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  1. Hi, there are winter coats, they are for another update. How gliders are hooked to c-47.
  2. thank you very much sir...
  3. I love you IFA3 Team.
  4. Tnx for the v20 update IFA3 team, good sounds...
  5. TNX Sir...
  6. Hi, thanks team for answering some questions. I asked about the links, because in v17 I did not see them in the downloads section and I had to download it in WS, now I've seen v18. Regarding IFA_ACE will be attentive to the release, ACE3 already updated to 3.9.1. Fixed some points, now to see what new brings the update It seems that while I wrote, came the update, hehe. Greetings and thanks for everything as always, you are the best ...
  7. Hello kju, sorry to insist, as a collaborator of studying IFA3 of my group, I have many doubts. IFA3_v17 has 64-bit compatibility or will it wait for v18, as the phabricator says? Y / N, but it works with the current version of ARMA3 We have download links, like MEGA or DRIVE, or is it only in Workshop? Is IFA3_ACE_Compact v15 compatible with the current version of IFA3? Greetings and thanks for everything as always, you are the best ...
  8. Hello Kju, this is a hotfix for version 1.68, but we will still have to load arma3 32 bits to play, until the 64 bit compatibility comes out ?? Greetings and thanks...
  9. ok thanks I guess now, it is mandatory to load @CUP_TERRAINS to play IFA3_LITE, but ... Another question, it is obligatory to load the contents of @ I44_Terrains @ I44_Objects, to play @ IFA3_LITE. I guess only if we want to play on i44 maps ...
  10. Hello, I want to know the correct order of loading of the addons, for the import that has ... Thanks for all IFA3 team and collaborators, as always, you are the best.
  11. Hello, the 64 bit update will be out. The mod will be prepared for this change.
  12. @ Kju, Understood, thank you, sir... @ El Tyranos, Subscribed, awesome work, I'm excited for moments...
  13. Hello good team of IFA3, Thanks as always the great work you do, you are the best. I have a question, how can i have c47 reskin, Which is on page 15 of the thread. I can not find it anywhere and I'm going crazy.
  14. Ok thank you very much.
  15. Hello, will see update for the v15 of IFA3LITE