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  1. That's awesome! C2 Beta is sure looking good! Any chance of getting that custom mission file off you?
  2. taydeer

    Advanced AI Command

    Hey Duda, I've noticed this mod only works when you play as Bluefor. I've played against bluefor and have been able to control the enemy bluefor units and not mine (Opfor). Is this something you know about? Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  3. taydeer

    Advanced AI Command

    Any chance we could get an update for the PlaywithSix version? :)
  4. taydeer

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Any chance of getting this updated on PlaywithSix? :)
  5. Is it possible the steam release of the newest version isn't uploaded correctly? Because I downloaded the August 30th version on steam (0.3.2) and in-game the version I had was (0.3.1). Unless you haven't updated the version number in the newest version of the mission?
  6. Your a timeless beauty! :)
  7. taydeer

    Advanced AI Command

    Would it be possible to get a "unstuck" command for when a HC group gets stuck somewhere? Thanks!
  8. I second a Iron Front version of DUWS. I believe this is the most up to date and complete version. https://github.com/DUWS-R-Team/DUWS-R
  9. I believe its happening to me also
  10. Hey mad_cheese, I cant tell you how much I love this mod! I have only found one bug so far and that is when you click the "Fire on my command" it seems to also give your AI a move order. And out of curiosity, is there anything else you would like to add to C2? Any other features? Or are you close to done?
  11. taydeer

    ASR AI 3

    Hey Sonsalt6 I'm sorry to report that it still has that file in the addons.
  12. taydeer

    ASR AI 3

    In the current PWS version, the optional(?) asr_ai3_caf_ag_c.pbo is in the addon folder and causes an error when launched. Is this file just in the wrong place or not supposed to be there?
  13. Hey Mad_Cheese! Fantastic work on this. Would it be possible to add a UNSTUCK button to C2 for when AI get stuck in a building or object (Unless there already is one I don't know about)? I have seen it in other mods such as SAMO and Drongos Command Enhancement and it would help make C2 the full package.
  14. taydeer

    ASR AI 3

    Hey Robalo! When do you think we will be able to get 0.9.28 on PWS? Is it just a matter of letting those guys know?
  15. taydeer

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    I'm loading a save. Also do you think using ZBE Cache (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/169772-zbe-cache-ai-vehicle-caching-scriptaddon/) would break/work with your mission or do you use some other caching in your mission? I have heard of it improving FPS on DUWS and other mission types.