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  1. My problem is the half finished and bugged to hell beta patch which was released a year ago and is still not finished. That and the lack of communication from your company, which both combined gives one the impression that everyone "not Steam" can go to hell (of course after you collected the money). I don't want sound like a smartass but such behaviour broke the neck of quite a few game developers in the past years.
  2. I would say : We non-Steam users are screwed. They did with A3 and now repeat it for A2. Either you get Steam or get lost. By now it's obvious that there will be no final 1.63 patch, else they would come up with details finally. Or maybe they release it for the 10th A2 anniversary and brag with it like they did with OFP 1.99 some years ago, telling the world how great they are for still "supporting" their first game. And the same BI CEO said some years ago about Steam: Source And today? Well, yeah. Now we will see if the non-Steam users will get further support or not. If not, then A2, OA and its DLCs was the very last products I ever purchased. I do not need BIS to survive, I'm not sure how BIS survives without customers. That is maybe a lesson they still have to learn. As a paying customer who spent a lot of hard earned money on many BI games I must say that I'm very disappointed about the direction BI goes. But I guess Zombie and "Life simulations" are more important now than the games which make them big.
  3. If that would be the case and I can't use my Sprocket A2/OA anymore without Steam then... well I guess that would be the end then of my 4 or 5 year relationship with BI. Permanently of course and for all future products. That Gamespy is closing down didn't come over night, it's known since months - and I don't have to do much with gamespy. They had more than enough time to come up with a solution. It's also unbelievable that Mods, created for free and in people's free time, must create workarounds for that half-finished Beta patch. Only to realize that if there ever will be a final patch, their work is broken again.
  4. No you can't. The respawn defined in description.ext is for everyone on every side/faction.
  5. And when these "RC" gonna happen? In 2015? By then, no one cares about A2 anymore. I still can't belive such a letdown from BI. If I would run a Mod like CWR or any other of the big ones, I would have long time said "fuck you" and moved on. Unbelievable that first BI is supporting the Modding teams and then just spit in their faces and leave them with this bugged to hell, half-finished "patch". Clearly shows how much downhill this developer gone in the past years. :(
  6. Is it? What exactly is superior in A3? I tried to port some of my WIP A2 missions to A3, a quite massive one and not a quick and dirty editor thing. Every time Altis was updated, I had to fix issues cause for example where I placed a tank all of the sudden one of these stupid burger huts appeared, making my tank fly mile high. Actually, constantly changing something important as a terrain in a apparently finished product is absurd. Or maybe the new fatique sounds they added are superior? To me they sound like faggots are on it and shortly having an orgasm. They are no step forward but just really annoying. I have no clue how why they were changed to the current joke. Above two examples made me stop all A3 projects for good now. I no longer will run in circles just because some 'professionals' think they must constantly play around with a released game. Back to A2 it is for me, at least as long as it lives and then moving on to something more stable. And I will not even start talking about the shitty performance A3 still has after almost a year or the fact that there are almost no military style coops present anymore. All you see on server browser is that 'Altis life' shit and Zombies. But maybe that's the direction BI wants to go. A2 was their last real military game by the look of it. Sad but true.
  7. Because if they leave ArmA2 in this half-broken state, they hope everyone moves on to ArmA3. Never before they made us waiting that long for a patch. Also don't forget that the current BI is no more the same they were years ago. They obviously have no more interest in military simulations but focus on stuff like DayZ and probably next something 'Life' related. The customers there are easier to please than the hardcore milsim crowd. I highly doubt we will ever see another official patch for ArmA2, as sad as this is. It might be better to use 1.62 as basis for our own fixes as long as ArmA2 lives. As far as it concerns me, Carrier Command was my last BI game. That's another half-finished game released by them and abandoned after they got enough cash out of it.
  8. Run the briefing script with: execVM "briefing.sqf"; That should do it. If the briefing still doesn't show up then the problem is withing the briefing.sqf. Not sure about the missing addons problem. Have you checked if the missing pbo's are really not present? Or open your mission.sqm in a texteditor and clean everything in the addOns[]={}; and addOnsAuto[]={}; classes. Then load the mission again and export as MP.
  9. IcyDennis

    Group laying mines

    Thanks! Almost there, at least no errors anymore. But: _aunits = units grp_hammer; _i = 0; _j = count _aunits; player groupChat "Everyone lay a mine!"; while {true} do { (_aunits select _i) fire ["MineMuzzle","MineMuzzle","Mine"]; _i = _i + 1; if (_i == 3) then {{_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6];}; if (_i == 6) exitWith {player removeAction 0;}; }; The action gets removed after the first batch of mines are laid. With: _aunits = units grp_hammer; _i = 0; _j = count _aunits; player groupChat "Everyone lay a mine!"; while {_i < 6} do { (_aunits select _i) fire ["MineMuzzle","MineMuzzle","Mine"]; _i = _i + 1; if (_i == 3) then {{_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6];}; }; I can lay mines forever. With above code, the variable _i is set to 6 when the action was used the first time. Changing it to 36 (6x6 mines) doesn't do anything. Guess this more complicated than I thought, that or my math skills just suck :(
  10. I have a small problem with a script which make a group laying mines and just cant figure how to get it done the way I want it... What I want to achieve is this: player as group leader of 6 engineers has an actionmenu entry making all 5 units in his group lay mines at once Each of the units has 6 mines, 3 in inventory plus 3 in backpack When the 3 mines in inventory are placed, each unit gets 3 new ones and the backpack is cleared When these 3 mines are also placed, the actionmenu entry is removed Here is the script I wrote (probably without knowing exactly what I'm doing lol) _aunits = units grp_hammer; _i = 0; _j = count _aunits; _mines = 6; player groupChat "Everyone lay a mine!"; while {true} do { (_aunits select _i) fire ["MineMuzzle","MineMuzzle","Mine"]; _i = _i + 1; _mines = _mines - 1; if (_mines == 0) then {player removeAction 0;}; if (_mines == 3) then {{_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6]; {_x addMagazine "Mine"} forEach [s2,s3,s4,s5,s6];}; }; grp_hammer : group name s2 - s5 : the units in the players group Depending on what I change, I either can place mines forever or only some units place mines, or none at all... so I fear I need professional help with this. :)
  11. I hope that the A2 users also will get all buildings enterable some day, after all the difference between the A2 and A3 models can't be that giant. :)
  12. IcyDennis

    Too many orders

    Just bought the ArmA X Edition at your store and then realized that the ACR DLC was not included, while it is in the Complete Edition. Makes sense no? But that's not the problem. What is a problem is that I then tried to purchase ACR and was then greeted by this: Really, what the f*ck is this? Too many orders per account... you guys must be doing well if you don't need multiple orders from your customers. I order stuff since ages and never before I seen such a stupidity at an online store. And the only response from customer support is an automated message. Well thank you, it's always nice to make business with you. Not. :mad:
  13. IcyDennis

    [SP CAMP] Liberation of Chernarus

    Great campaign, with great intro and interesting mission so far. Playing with A2CO I haven't had any problems except the small glitches mentioned already. Thanks for the work you put into that. :)
  14. IcyDennis

    The what have you bought thread

    Google Nexus 5, white, 32 GB Now it's waiting until November 8th :(
  15. Works just fine here, tried it with "Face14" on a USMC, CDF and Army unit. All three had the same face tex. For using setIdentity you need to add this to description.ext: class CfgIdentities { class JohnDoe { name = "John Doe"; face = "Face12"; glasses = "None"; speaker = Male01EN; pitch = 1.0; }; }; Then you assign the identity with: this setIdentity JohnDoe; Remember that everytime you make changes to the description.ext, you need to load your mission in the editor again to make the changes appear.