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    Development Blog & Reveals

    But the model is more a downgrade. Why would someone turn a three engine helicopter into a two engine helicopter? It looked much cooler with its three engines in Arma 2! Same with the Hellcat. The weapons are a joke. In Arma 2 it was my favourite Bird, with its HE Gau and 7 laser guided rocket that where controlled by the gunner. In Arma 3 it was horribly downgraded to be a bigger littlebird. Copy & Pasta. What I don't understand is why there are not more variants of Arma 3s vehicles in the game? It is much easier to change weapons than making a new vehicle model. So why not make a littlebird with Hellfires, or a GAU, or multiple hellcat variants? It is so easy with proxys..
  2. I know that everything behaves correctly and that it is not a bug. But to avoid this high arc when I use optics with high minimum zeroing (300+ m) I wanted the scope zeroing and use the weapons 100m default zeroing instead. But sadly there is no function like this. But hey, who uses a 85x scope to shoot slugs with a shotgun?
  3. So which one should I built? It looks like the Panther is based more on the older Dauphin than on the new EC155, it has some very different details. Maybe I do a hybrid version out of the different variants with the parts that I like most. And to fit into the 2035 setting it may be better to build the armored panther version based on the EC155 and not the AS365.
  4. I just saw that the different variants looks very different from each other (different window sizes, landing gears, engines...), so I will try to get close to the real panther design. The panther in this version has for example an additional housing at the exhaust to lower the IR signature (which looks extremly cool :cool:). But I think that parts like this could be made optional via proxys or selections. All in all the unarmored version may not look as smooth as the new EC155, but maybe I just create an additional model for this version by changing the panther a bit. Well, I will think about variants when the base is finished, but I like Chris' idea of a civilian medic version next to the Panther with different weapons as well as a pure military transport version. If it is possible I would like to make the civilian version next to a luxus version with an interior like this: http://luxuryaircraftsolutions.com/aircraft-images/Eurocopter%20EC%20155%20Interior.jpeg (242 kB) But it is still a long way until I get to the state where I can think about the different versions
  5. Weapon sway after holding breath should be dependend on the duration of holding breath. But I guess it is too much work for BI :386:
  6. I am not sure whether I got you wrong, but this Panther is not in the vanilla game. The KA60 ("Orca") is just looking very similar, but never as beautiful as the Eurocopter: http://www.wallpaperspic.co/wallpapers/2013/06/Helicopters-Kamov-Russian-Air-Force-Ka-60-Wallpaper-1800x2880.jpg (751 kB) Thank you for the nice images, they will help me a lot. I was surprised how simple and clean the cockpit is, just a few MFD's. I think the proxy based weapons are a great idea, maybe even in combination with a loadout menu like in the F18/SU35 jet mod..
  7. blackpixxel

    UTS-15 Shotgun

    Not really after respawn, but a short time after you spawned the first time. Maybe it is also caused by the mission (Armory Mission). But it is important that it works on every mission. Thank you for the hint with the respawn EH, I will add that too.
  8. blackpixxel

    UTS-15 Shotgun

    Hi, at the moment I'm stuck in the scripting part. The problem is multiplayer. The current solution with an init.sqf that runs the eventhandlers does not work as expected, the fired eventhandler seems to disapear after some time, so there is no pump action animation and the reload animation is also not working since it needs some informations from the pump action script. If you have a better idea how to solve this problem, please let me know! I don't know how to do it, so at the moment I cannot continue..
  9. Hi, now a month passed, and I tried my weapon on a multiplayer server. But the method I showed you does not really work. The fired eventhandler seems to be very unreliable, it disapeared after a few minutes so that there was no pump animation anymore. The other eventhandler for my reloadanimation was still working. At least you can see the animations of other players, even though the script is only executed local on the clients PC, since playActionNow makes the animations visible for everyone. Did you make any progress regarding the initialisation of the bolt action script? Or does anyone else have an idea how to make this working in multiplayer? Thanks in advance!
  10. blackpixxel

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Is the Lynx also able to perform a looping like in real life in Arma? I only tried to do rolls, which work nice. I would love to do some 3D flying in Arma... Time to test it
  11. The 2D-drift issue is not really something special for the 2D scopes. It is also there for 3D scopes and ironsights. When you turn and stop, the weapon will move a bit further in your rotation direction. This doesn't affect your own view, it stays there and just the gun moves a bit. With 2D scopes your view is fixed onto the weapon. And this is the reason why your camera is also moving a bit further.
  12. Hi, I would not even call this a mod, but I would like to share it: You may have seen the flash suppresor attachments on very early Arma 3 screenshots (http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/arma3_e3_release_2_4.jpg). This item is not available in the game, but I found its .p3d model and the inventory picture in the game files. I wrote a little config to make the flash hiders available in the game. There are two different types for different weapon sizes/calibers. They will remove the muzzle flash of the weapon and lower the light emission while shooting. AIs ability to spot you with their eyes is also decreased. The muzzle velicity is slightly increased and the recoil decreased a bit. classnames muzzle_mzls_L (For pistols and rifles below 6.5mm) muzzle_mzls_H (For 6.5mm and 7.62mm) Download Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgiaahdtu18rr3o/bpx_flashhider.pbo?dl=0 I don't think that it makes much sense to have this as a seperate mod. So feel free to implement this in your mod if you want to. There are also many other interresting files in the Arma 3 directory, like a big .50 cal Holosight or other Flashlights. Maybe you find something nice too!
  13. A problem is that you don't have any drawbacks with the current inertia implementation when usnig hipfire mode. You will still hit where the crosshairs are pointing at, there is no missalignment because the inertia is just a simple parralax camera movement. I am still not sure whether a BF3 like weapon-behaviour would be a better inertia system. in BF3 / 4 the weapon always rotates a bit slower than yourself in hipfire-mode, but in this game the bullets spawn in your eyes, so it does not influence you, it is just a nice visual effect. Maybe they could implement something like this for Arma (Of course the bullets will spawn in the muzzle there). And maybe only in hipfire mode, since ironsight + slow weapon would feel very unresponsive. The technology to do this is already in the game. Just add an offset of freeaim/floating zone when turning tdepending on the speed and the weapons weight, and the weapon will rotate a bit slower than you.
  14. blackpixxel

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    I just wish that BI would show some pictures of what will be in the DLC, I am thinking of creating a transport helicopter for A3, but I don't want that the time will be wasted when it is already part of the DLC. And I cannot wait to see it :D
  15. You are right - weapon inertia is just a shift of the camera, there aren't any new animations. What I really like is that Holo- and Reddot-Sights are now a real advantage compared to ironsights, because they always show you where your bullet will hit, even when the camera is offset to the muzzle axis. So you should be able to track targets while turning with them much better than with ironsights.
  16. blackpixxel

    Add a list of magazines to a player

    Wow, thank you for your fast response! It works great now, and I learned something new. Thanks alot!
  17. Hi, I have the following problem: I made a list of all the magazines of a unit using this command: _magazinesList = magazinesAmmo _unit; Now I want to add all the magazines from the list back to the unit, after I removed each of them. I tried it like this: {player addmagazine [(_magazinesList select _x) select 0,(_magazinesList select _x) select 1]}foreach _magazinesList; But it doesn't work. I am not a scripting expert, so I hope that someone could answer this hopefully simple question. Thank you for your help! BlackPixxel
  18. Hi, for a weapon addon I need to disable the ability of the player to reload for a short time were a script is running to avoid some reload glitches. Is there any way to do that in this script? Thank you for your help! BlackPixxel
  19. blackpixxel

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I think at least three variants of the Marshal (Regular Canon, Mortar and Medevac) and two variants of the CSAT 6 wheeled APC (Regular RWS, Medevac) where planned. The pictures are in the gamefiles. there is also a ton of other interresting stuff, like a ghosthawk with external weapons or tanks. I hope that we see some of the planned variants as a free update between the helicopter and the marksmen dlc, maybe at the end of the year... BI likes to copy and paste, so why not make these variants?
  20. blackpixxel

    Hidden Flashsuppressors

    This sight is also not a regular weapon sight, it is made for .50s and miniguns on vehicles, helicopters and boats. Because of its size the gunner is able to look with both eyes through the sight. I wonder what BIS planned with that. There is only the offroad HMG that could benefit from this sight at the moment. There are also some soundfiles for the M4 Shotgun, the M26 underslung shotgun and an "AA40" Shotgun, which may be a futuristic AA12. And another 0.50 sniper rifle. I think/hope we will see most of this unfinished stuff in the marksmen-dlc.
  21. I think that floating zone (which is also activated via alt+optics) is just bad implemented. In Arma 2 the rotation speed during this optic floating zone is depending on the weapons weight, which was nice.
  22. Thank you for your answers. For some reasons maxZeroing does not work. I set it to 100m, but the Optics will still shift the point of impact upwards in close ranges, so zeroing is still affected by them. Sniper scopes with adjustable zeroing will also work. Do I need something else to let this work?
  23. blackpixxel

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Yep, I also read that VBS it still looks like Arma 1, and that the nice graphics video was just a demonstration of what is possible. And it only looks good at close range, when the video shows distance it looks like OPF or Arma 1 - because midrange terrain is also not fixed at BISim
  24. blackpixxel

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    But sometimes they seem to share their technology. We can just hope that it will happen again...
  25. blackpixxel

    Hidden Flashsuppressors

    Well, there was a third model in the files which was also named "mzls" (muzzle suppressor) which looked more like a regular sound suppressor. Ingame it was as long as a regular silencer, but the model was different. But I could not find a sniper suppressor.