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  1. 'Morning. I just wanted to state that the sounds of jet missiles and rockets are no longer triggered/played from the cockpit (devbuild). It is probably related to audio twearking... Disregard this comment if the issue has been reported or stated on the tracker already!
  2. Q: Will we have more weapons availability and variations in Ordnance, such as GBU, Cluster bombs, MK82, Cluster mines, Smoke, etc ? Knowing that they are already in the game (mostly used in artillery tanks) I would like to see them as Ordnance weapons. Thanks!
  3. Buli

    Dynamic shadows possible in Real Virtuality?

    Only casted by the sun.
  4. Yep I saw the "spams" but I've saw it too late, and I could not delete my post. Sorry, I didn't mean to spam there.
  5. WHO does not have one.
  6. Is this mod dead or what? ;) It's been a while since we received news about the mod.
  7. Yeah, but the problem is he hasn't posted here for a while...
  8. Buli

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    The mod itself is funny but I'm kinda disappointed because it mess with the 'soldier protection' simulation. The rare time a bot survive a bullet wound to the knee it is as if he had received no impact, therefore there is no protection simulation at all. I'm not sure if the mod is fully compatible with Refined Vehicles but it looked like bodies were flying further while using both mods.