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    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Love it! But it's pretty much too fast for any maps other than Tanoa. The MFD and the ATS is great, wouldn't mind having the interior panel be a bit nicer. Runs out of fuel very, very quickly as the AB seems to want to be on during takeoff and if you aren't careful you end up going 1,600 meters per second. Had to actually turn mouse acceleration on just to get the thing to turn as it should. Also, seems with all the planes that increase and decrease thrust doesn't work like it should. If I use decrease thrust to try to slow down the aircraft it picks the speed right back up and continues to go faster after I let off of it. If I hold increase thrust it picks up speed which increases more after I let off of it. Might be just something with the keyboard config data in the software. Haven't tried using my Logi 3D Pro to see if using analog thrust and brake helps.
  2. So a setting of about 25% to 30% would probably be a better setting for missions? I've been working on some stuff here and there. I have one I was working on that had an American platoon holding a radio tower site against several platoons of NVA and VC. Problem I ran into with Unsung: Bravo was the AI of the NVA and VC kept getting stuck on terrain spots.
  3. I wasn't aware it was a trick. I haven't really had time to test anything APEX related. Nor do I rarely do anything with arma 3 except put some random vehicles down to blow up.
  4. Apologies. I was pointing out the fact the problem AI seems to have finding someone walking around behind them that is 3 feet away that runs into the same bush they just walked through. As the video shows that is on Tanoa, and I thought the units being used are from Unsung as it has the same weaponry and uniforms as Unsung. Since Unsung uses APEX I am curious if there is a fix to making the AI smart enough to realize the person it was trying to shoot just ran into a bush 3 feet away.
  5. I actually find APEX to be outstanding. Now if only they can get the AI to be able to see someone standing 3 feet away in a bush ala' the latest ShackTac video that Dsylecxi posted up on Youtube. . At right around the 9:20 mark whoever that is in Dsylecxi's squad that is left starts playing ring around the rosy with one of the AI before shooting it in the back. Poor AI Soldier..... Also big credit to Dsylecxi and the people from ShackTac for making and letting others watch some of their hilarious at times goings ons.
  6. Looks good. The vehicles should look really awesome when you guys get them finished.
  7. When bodies are shot the flinging around is from spasms and trauma related shock. Now if there is a chest plate or some sort of body armor then the impact will push them around as the kinetic force from the bullet acts on that. Otherwise the bullet hits and fragments which is a good thing....or it goes straight through which is a bad thing.
  8. Seems to be fixed some. Close proximity bomb hits do damage now. Direct hits right on or next to are instant kills.
  9. Have the same issue with immortal tanks. The IFA3 Flight Mission 1 there is a target point with 3 tanks that cannot be damaged even with direct hits with multiple 500lb bombs from a P47.