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    What is the awesome work the graphic artists of Arma 3 did...?

    no one's undermining anyone's work when they say trading cards are pointless and worthless.
  2. suprememodder

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    steam doesn't do refunds. one of the reasons they made this game steam only.
  3. bravo. god knows we need some humor in the wake of this fubar release
  4. no, that's a new marketing tactic developed recently to draw in the cod and battlefield crowd. the franchise has always been a milsim, just a terribly outdated one that had its developmental resources siphoned off to work on a zombie game to drawn in more cod kids.
  5. suprememodder

    No Women=Disturbing

    i love how closet misogynists get all drawn and worked up over the sexism point. if no one mentioned it, they'd probably not bother to reply. but back to the real discussion. female civilians have been done in arma 2 already, with their own skeletons, so the "too much work" argument goes out the window.
  6. i respect his decision to leave. anyone, no matter how skilled and talented at what they do should not stick around and waste their time if they find the engine and tools unsatisfactory for what they want to achieve.
  7. suprememodder

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    cool. finally, real world soldiers.
  8. suprememodder

    No Women=Disturbing

    it's particularly strange because there were women models in the earlier builds they demo'd, but they're gone too. i really hope it's because they're still being worked on, otherwise this is actually a step back from arma 2, which did feature women civilians. also maruk's enigmatic twitter comment is disturbing too. is he saying that arma 3 lacking in content like the first game is actually a good thing? at least the first game came with a campaign.
  9. suprememodder

    A2 vehicles a solution or A3 lack of content?

    it's equally wrong to presume that the qa process was working perfectly and doesn't/shouldn't need improvement, aka the infallible overlord fallacy
  10. suprememodder

    What is the awesome work the graphic artists of Arma 3 did...?

    bis never fails to disappoint
  11. suprememodder

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    3 more hours until the big disappointment :)
  12. also, why the hell are we looking at the air when using mortar? do mortar men judge distance by looking straight up into the sky?
  13. suprememodder

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    arma used to be a sim, then it became a "game", now it's teetering dangerously close to becoming full on run and gun arcade in calva luna territory.
  14. suprememodder

    Reality Check

    yes, mods based on historical and resent real world conflicts. i mean how the hell are they going to work in ugv into the game in a non-idiotic fashion? why even put boots on ground when you cna send those things in and wreak havok?
  15. suprememodder

    Is the game dumbed down?

    definitely. that's just a business reality. however, the degree to which they can dumb it down and not begin to lose business is i think extremely close right now. there's dissent on the forums, on other boards, steam forums, etc. people aern't happy with the degree of simplification. add on the cop and paste fiasco and other factors, then it's bad for the game and bad for business.
  16. suprememodder

    When is this game going to be good?

    sounds more like not really caring about realism to me.
  17. suprememodder

    arma 3's ik system

    so it seems arma 3 is still using the system developed 10 years ago. is this going to change anytime soon? i mean when you step on the stairs, all that happens is one leg grows longer while the other leg grows shorter. the knee doesn't bend. those who have played red orchesra 2 or rising storm will know what i'm talking about. it's most apparent when you are standing on a hill or any type of incline. depending on the grade, you may even see the knee bend 90 degrees. that's proper ik.
  18. suprememodder

    Reality Check

    it's also the worst performing map. and he's right about the satmap effect. some spots remind me of google map. doesn't mean it's not the best map to date, it just means it's still a massive wip and shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence with the word "finished".
  19. suprememodder

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

    where does that idea even originate from? from the bad syrian civil war analogy? bis has been sticking with the same formula forever now. it's pretty clear the aaf are like the cdf, the csat are like the russians, fia are like the napa. i wonder if there's a chedaki-like faction. and the fia aren't fighting the aaf, the fia only formed after the csat invaded. aaf was the new military formed after the civil war. the story takes place well after the civil ended and begins as the player named "kerry" is about to leave the island.
  20. give people like kju the power and you'll essentially be doubling your qa workforce for free. this is a no brainer.
  21. suprememodder

    ZAM Glasses

    the overlay makes it look like you're holding the goggles 2 inches in front of you.
  22. suprememodder

    X: Rebirth

    any artist designing spaceships should be forced to study rob cunningham or nick ebenhoch. those ship designs look terrible.
  23. suprememodder

    Guerrilla Smocks classname?

    heh be prepared to be underwhelmed. they look like hipster clothes
  24. suprememodder

    Is the Fennek periscope gonna work?

    no. vehicle functionality in this game is extremely low
  25. suprememodder

    DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Beta

    all the accuracy and realism in the world won't help this franchise unless they start supporting more than 2 cores. stopped bothering with their products since they won't even optimize their lod drawing distances.