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  1. This is regarding the scenario Manned Mission Victoria Settlement. I did manage to build a base on the moon, so i have the basics in hand. However, the partially built construction on Mars: There is 45 degree angled corner on the base platform, how do i proceed from there? Do i use the wall inner corner to extend the wall futher from that inner corner piece?
  2. Fixxerdot

    Help! Constructing help needed

    I managed to find out :) Thanks!
  3. Issues appearing for my TKOM game.. first, i cannot play the maingame as i enter the control-room, its just colors and lines.. i can enter the lab, but if i press return to controlroom, its the same. Also, if i try to load a scenario ive been working on my character is stuck between the game and nothing.. not moving at all but i can hear sounds etc.. This is rather frustating.. And to add, i get crash-messages with unhandled expectaions etc etc.. Currently im running the non developer-mode. Please help? ---------- Post added at 19:47 ---------- Previous post was at 19:42 ---------- Ive submitted a ticket, so close this thread :)
  4. Huh? How long lol... So can i build a base after ive driven around on mars with rovers? Not scenario-vice.
  5. To ask a question asked before, is the manned missions available in the main game now?
  6. Is this available in the main game? Or scenario only?
  7. Cool! When will the manned missions become available in the campaign? :) And when, will it be possible to skip the rover missions?
  8. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Cool! what news are there in the patch?
  9. Hey! Thanks for the new content!:) However, how do you start it and how do i control the human laying on the ground in the scenario?
  10. Hi, ive sent my small landers to Mars, but now i do not have more missions with them. And i tried yesterday to send some large ones, but when it was researched there were no missions... Where should i go after small landers?
  11. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    When can one expect the next update? :)
  12. Fixxerdot

    What should i research after small landers?

    Yep, did that and now ive got more missions with the large lander :) Thanks Dram, for a great game:)
  13. Fixxerdot

    New content, how do i start it?

    Cool! Thanks Dram, it was very interesting testing it !:)
  14. I dont like that answer Dram, im not patient enough :P Haha cool! Can you try make it look like a tricorder? It will be like Star Trek, exploring an uknown planet :D
  15. Holy CRAP Guys! Thats bloody AWESOME :D Ca date when it will become available? ---------- Post added at 19:55 ---------- Previous post was at 19:32 ---------- This may sound completely crazy Dram, but could you add this to the Expedtion One? Its from Star Trek, and its called a tricorder: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_XNPD380IpBQ/SAvoZ76LcNI/AAAAAAAAAgA/Y8BXv6vlap8/s400/P17_3_tricorder.jpg A handheld portable scanner :) Measuring like atmoshphere, radiation, etc etc.
  16. Great update guys! Very cool with the 3D Map, and the christmas-theme in the control room! You deserve a long holiday now:) Can one ask out of curioisty, whats next?
  17. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    I will try that first!:) But it must be the game, since all saves are the same. ---------- Post added at 16:15 ---------- Previous post was at 16:12 ---------- Haha! that fixed it lol :D Thanks!
  18. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    And to add: The last patch screwed up my game... whenever i load it, the main room ( control room ) are rendered oddly, im basicly outside in a black room... and when i want to construct a rover, the room is there but no vehicle can be created..
  19. And to add: What about the Mars 3 probe? Can we continue with that or is that just left to be? And i do get a message on my screen about the wheater at the crater where the Mars 3 landed in the game., so i presume there are something to do with it?
  20. Nice! :D Updating now! :D
  21. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Great update! :) But, im kinda screwing my game up all the time as im not familiar with money nor tech-tree and what to do.. whats the best approach to gain money + technologies? Ive got some small landers, but there are few missions only... i can send alot of probes to get some cash ofc. Does anyone have a decent guide for me to start with? And is there more to do with the Mars 3? Or is it just the first 5 minutes, and thats it?
  22. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Sweet! :D I cant wait !:D
  23. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    I presume starting a new game now will be a waste due to the new system coming out shortly? I hope tomorrow Monday ? :D
  24. Fixxerdot

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Hehe^^ Its a good game!!! :)