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  1. Hello guys. I got some problem only with a two weapons: HK121 and LWMMG. When I use ACE ammunition HK121 9.3mm and LWMMG .338 NM, but original ammo it's ok. When I reload ACE ammo I can not fire with them and I can only reload it in the inventory manually, because can't choose them in menu on screen. Use CBA and ACE with Arma 3 1.96. I will be grateful for the help. Thanks🙂
  2. ok, I'll try it. Thank you.
  3. Hello. I love your CUP mods and thanks for working on it but in sights that have 3d and 2d and another RMR view, only 3d and 2d views are turned on, but I just can’t switch to RMR view or only RMR and 3d are turned on, but not 2d, it’s a bug or can be fixed, I tried changing the settings of cba weapons keys, but could not. Please can you help?
  4. alekzenit


    Glad to hear it 👍 thanks
  5. alekzenit


    Disable tpw_furniture actually did not solve my problem. It causes something else.. I don’t even know. Need to turn off one by one consistently, maybe it help to find a solution of my issue.
  6. alekzenit


    Yes, I think it too. I guess it began to cause a conflict after ravage update with 1775. But with tpw_furniture more loot.. Thanks for help anyway
  7. alekzenit


    Hi, maybe yes 🙂, but I didn’t turn it on.
  8. alekzenit


    Hi haleks, I turned off TPW mod and it's no longer slow down, and things began to appear, I think it tpw mod, but what exactly is in it.. what causes it I do not know. maybe you can help me.
  9. alekzenit


    Thank you haleks, okey, but I playng with MCC earlier and before update arma 3, without issues, and with same mods.. I will play vanilla set-up and test, but I think it will not help. I think it's change brought by the recent game update, maybe not..
  10. alekzenit


    Hello guys, I play single player with the mcc mod and at first everything is fine with the search, but then in the city and in the houses the search process in crates, furniture and other objects starts to slow down, and it takes a lot of time, and almost stops finding anything, there was no such problem before. What can be the reason?
  11. Hello guys. Can anyone know if it is possible to turn off hunger and thirst in mcc survival mode, but leave the search and looting enabled.
  12. Hello, so, have you fixed this problem? Unfortunately I do not understand the scripts, but can you please be able to explain shortly PM? I enjoyed playing with the MCC.
  13. Yes I think about it, and I play without ravage mod only with MCC in 3den but still the same
  14. Hi Shay. I play sp in ravage mod and I turned on the survival mode and when I start new game the interface with food and water was visible, and I could use water, food and another things, search loot, but when dying and load save, or just loading save the interface is no longer visible and I cannot use things and thirst, hunger disappear. I using ace, rhs, cup, tpw, jsrs mods. Maybe I'm doing something wrong don't know. P.S: Thank you for work!
  15. Hello LJ, sorry for my post, my fault is that I install the old version of CUP vehicles mod and there is a cause error.