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  1. Gibbo.

    ASR AI 3

    Great update. Thank you Robalo for your commitment to evolve this addon.
  2. Thought I should hint about Linux Game Server Managers (https://github.com/dgibbs64/linuxgsm/wiki) for setting up an Arma3 DS on (Debian/Redhat) Linux. Haven't seen it mentioned in these forums before. There's simply no reason to struggle yourself with proper start/stop scripts for Arma3 (or any of the other 30 supported game servers). The scripts works great, and provide consistent commands for downloading, installation, upgrades, monitoring and management.
  3. Gibbo.

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Fantastic update! Thank you for your excellent work with this addon. Pure quality work in all aspects.
  4. Even the simplest form of regression testing like running linux dedicated server on a few common distro's would have stopped this bug from passing through. A friendly advice is that you take this under consideration to improve release quality.
  5. Gibbo.

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    The sound effects are amazing and they add a lot of immersion to the game. Overall quality is really high. One effect I think can be improved however is the firing sound for the RPG. It should be a much louder explosion sound instead a "soft" rocket launch sound. Firing a RPG32 equivalent weapon IRL requires both earplugs and earmuffs and you still get ringing in your ears..