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  1. U are absolutely right about this. But we felt the logistics aspect is something that comes too short in almost every ArmA game. In most public TvT modes a pilot can land on an airfield and just magically rearm and repair his plane on some kind of service station. A fighter jet or even a tank is a mighty weapon, but needs a good amount of effort to keep running. In our mission a jet needs to be refueld by a service team (ACE refuel) and the missiles and bombs don't come from nowhere. Fuel and missiles have to be actively "ordered" by the service team, have to reach the airfield (by transport plane for example) and need to be transported by the logistics team. A fighter cant just spam his rockets into the enemy - he has to be carefull and wise about the use of his arming and his vehicle, preferably in combination with a JTAC. There might be situations where the complete airforce of a team has to stay on the ground because there isn't any fuel left or the bombs are all out. We know that this isn't for anybody, but we felt the need for some kind of challenging gamemode where the coop play of a team and the strategic decisions of the team leaders prevail over lone wolf run&gun players. Thats the reason we integrated ACE and TFAR. We hope this will be something milsim clans are interested in.
  2. Is it possible to enhance the ACE cargo feature with the new bohemia ViV to something more visual? Would be nice to load boxes on a truck and actually see them.
  3. I dont know if this is of interest to you, but me and my team are working on a large scale milsim TvT gamemode for Arma. We didn't like the money system offered by most TvT gamemodes either and find it fairly unrealistic. We wanted to create a gamemode that allows 2 teams to fight on a strategic level with combined arms as realistic as possible (for a TvT computer game mode). Both teams fight over strategic positions on a map and have to call for support from their hq. No money system and no player can "buy" the stuff he wants. The teams have to conquer "supply positions" like airfields, beachheads, helicopter landing sites, ports, aso. to be able to call for gear and vehicles. Each supply position has a slowly growing number of "supply points" which mark the stuff they can get there. Furthermore the stuff you can get is dependent from the type of supply location. A M1A1 can be transported in a C-17 Globemaster, which needs a big airfield to land on - so the M1A1 wont be available near a little helipad. Next thing is: Only the commander of a team and a team of logisticians he determines are able to use the supplymenu. No common soldier can spend supply points on a F-22 if the commander doesn't think a F-22 would fit his strategy or is simply too "expensive". The commander decides what equipment is needed and how his soldiers are going to fight. Noone needs 10 snipers in his team, so the commander picks one player willing to be a sniper and gets him his rifle, a ghillie and whatever he needs. This system should lead to much more realistic squads/teams and fights. If a player dies his items are gone, so be careful to not lose your expensive Javelin. This means you need a very dedicated logistics team that is able to provide your front lines with ammunition, fuel, spare parts, vehicles, gear aso. Of course a team can try to sabotage the resupply of the other team, get a F-16 that hunts the AN-22 down that brings those much needed APCs to the other team... AI will play little to no role in our mode, its just needed to pilot the transport vehicles to their supply location and back. Nothing "spawns" just in front of you, everything from a simple M4 magazine to a AH-64D Apache helicopter has to be brought to the supply location from outside the map, by self delivery (jets, planes, helicopter, ships), by slingload (weapon crates, light vehicles, boxes), by transport planes (boxes, crates, heavy vehicles), by landing crafts and ships and so on. We want to increase realism, milsim, coop TvT gameplay and strategy with our mode, without AI, vehicle/tank-spamming, lone wolves, moneysystem and other unrealistic things. Downside to this is our mode is heavily mod dependent. We are close to our first beta and want to start a test game soon. Maybe someone is willing to help us scripting it to finish soon, so pls contact me. Here are some screenshots of the logistic supply menu:
  4. mdtorch

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I think ACE-Team does something new with particles. Didn't read much into it, looks like they are playing with smoke particles emitted by smoke grenades, but maybe, MAYBE they have so much fun doing it :D they decide to add something amazing to ACE regarding particles... ^^
  5. Hey guys, some questions: 1. How do I add Ammotrucks (vehicles for rearming) and/or Fueltrucks to the system. In the repair modul I can assign repair vehicles - but didn't see that for rearm/refuel. Atm CUP or RHS support vehicles don't work for me. 2. How do I change the amount of ammo an ammotruck contains. Seems to me it has an unlimited amount of shells of every caliber atm. 3. Is there a way to add additional pressure suits to the list of pilot suits - I think only the vanilla ones prevent passing out from G forces? Thanx in advance guys.
  6. Hey guys, congrats for the new release. I've got a problem: When I place the ACE Rearm module in the editor the only option I get is "Rearm Amount" - nothing like "Ammunition supply" determing how much ammo an ammotruck can carry (Like shown in your wiki). I downloaded my version of 3.6 via PW6 - is that a broken version? Can someone confirm?
  7. mdtorch

    POOK Mi28

    Epic. Most wanted helicopter for me
  8. Hey guys, I got some problem with the MI-6 and its slingloading function. When I try to slingload an object (UAZ for example) via script and the "setSlingload" function, nothing happens. The MI-6 hovers, no rope is visible and the objects fall down to earth. The same script does work with vanilla helicopters f.e. btw: Shouldn't the Super Stallion be able to lift a Stryker? We tried to lift one, but its seems to be too heavy.
  9. mdtorch


    omg pw6 pls...
  10. Well in fact the Amtrac is capable of driving through water right now with the current stable version of ArmA and the current version of CUP... well at least kinda: While swimming you have to use the mouse in some weird kind of way. By steering the vehicle and accelerating, you are able to move the Amtrac through water.
  11. mdtorch

    Pook Tu-95 CUP

    Will try out and report - thx m8! Love that plane!
  12. mdtorch

    Pook Tu-95 CUP

    WOW! Impressive. This is simply awesome. One question: How do those anti-naval-missiles work? Placed the CUP Anzac class and tried to attack it with the TU-95 3M80 (I believe those are anti ship weapons?) - those missiles seem to fly over the target and detonate behind it. AI wasnt able to deal with that ship either :( - Do I have to use the laser for that?
  13. Yeah I downloaded from your drive after I tried the Play with 6 download. Really nice work, I love that plane and the scanning function! Is it possible to deactivate the scanning while the plane is on the ground (Will be used as stationary radar platform by some of my fellow teammembers, I know that ;) )
  14. Oh gawd... looks like PW6 uploaded the sourcefiles instead of the mod *facepalm*
  15. Thanx for the suggestions guys. How would I do that? :unsure: Deactivation counts as modification? I want to treat those PBOs as if they would have been deleted.