multiplayer aspects like helicopter insertions a tutorial specifically on the debugging information ALiVE provides on your map In the future, I'll be adding: a tutorial about performance tweaking for ALiVE Stay tuned over the next week or two for the rest of the pieces. Fair warning - the pages are lengthy and detailed, and there is no TL;DR, nor will I make one.
  7. Glad it's helping! I've only got the one more topic (performance/optimization) at the moment, so I'd be interested in hearing what you guys would like to read about next.
  8. Just added the latest installment of the series: Troubleshooting Enjoy!
  9. Sorry this thread has been quiet for awhile. I've been stopped up at work a bit. I plan on finishing the Troubleshooting section this weekend. This will include screenshots and explanations of what each module's Debug setting does, among other things. Also to make it easier for readers to figure out where they are and what's next in the tutorial, every post now contains a Table of Contents section that has a link to every other article in the series as well as an indication of where you currently are. Enjoy!
  10. Added the Playable Forces tutorial: https://medium.com/the-creation-of-alive-uprising/alive-uprising-playable-forces-6dcd14b54b61
  11. Added the Attacking force tutorial. Super short and simple.
  12. I've also started a Github repo where you can follow the development and download the latest versions of Uprising. Note that there are no complete official releases yet, I am still building it as I'm writing the articles.
  13. I've added the Asymmetrical portion of the tutorial: https://medium.com/the-creation-of-alive-uprising/alive-uprising-creating-an-asymmetrical-force-71a8ba606c2e There are the most unknowns here as I didn't get things to work as they are documented, but still I was able to get a really fun scenario brewing. Can't wait to add in some nice touches for the playable units.
  14. Link away! I appreciate it; I wrote it so I could share it! I've already added the Civilian Population article this week. I'll be writing up the Asymmetric Warfare side this weekend for those of you interested (SPOILER ALERT: it's actually extremely simple, but you have to be really patient to see it in action). Appreciate any feedback you've got; let me know how I can improve the work. I've also decided to add a section specifically about what the Debug switch does for each of the modules involved so other mission makers get familiar with how to read all of the symbols. ---------- Post added at 06:28 ---------- Previous post was at 05:56 ---------- The right syntax for what you are trying would be but I don't think that is actually the fix you want. That will make it only run on the server. I'm extremely rusty on my multiplayer scripting, but I'll see if I can work something up if no one else gets you an answer soon.
  15. I've updated my Linux server install tutorial with all of the latest changes. I've added new links, removed outdated commands/settings, and added some new steps. Find it here: https://medium.com/arma-3-server-administration/installation-and-configuration-of-an-arma-3-linux-dedicated-server-7875c9030b7 I repeated all of my steps on Ubuntu 14.04 and installed CBA as a test, and I am now connected and mucking around successfully inside the server. Let me know if you have thoughts on how I can improve the instructions.
  16. What is DAC_Radio_Max? I cannot find it in the readme, nor do I get a single result from google.
  17. We've finally got a headless client connecting to our A3 Linux dedicated server and handling AI for our group. Just did some stress testing tonight with 12 AI rifle squads on each side of a firefight. Server frames never dropped below 30 FPS according to #monitor. Gameplay was incredibly improved. While it's unfortunate that the Linux build essentially requires the HC for reasonable performance, we're confident it will catch up over time. I'll be putting together a set up guide showing how we've integrated the HC into mission building some time in the near future. GRUBES [black Sh33p] http://blacksh33p.net/
  18. That looks very similar to our start script. It's working very well for us: # Wrapper file to start the Black sh33p COOP server # Server installation path serverDir="/our/server/install/path" # Network settings used in -cfg param networkConfig="$serverDir/serverconfig/sh33p-network.cfg" # Server configuration settings used in -config param serverConfig="$serverDir/serverconfig/sh33p-server.cfg" # File where output is redirected (secondary log file) redirectPath="$serverDir/serverconfig/sh33p.log" # Server profile and difficulty settings used in -name param profileName="private" # Server-side mods #mods="" mods="mods/@cba_a3;mods/@task_force_radio;mods/@rh_m4;mods/@a3mp;mods/@nato;" # Start server nohup ./arma3server -cfg="$networkConfig" -config="$serverConfig" -name="$profileName" -mod="$mods" -world=empty -BEpath="$serverDir/battleye" -port=2302 -maxMem=2047 -exThreads=7 -cpuCount=8 -noSound > "$redirectPath" 2>&1 &
  19. I don't think so. Our squad URL tags and player info are showing up just fine. Haven't noticed vehicle images working or not; I can verify shortly. At any rate, we did not do anything special to allow squad URL info.