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  1. bugbear44

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    That's not an answer for me. You can vouch for all fifty three thousand or so entries on the workshop and it doesn't make any more satisfaction from their shifting around, apparently at random, in the list. I want them to go where I put them.
  2. bugbear44

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    I read the thread but did not see what I'd hoped for. It appears that the mod list exporter creates a list of links for subscription that are alphabetical and does not preserve load order. I know that re-foldering is a solution for some people, but there are mods that you may not do this with and none of my players are Arma monks. They are family members and work-mates who only have so much patience. They need the game to be as accessible as I can make it. So do I understand correctly: Is load order not preserved? And is there some reason I don't gather why not?
  3. bugbear44

    Western Themed Modification

    I think it would be neat if uniforms from the American Indian Wars were possible.
  4. bugbear44

    ArmA3 Apex Giveaway

    This is the name I use everywhere. How about a better gift yet? Come visit my little circle and share your insights of the game. Your company will be valued more than the plum you are giving. TS :
  5. bugbear44

    Group Link 5 Special FX Edition

    Glad to hear you are somewhat returned to The Game and congratulations on your good news. I had been assuming, but nowhere found it explicit that you use ZBE-Cache, Hetman and GL5 together. If this is so, do you advise to disable any part for best results? Lordprimate recently expressed a fondness for ASR_AI+TPW_CAS on another thread, but again I'm not sure how that relates to GL5 and would love to know about both of your respective multiplayer set-ups.
  6. bugbear44

    Keep falling to the ground while walking or running.

    I noticed the same with similar mods but had myself convinced it was intentional. Rene, do you find that the order of keys being pressed matters when you stop running? You may find that your character doesn't flop if you lift off of Sprint before Walk or some such combination.
  7. bugbear44

    Unknown Error when Respawning with Menu

    I was wondering if you added the respawn position option to your description.ext, through the Eden menu bar or both? Also whether it happens when the mission loads through the old editor.
  8. bugbear44

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Would you ever make Ace ammunition compatible with your weapons?
  9. bugbear44

    Spyder Addons

    I tried with only the newest CBA_A3 loaded and it looks like Virtual Arsenal is always available. It is turned off in the loadout module in an exported mission that only contains a player, a crate and the loadout module synched to a non-player character.
  10. bugbear44

    RH wip Thread

    You have great 40mm grenade launchers. Have you ever considered adding barrel-attaching grenades or cross mod compatibility for them to your AR mod?
  11. bugbear44

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I think that you had a feature early-on to do with helmets but don't know if it has survived. Was it to swap out a hat for a helmet or to loose the helmet sometimes? I was thinking how nice it would be if I could have a unit in a boonie or beret and a usable helm in his pack. I have lost my place on your thread and may have to try reading it back to front.
  12. bugbear44

    USP Patches & Insignias

    I would be most excited to have Oceania. Especially Indonesia, it's military roundels and associated flags of dispute like the Morning Star flag, Maluku separatists, Islamic state of Indonesia and the rest. Thank you very much.
  13. bugbear44

    USP Patches & Insignias

    I looked through the class list in hopes of finding patches for countries like in your World Markers addon but didn't find them. Do you plan to add all the national flags to your set as patches and insignias as well?
  14. bugbear44

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Thank you for the terrific mod, and also thanks to those who have made things to go along with, to make it even better. The creator mentioned that he is very busy and prioritizes work on the mod by what is most useful to R3F. I have noticed that the rifle-grenades work for the FAMAS rifles, but not for other 5.56 rifles in the same mod, or other non-R3F weapons. I would like it very much if it were possible to use these weapons on any fully exposed, STANAG-birdcage barreled rifle and suspect that it may be a fix so easy that many play groups simply write it themselves. I think it would contribute amazingly to the popularity of this mod if such an addition could be made. Should these changes reside in the ASDG config? I think that muzzle attachments are also able to adjust recoil and that is something this kind of weapon is famous for. I am learning about modding at an incredibly slow rate, but hope to be able to submit a fully written idea here one day. Until then I will hope that one of you kind people will beat me to it.
  15. bugbear44

    Bushmaster PMV A3 [WIP]

    Exciting! Please not only a Dutch version to add, but unmarked and Indonesian as well?