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  2. Hey! Yes! I will hopefully be rolling a new patch out by late Thanskgiving Break or the first week of December! It will be including new patches to the list and such..but sadly not a fix for the RHS Uniforms JUST YET. I have had progress but its sorta failed :( Sorry for such a long fucking delay but it will get back to speed soon once I graduate within a few weeks and get my official orders for Air Force BMT...the long delay from March/April to now has been completely my fault and my time management but I will continue this mod until the day I die pretty much!
  3. SITREP 001, 08/11/2016 This mod is not dead! I have currently reconfigured the config files to accommodate for the updated RHS Uniforms and hidden Insignia Section so it can reappear to all! I am currently looking into the problem of patches not showing up on RHS Uniforms at this time, It may be because they have decreased the sizes of the uniform and textures. so please be patient as I try and figure this out! :) Much love. P.S. I have been delaying and stalling for many months due to schooling and my real life enlistment into the United States Air Force and also my computer being completely reset and restored so I should be back up to full speed very very soon.
  4. Uhmm..is this a rifle in my pants or am I just super f**king excited now since I can interact with the cockpit AND fly Yuras Blackhawk once again
  5. This mod is not abandoned! I have been updating it off and on for a little bit..in between school and all...a new update will be released and within the week and within it I will be including more than 75% of Air force Patches and also most to all completed US Army Units! I say most to all because I'm only doing Modern Day units and not those from the years of 1980 and below.
  6. Hey Folks! I have added a poll to this Mod Post so I can see what you, the community, wants to see. This will help me in deciding if I should continue with US Army Patches to help those Realism and MILSIM Units with patches or should I continue working on Air Force only and release those individually until the full release in V1.5.
  7. After a few months away the mod has finally been updated to add a few fixes such as name changed and glitches, also I added a few more Army Patches along with a pre-release of Air Force Patches for you to enjoy! The Air Force Patches will take some time as I have over 150 to convert to PAA and code and Photoshop and test so please be patient! I am also taking requests for Custom Patches for your own units! If you would like your own little RHS Patch please send me the Images and I will add them to a unit made PBO for just your own unit/clan! As for the Marine, Coast Guard, and Navy Patches..those will be held off for now as I try and get patches out that go with the Multicam and ACU/UCP Uniforms, I will work on Marines and Navy next as I work toward trying to get the MARPAT Uniforms to have patches on them.
  8. Hey All, Sorry for the two month long hiatus with this mod! I will be going back to adding more patches soon and finishing up the Air Force Patches along with a few more Army Patches..My reason for my Hiatus is due to schooling and talking with Military Recruiters with the intentions to enlist very soon. This mod will get back into full swing very soon as I finish up Air Force Patches and possibly start adding more Branches! Thank you to those who have and still continue to use this mod and havent forgotten about it :)
  9. Like Custom Delta Patches or the unit patches? Delta Unit Patches are already added as they are USASOC Patches and/or Special Forces Patches (Not the Triangle, Lighitng, and Sword One..thats just a custom made)! But with the Miscellaneous Patch coming later on I will add Custom DELTA Insignias and so on, and yes Navy SEAL Patches will be coming shortly :)
  10. Currently nearing completion of the Coast Guard Patches now! I still do have some Air Force left but those are minimal units, the patch update is still on for this coming next Sunday and will include over 100+ or more patches inside, most are colored due to Air Force Uniforms not really having ACU, OCP, or SUBDUED variants. But they'll work :)
  11. Thank you for the heads up! :) I'll make sure to do that from now on.
  12. That would honestly be a miracle if I could convince them to do that!
  13. Marine Corps Patches will be pushed back a bit due to some issues on finding out HOW to code them onto the RHS MARPAT and M81 Uniforms. For now the the next update will now instead include Air Force and Coast Guard Units :) Sorry for the inconvenience to those who were hoping for Marine Units :( Ill make sure to get them out soon though along with the Navy Patches. Get ready for some sneak peak pictures of the Air Force and Coast Guard Patches though, tonight!