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  1. I can give a hand here I think. I did the grey and green textures for jns_skycranes - though they were only basic retextures I know the gist of the process and I've got a bit more experience all around since then
  2. takelmeifter


    so there's an apex sneak preview build available on steam rn (under the betas bit). tissues are ready
  3. takelmeifter

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I know it's already been said not to expect more in the way of interiors but it's a really noticeable downgrade from altis. It would be great to have a few enterable floors on the skyscrapers and a staircase to the roof so they feel more part of the world than pretty props. Considering that those buildings stand out quite a bit and are very uncommon (one is unique as far as I can tell). Wouldn't need much beyond a lobby, an unused office floor and a maintenance level for it to feel real without decoration. I know my expectations have obviously been raised massively due to altis (even though I'm still hoping for more opened large buildings) but considering how important structures are in warfare it's a bit irritating. Would probably be okay with it if there were a few ghost hotel style unique buildings
  4. yup, you've currently got it marked as "crew = "B_Crew_F";" under your blufor version classes so you can just switch that to B_Soldier_F/B_Soldier_lite_F or whatever and it should work proper fine like. Same with the UN ones. just obviously switch B for I
  5. Hi cleggy, I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but the guardian seems to explode on any direct hit to the front, despite being able to take hits to the side relatively ok. It's like there's no protection to the front of the vehicle? EDIT: talking about rpg hits here
  6. takelmeifter

    Black TRG reskins

    bit of a necro-post, but i'm unable to get the black texture working on the the GL variant. I've checked the config and it seems fine, the weapon appears in arsenal etc but without the black texture. It's probably something to do with an arma update changing the GL TRG's camo selection but it's seriously confusing as your Mk20 mod works perfectly and seems to be the exact same config (except for the obvious difference and the extra classnames you defined). Ta for the nice simple mod though, my group are using this + the Mk20 for backup weapons in case an update breaks all of the things
  7. takelmeifter

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hi Senseii, I'm wondering exactly how the unit pool works and what it's limitations are. For instance, if I place an AT and a Rifleman, do each of them have an equal chance to spawn (and if i instead put down like rifleman, rifleman, rifleman, AT. i would then have 75% riflemen and 25% AT?) Also, is there a way of allowing selection of factions. in my case allowing use of arid camouflaged enemies on takistan, and lush camo enemies on chernarus, or it randomly choosing one faction out of multiple choices (so i don't have CSAT intermixed with Russian troops etc). Thanks for your help and your awesome mission!
  8. I'm not sure if there's an issue on my end (i'm pretty sure there isn't, verified my game etc). But when trying out the new release (3.1.1) with the latest stable CBA build, i noticed i couldn't access a portion of the new equipment (though some are easily accessible). the tactical ladders are the major one i can't find, though i've seen videos from others using the same build where they're in the Misc Items box. The other bit i can't find is the HuntIR grenades, which is in none of the available boxes (Ammo, Med-Basic, Med-Advanced or Misc), though I can get the HuntIR monitor out of the misc items box. A majority of the new items are there (MX-2A, sandbags etc etc) and i haven't made a complete check for the spotting scope for instance (it's not in the ammo boxes placeable in editor, but i'm unsure if it's maybe in Static). the PBOs for all these items are present in my install folder but they don't show up in game. is this intentional + is there a way to get them showing up without editing things?
  9. takelmeifter

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Thanks for the quick response. The object switching method is a fair compromise especially as none of the weapons are supported. good to note though that the placing of weapons that are available works perfectly and allows for some really precise placement. I look forward to that possible update though!
  10. takelmeifter

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Hey Silola, It seems that although I am able to load up the 'Weapons (Secondary)' and 'Weapon Accessories' categories, both 'Weapons (Primary)' and 'Weapons (Launchers)' are missing - like it's invisible to XCAM. Is this intended? I did have a look through the thread but couldn't find anything. The two available categories work fine and allow interaction when imported to a mission, but i'm currently replacing pistols with rifles when i get it in the mission editor. Thanks
  11. takelmeifter

    Development Blog & Reveals

    and a motorbike....
  12. takelmeifter

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I think this means that the paths to BIS functions can't be overwritten so someone could change the path and have a seperate function pretending to be a BIS one.
  13. so you're saying that these features are not getting put in because it might damage sales for a separate product sold by a different company to a different market? interesting theory
  14. takelmeifter

    Development Blog & Reveals

    omg please? Seriously, a map like that would be amazing. lots of ravines and all that lovely stuff. i don't even care if the rivers don't flow.
  15. takelmeifter

    [Release] A3G Spectator Cam

    Hi, it seems that when you switch to spectator on death, you can still talk to your old team in side/group etc. is this intentional? you also can't hear alive people talk using TFAR when dead (when close enough).