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    Need help on scripting

    add to descriprion.ext " respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; " i think that way you get a menu to choose your respawnpoint
  2. spidypiet

    Need help on scripting

    did you check your Description.ext and https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn ?
  3. to be honest i was waiting for vac to arrive and i say its a bad thing on a "open source " heavely scripted and modified gameplatform VAC can produce many false positives on a "open"Game
  4. spidypiet

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    a global TK punishment isnt the way to go like many said before it can easely be altered or avoided on the other hand being strickt on your own server is a good thing and there are many way's to implement that already
  5. spidypiet

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    after reading your post i'm thinking its comming down on KD ratio's again if some one want's to play for there K/D ratio's there is COD or BF series K/D ratio dosnt mean you'r a good team player or will follow orders correctly many times i have watched players with a high KD ratio abandon there team go lonewolf even using there team mates as lures to get a kill playing arma should be more then just a good KD ratio medics who save you'r lives heal/revive lots of people but also die allot in the process see there KD ratio plummed and will be abandoned from your server
  6. for SP i dont care but for MP it can be a big deal because players download from the host or gameserver directly so loading times and even server performance can be a big issue some games uses redirect-servers for big downloads then again they are not Arma
  7. spidypiet

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    nice feature "Glowing eye's " would be nice if every zombie class had there own eye color Demons blue runners red walkers yellow and crawlers & biters green
  8. spidypiet

    Know if server has password

    there are hardly any "official" servers https://arma3.com/servers most servers are run by community's for community's the server is free obtainable thru steam ,running on dedicated rented gameservers or even dedicated boxes or hosted from the home enviroment who can tell the diffence on the browser? and sure i'll respect your creativity and you'r free todo anything you desire but i dont see any benefit of excluding your own mission from the majority of servers
  9. spidypiet

    Know if server has password

    ok then he means when a server is locked with a password the mission wont run then again he's dictating where and how the server is run on his terms i hope people stop supporting that kind of missions
  10. spidypiet

    Know if server has password

    how do those casual players obtain the server Password? like you said they are just casual players wanting to hit a button on a server browser and play the game
  11. spidypiet

    Know if server has password

    i also dont like te idea that the mission maker is dictating where and how a mission should be played i think a server owner is perfectly capable on what missions suites his server best based on his server visits
  12. i would even go further why not a common_script folder holding all your custom scripts and functions you check off whats needed (single scripts or whole directories) in Eden for your mission and its grabbing those files when you PBO your mission even so for all your custom sounds or .ogv files that way you avoid haven the same files excisting multiple times on your HDD divided over several missions or maps
  13. spidypiet

    Eden Feature Requests

    published by BIS or custom scenarios ? if its need fixing just fix it ,its not new for the community to update the scenarios or mods after a update
  14. that because its saving your inventory when you are killed if you depleted your bullits lost all your grenades emptyed your backpack that will be the state its saving while you'r being killed try to save with a trigger when you leave the first initial spawn locaction
  15. Bis could create a special compiler that encrypt the PBO files and insert a special server heartbeat script monitized server owners pay's for a subscription package for the use and running those special encrypted files .... win win for every body
  16. to be honest on http://i.imgur.com/JnfHkHK.png on the right is 1.54 and mx 6.5 could easely be mistaken for mx 8.5
  17. its the same with the 2D editor as before ill gues
  18. spidypiet

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    im a old cod4 player i loved the modded servers with lots of custom maps ok let cod be cod but there custom-server setup was great as a player you didnt have todo anything just hit connect the server would check if you have the mods or custom maps for the duration of the map if you didnt have the map or mod you would automaticly be redirected to a redirect server where it would download the maps or mods for you every server would have there own redirect maintained by there server admins a custom map would be +- 80 mb mods a bit larger and took about 1-1.5 min to download it only had to download once or being updated when the map/mod was updated on the server on the players end you had in the root of your game a mod folder and a usermap folder all in all on the players point of view it was eay to connect a custom server on Arma 3 its not that easy mods dont have stucture in the root of the game in arma its arma3\@mod1 or arma3\mymods\@mod2 or arma3\someothermodsfolder\@mod3 etc etc instead of 1 structured folder arma3\Mods\ also you have to start the game with the mods a server is using so a quick try or peak on a server isnt working most times also mods vary from 1mb to 10GB so downloading from a redirect would take minutes or even hours so for a casual players point of view Arma 3 is hard to setup and to maintain your mods arma 3 is great for modders and big community's but for the casual players its every time a struggle to connect
  19. spidypiet

    Airfield Logistics

    great job, keep on the good work ;)
  20. spidypiet

    Display text with RscTitles

    i use the script from the video to display a killfeed so in my killfeed.sqf ill end with killfeed.sqf: _line = if(_victim == _killer) then { format["%1! killed himself",name _victim]; } else { format["%1 ==Killed== %2 from %3 mtr",name _killer,name _victim,_dis]; disableSerialization; 1 cutRsc ["KILLFEED","PLAIN"]; waitUntil {!isNull (uiNameSpace getVariable "KILLFEED")}; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable "KILLFEED"; _setText = _display displayCtrl 1001; _setText ctrlSetStructuredText (parseText format ["%1.",_line]); _setText ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0,0,0.5];
  21. spidypiet

    Camera.sqs help

    depth of field needs to be on 100 or higher if you want to see the focus effect _cam camSetFocus [120, 1]; //would distance 120mtr, blur amount 1
  22. spidypiet

    Display text with RscTitles

    that video has a link to a Example mission did you get is working?
  23. spidypiet

    Camera.sqs help

    my first question would be is the camera created and working?
  24. sure but requiers to hit play button and start/host/edit a new mission instead of click editor in the menu ;)
  25. also respawns don't work on preview