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  1. tempestriser

    HMNZS Te Kaha

    We have such a rich comunity... this forum have people who have time and patience to work on ships like yours dezkit, i hope someday B.I. give us a little more support for naval warfare, small physx enhancement and some tutorials / tools updates could give our comunity here a "boost-up" to work with ships / submarines :) would be AWESOME to have this all in the same game... congratulations on your initiative dezkit.
  2. I got an error with the first parameter... "picture not found" any way to change that? it would be awesome to put this wanzer side by side with Tempest Heavy Truck Device :) high tech arms here we go...
  3. tempestriser

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    No ideia about release date... but port a mod is something completly diferent from port ArmA 2 official content... you need permission from the owner of this mod and is very hard because you are not familiar with the "way" that he used to create this F15/F16...
  4. tempestriser

    Meatys reskins + sources

    Thanks ^^ i will try it now
  5. tempestriser

    Meatys reskins + sources

    Great work Meatshield, downloading now :) Btw... which snow map is this ? never seen one for A3...
  6. tempestriser

    Development Blog & Reveals

    http://blog.realitygamer.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/ARMA_3__4.jpg Maybe this one... more armor plates around, a small machinegun on the top of the tower, and maybe a 105mm cannon... :)
  7. tempestriser


    Great mod ! keep up :D
  8. tempestriser

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Alduric can you release a beta version of @ASM ? i would really enjoy these vehicles in some missions... thanks :) and congratulations for you great work !
  9. tempestriser

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    I think the name of the mod is the smaller problem to worry about... a A3SM or ASMC (Arma Sample Model Collection) could fit it... just need to focus on configs, parameters and a lot of stuff that really need attention...
  10. tempestriser

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Got it, thanks for ur attention :D
  11. tempestriser

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Its just a test mission with some rifleman and tanks, but i will send this to your private msg box ok ? its a big code even for such a small test and i dont know how to use "spoiler" function to dont spam the forum :p
  12. tempestriser

    [Early Preview] 3D Editor

    Do you know why the A.I becomes "empty" when i try to convert CSV > SQM ? they lost all info about Faction, Behavior and anything else... just standing as a brainwashed men... also the Vehicles lost all the info and become "empty".. i am doing something wrong in the process ?
  13. tempestriser

    Stand alone hmmwv

    Thanks GranQ, really nice to see our good old friend back in action :)
  14. tempestriser

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    yes im sure, it can hurt a LOT for sure ! but have a armor that can stop a 120mm AT ammo's for sure can stop a 35mm explosive round...
  15. tempestriser

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    We need to do something about these AA Guns... a 35mm twin cannon destroying an Main Battle Tank is something ridiculous... im sure it dont have enough firepower to penetrate a huge armor like a Tank... it can even penetrate a APC / MRAP but not a MBT !!!