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  1. GDent

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    This is very cool. Are you gonna add slow zombies too? I think having specific animations for slow walking would be pretty cool.
  2. GDent

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    It would be very cool if this mod were compatible with ALiVE. That way you could just make the zombies spawn anywhere with a custom military objective and not worry about them specifically. It'd also add an element of randomness to missions. I'd just want it so we could make sure they can or can't throw cars and all that.
  3. GDent

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    So these models are temporary? They look weird and out of place, but the functionality they provide is fantastic so I wouldn't mind the weird looks that much
  4. GDent

    ASR AI 3

    this is what confused me in the past. you do need both files, not just one of them. they're both different.
  5. GDent

    ASR AI 3

    sorry, I guess the file in the server's userconfig is now called asr_ai3_settings_ss.sqf? the filename didn't seem to update in Play withSIX, but I could have just made a mistake. the enemy aiming seemed to go back to being way too hard, and I guess it's because I didn't have the file renamed correctly
  6. Do you know if this hotfix was applied to the version in Play withSIX? also, I'm guessing you mean 01.01.2015, right?
  7. won't reverting just create version mismatch errors for people trying to connect? we need BI to push out a hotfix
  8. GDent

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    yeah, when anyone mentioned ACRE2 Arcade it's just weird to think about. I remember in ACRE1 we had to manually change the power setting in our radios. The 148 seems to start out with maximum power already. it's even simpler to use now. so I don't even see a reason to make an arcade version. ACRE2 has been easier to use than ever one question though - I remember there being a demo video with all kinds of options being changed in the 148, including Tx and Rx frequencies and other things, but I can't seem to get to any of that. is it not in the release build right now? all I can do is change the audio to the speaker, change the group, channels, and volume afaik
  9. Inspired by the Kunduz province thread, some people were complaining about AiATP's huge size and bugginess. Honestly now that .kju is no longer working on the project, it's only a matter of time before an update to Arma 3 breaks the mod making it no longer usable. So what terrains are you guys using? Is Bornholm a good replacement for Chernarus? Is there anything good that replaces Takistan? What about Zargabad? These are the three main reasons why I use AiATP, but I'm afraid I might be forced away from it in the future. Of course this is aside from Altis and Stratis, but if you have something to say about those terrains then go ahead.
  10. the problem is that I don't want anyone to respawn, I want them to die and go to spectator mode. I swear I saw a video where someone's game crashed and then he returned right where he left off. i've been wanting to implement that into my missions, along with JIP, since I saw it, but had to deal with server issues.
  11. yeah, we're definitely not using a revive script. just ALiVE's player options, maybe AGM would have something to do with it? but we don't use AGM respawn or anything. if it's not too much to ask, maybe a simple step by step would help me figure out where i'm going wrong. but I'll try figuring it out through looking at other mission frameworks and examples I might find. it's hard because there doesn't seem to be any documentation on these sorts of things anywhere
  12. we tried this more extensively and it caused players to respawn instantly where they died, so definitely not what we're after. I might just try looking at some mission frameworks out there
  13. What is really terrible is that many terrains made just for Arma 3 still rely on Arma 2's assets, and therefore AllinArma Terrain Pack. Now what? Either people make a better/equal replacement for Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad, etc. or a bunch of people pick up the project and continue it. certainly something needs to be done. is there any discussion about this going on? the game is going to start updating again very soon. I only wish I had the skill to help.
  14. I did just try that. there's a different effect; the slot stays open for players to rejoin, but the player does not respawn in the same position or with the same gear. the gear is reset and they restart at the original spawn location so it's slightly better but not what I'm looking for
  15. hey guys. I've asked this a bunch of times but I still can't get it to work right trying to get JIP to work with ALiVE's player saving per mission. if I keep AI enabled in the mission, it works "right" but I don't like that the AI are there. they're annoying and they take over when a player disconnects, which gets them killed. but the slot remains when they disconnect and it restores their position, which is cool to see. I tried adding disabledAI = 1; and respawn = 4; in the description.ext and they can JIP, but then the slot disappears when they disconnect. I want to have it so players can come right back in if their internet messes up or whatever. maybe there's a way to force the player-controllable AI to profile/cache if it's not under player control, but I don't know if this is the best solution. anyway, I've asked this before and was told to turn respawn on or something, but I had other concerns and never tried it. now that things have really settled down, I can try this. thanks for your hard work and help