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  1. No ATM, i just want to port the missions and add some structures around to justify the presence of an enemy base marker there... i like how things works with those default units right now plus want to keep missions scripts intact. Im working on modding the scripts for personal use, yes, bue is a really slow WIP, have a 3 months baby, work and little time to spend in ARMA :( Indeed, i have a problem with that mission, killed operators but no task complete msg... was thinking on place some bombs at the mortar locations, but i failed (died before reach the last mortar position lol... those damn helos)
  2. CUP only for Takista Kunduz is standalone (edited, my bad) Maybe i'll add Bon infantry recruit to both missions later... when my daughter go to bed...
  3. Ports: Kunduz (Quite fast one indeed) Takistan (rly like this one)
  4. Nah! i'll do Takistan too, add some bases to both maps (need to justify some 'bases' locations lol) and share the PBO's with you., cuz they are yours, i only move markers here and there :P Im triying to "swap" forces too, but that's a secondary job.
  5. Ported your mission to Kunduz and dude... is a blast! ;)
  6. I know how alt tabbing feels hahaha, i know about scripts a lot less than you, it's ok mate! i really enjoy the mission "as is", just suscribed ! :)
  7. Love this! ty for your work... Are you planing on release a Nato soldiers version?
  8. mith86arg


    Haleks or someone whilling to help... is there any way to "expand" to loot list via Init.Sqf? i mean the loot that spawn in bags, boxes and those things, not the equipment that raiders can use. I want something similar to this: waitUntil {!isNil "rvg_gearlist"}; { 0 = rvg_mainWeapons pushBack _x; //civilians weapons } forEach ["FLAY_CompoundBow", "prpl_benelli_pgs_rail", "prpl_benelli_14_pgs_rail", "arifle_mas_aks_74_sf", "hgun_mas_glock_F", "hgun_mas_grach_F", "hlc_smg_mp5k_PDW", "hlc_smg_mp5k", "hlc_rifle_M4",] But for loot... Want to "expand" it cuz if i activate the HC AK PACK it always spawn AK's and mags for AK's, ¿and WTH happens to my others 32897234827349273489273582635783 weapons? lol Everytime im forced to pick one AK, hunt some raiders and get a nice weapon from a very wide selection i made from ALL my AddOns... Ty in advance for you help, your mission (i returned to arma3 thanks to this) and thanks too to the ROADS edit maker, mission wich i use to understand a lot of things and to start a personal one :)
  9. mith86arg

    ZAM Glasses

    Sry lordheart, i know the "common answer" here -(When it's done)-, but i want to know if u r a planing on release that "fix" from Haleks in your mod?
  10. mith86arg


    Rsoftokz, ty for this!!, was using Ravage and reading those 80+ pages, found you by mistake and you did a nice work with those "extra" scripts... i like.. a lot! :D I want to know if there is any way to change "Bandits", "Renegades" and "Survivors" spawns to normal units? not random generated ones? Want to spawn those "survivors (BluFor) and bandits (Opfor)" to simulate a small and permanent conflict zone, via scripts (ASSP) with no luck :( maybe i'll just move to ROADS and manually add zombies that have class names, like the ones of Zombies and Demons, but dont know if with that mod i can "populate a whole map" like the Ravage Module do... Ty for your time! and keep up the good work mate
  11. mith86arg


    Gotcha!, im fine with that answer, what if i dpbo your mission and edit the mission file with 1 loot module? is gonna conflict with your standard options? stack with 'em or override 'em at all?
  12. mith86arg


    Heya guys! Happy New year!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: Is there any way to make zombies lootable too (random loot)? basic things, i mean they were civs, KIA with stuff in their pockets, glasses, a watch, secondary pistols (why not?) compasses, maps... I remember little to nothing script editing, if someone points me in the right direction i could edit some files for my personal use, but would be very nice to see this "feature" added in main game or editor modules in the near future :) ¿please?
  13. Idk what are your specs but i dont feel a huge impact when i use Veh Zones at 5, in general WLA is pretty well optimized and from time to time and build to build (arma official updates) the whole thing suffer some kind of slow downs or stutters, but Sa0k gonna fix it sooner or later, like ALLWAYS (you'll see haha) Try to disable any mod that adds some kind of "ambience" like TPW... u dont need that in WLA. If u use many "custom weapons addons" go to: Shift+1 > Options > Randoms Weapons AI > Enabled and have fun scavenging those weapons Life Range > Normal (i think what if you go too high with this it will hit your performance very hard) Long Walls > Disabled (AI mods going to thank you for keeping it disabled :P Ambient Life > Half (if u play on altis) go "normal" or "double" if u play on takistan/bornholm/chernarus <- the less the betther perf... Animal > Disabled (less poly to draw, more fps) but keeping it enabled dont kill nothing. If any of the "new" players, use some kind of mod that add a Medical system (like CSE or AGM) go to: Shift+1 > Options > Respawn > OLD 'for mods' if u dont do that, the medical system of the mod (CSE or AGM) will conflict with WLA scripts and you will be inconciuos forever (this happens with AGM) and if u hit "respawn" it will cause to mission to end...
  14. Vzones=Vehicle Zones: defines the maximun ammount of vehicles being spawned. To turn off fatigue: Shift+1 > options > fatigue [disabled] = done :)
  15. mith86arg

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    you r describing Bornholm! that's why i voted that one.. keep up the good work! :)
  16. +1 100% sure it's the game bro... :)
  17. Ty mate. going to try it when i get back home. Cheers!
  18. Guys sry if this was answered before, but as far i can understand to activate RHS friendly units in TPW i only need to put their faction classname right? in this case would be "rhs_faction_usarmy_d" ??? i am right?
  19. Already know that, also you have that Enhanced Soundscape mod, its not the same? If Dragonfyre has this included, i already use L-ES mod. and now this one is cool too.. what are the conflicts between 'em? ON: Videos sounds quite epic! GJ! gonna polay with this asap!
  20. Hi guys, the title says what im trying to do atm... The thing is what i'm making an endless survival mission with different types of waves orderer by the time you're alive... at minute 15 a full wave of tanks spawn but my IA team already used EVERYTHING in their pockets to kill the enemy. So im looking to fix this via scripts commands to finish the test the entire cicle of waves (there are 6 more waves :( ) So far so good i found this on the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CMB:SimplifyTesting [] spawn { while {true} do { player allowDamage false; (vehicle player) allowDamage false; sleep 0.1; }; }; For inf ammo i can use eventhandlers, like: {_x addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}];} foreach units group player; but im unsure if i'm doing it right (in game actually i got inf ammo but don't know about the team, plus, im suffering a little stutter every time i shoot a bullet (?) This code below is the actual frankenstein i'm using: [] spawn { while {true} do { player allowDamage false; (vehicle player) addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}]; (vehicle player) allowDamage false; { _x allowDamage false; } forEach units group player; {_x addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1}];} foreach units group player; sleep 0.1; }; }; any help to make it work properly would be appreciated
  21. Nope, also i said that the micro stutter is there every time i shoot, imagine how worse can this be if i empty a mag in full-auto, my specs are in the raptor profile btw, it's far away from being a super computer. And here you are solving all my problems -again- haha ty bro! best part is that this piece of code is working super fine! tested with recruited units (from bon infantry) and yes, they have inf ammo when join the squad! many many thnx!
  22. Dont want to hijack Saok's thread... but already got that map from google. wich files should i delete inside the Pbo? and then i need all in arma or something like that to make it run?
  23. Can you please tell me what i need (AIA or A3MP)? and where i can find those maps? directions please :) saw a video of reshmaan, it's very nice
  24. AGM users can still play with everything in AGM on this mission just removing AGM-Medical + AGM-Logistics and thats all, 0 conflicts. That mod needs an update... Armor module is broken right now... (atm you can kill almost everything with one simple rocket) so, try removing it too, Top down module is broken too...
  25. mith86arg

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    omg why in the world you guys release such wonderfull job without desktop icons (for the updater)?!?!?! what are you guys thinking? lol here, took me 36 hours to make them... ahaha https://www.dropbox.com/s/e542853mohmgn1d/Escalation%20updater%20icont.rar?dl=0 -Scan of the file- http://i.imgur.com/EERpYpN.png?1