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  1. While mission making I have got some trouble with the setstate module synced to a trigger. All work fine in solo and local hosting but the task state are not update when the trigger is toggle on dedicated server. All other fucntions synced to the trigger seems to work properly. Thanks!
  2. Artyom_

    64 bit server

    Sorry for the long delay, here is the email from BIS:
  3. Account DO have the right to create or modify directories and file. The previous picture is here to ensure you that the user can create folder. Also on linux there is 3 right: read, write and execute. read let user see files and what's inside, write let the user create or modify anything, execute let the user execute file as bash script. So the ftp user I use (a3s-admin) have all permissions to right and modify folder .a3s and what's in with ftp (see below) and terminal (permissions are linked) but I get the ftp 501 error when trying to upload event with the client.
  4. Artyom_

    64 bit server

    Yep, I just made the same conclusion when using 32bit linux binary, Server stay at 50 FPS. About the wine option, I only found old obsolete tutorials and nothing usable today. I also send an email to BIS support about 64bits binaries because I've seen nothing official about that, no reply for the moment.
  5. Just ensure you that user have all rights on the folder, on linux FTP user are created on user creation. Upload option are correctly set: Error still here: Used user can write (filezilla log):
  6. Hello guys, I can't manage to upload event on my A3SYNC server (Linux): FTP error 501: Incorrect number of arguments I've check with FileZilla and with the terminal, the user have the right to Read, Wright and Exec. In fact I'm using the user that have BUILD the repo itself without error and it work fine for normal user so it have all right on the files. If you wan't more log just tell me which one. Thanks!
  7. Artyom_

    64 bit server

    Do have performance trouble with wine? I mean the arma server is theoricaly less efficient under wine isn't it? If you can put me in contact with the competent people that would be very nice ;-)
  8. Artyom_

    64 bit server

    OK, not very nice.. Have we an approximative release date for 64 bit linux server?
  9. Hey guys! I'm in charge of a new linux server but it is the first since the 64bit update. So my question is simple: How do I launch my server in 64bit under linux. Thanks!
  10. I only use linux for building, i tried making events on local and upload these but I had permissions issues.
  11. Hello guys, I have experienced this error yesterday: Build repository Enter repository name: 75RI Set maximum number of client connections (1-10): 10 Add compressed pbo files (yes/no): no Add file path to exclude from build (leave blank to pass): Add folder path to exclude extra local content when sync (leave blank to pass): Building repository... Build repository failed. An unexpected error has occured. java.lang.NullPointerException at fr.soe.a3s.dao.repository.RepositoryBuildProcessor.generateSync(RepositoryBuildProcessor.java:407) at fr.soe.a3s.dao.repository.RepositoryBuildProcessor.run(RepositoryBuildProcessor.java:107) at fr.soe.a3s.service.RepositoryService.buildRepository(RepositoryService.java:308) at fr.soe.a3s.console.CommandGeneral.buildRepository(CommandGeneral.java:77) at fr.soe.a3s.console.CommandConsole.build(CommandConsole.java:543) at fr.soe.a3s.console.CommandConsole.execute(CommandConsole.java:75) at fr.soe.a3s.main.ArmA3Sync.runArmA3Sync(ArmA3Sync.java:135) at fr.soe.a3s.main.ArmA3Sync.main(ArmA3Sync.java:55) Could you help?
  12. I do, and its difficult to know what is the important thing when there is a lot of "normal" warnings or errors. And more, i cant make a RPT file to send to the mod dev, all methods i've tested didn't work (create the good file but nothing inside).
  13. Hi guys! After some times and updates from each mod nothing change from my side! All mission on Tanoa using CUP or CBA return to mission selection. Any idea?
  14. Hello! We have experienced a major bug after the APEX update, we can't reach our server (both research in server list and distant connection). The server start fine and no log problems has been detected. Solved (bug with @ALIVE) Now, my mission won't launch (return to mission selection) if mod are actived on the server. To know that i've tried to remove them one by one. The last remaining was CBA and after it was removed the mission launch. But when I try with all mods without CBA and its dependencys the mission won't start. Any idea? Solved but waiting for fix (bug with @CBA and All CUP) Thanks!