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    Playing ArmA since 2012, started with DayZ, left DayZ while the DayZ hype, started to love the Arma tactical gameplay at the beginning of 2013, played CTI warefare, meet some guys playing Arma 2 with ACE, started loving ACE, played Arma 2 with ACE, founded the german ArmA tactical group "Gruppe Lightning" in Q3 in 2013, started loving the Arma 3 Alpha, started Arma scripting in 2014, threw my computer out of my window in Q2 in 2014 because scripting is so different in Arma, today playing A3 and 2 with a bunch of other cool guys.
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  1. It seems that TFAR is currently not supporting A3's Respawntemplate: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:A3_respawnSelectPosition.jpg If players die and wait until they can respawn at the selected position they can talk and hear all other players :X
  2. Thanks for your replies, I have to correct myself. I was wrong, the respawn positions shown in the template are created by markers called respawn_west_1, respawn_west_2, _3, _4 ...ect. the dublicated markers are a result of merching the mission file several times. I will add a note to the wiki-page that the respawn template uses all markers starting with respawn_west.
  3. 7rust

    spawn or execvm?

    Alright, thanks guys!
  4. Hello guys, Im using the respawnTemplate MenuPosition (also known as Zeus respawn window). But the menu shows me a huge amount of position from units I placed on the map. Is there any way to prevent using the positions of units as respawn position? I was thinking about BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition, but I dont have any ID of the positions. Regards 7rust
  5. 7rust

    spawn or execvm?

    Small question: How many spawn-threads can be opened in Arma 3? Is there any number or any maximum? I guess its depending on servers hardware is it?
  6. You could use the faction colors by using colorOPFOR, colorBLUFOR ect. instead of generating the specific color using a rgb code (in: QS_fnc_iconColor) :) Thanks for your work :)
  7. 7rust


    Hi Flummi, to get a better simulation about the german Bundeswehr you should add some damaged and not working planes and helicopters. As well some expensive UAVs without pilots. Ahhh and dont forgett the best, a detailed unit of Ursula von der Leyen would be awesome! For those people who dont understand, some jokes about our german politics and our multi talented defence minister: http://www.economist.com/news/europe/21621876-germany-able-give-its-allies-more-military-help-chinks-armour Thanks for your awesome work! Regards
  8. Great work! :) Would be great if there would be any additional parameters like what units yo u want to show: ["player","ai","allsides"]
  9. I cant follow you, whats a Common Composition Base?
  10. 7rust

    Ukraine General

    Hey guys, I dont want to interrupt the discussion but I want to ask a question. Since the beginn of the conflicts in the Ukraine I never inform myself about what happening there, it was confusing who is fighting against who and for what reason. Is here someone who could explain and sum up the fractions and the reason for this "war" in general. This would be very helpful for me and also for other people and make it easier to follow and understand the events happening there. kind regards!
  11. No answer yet, any ideas how to solve? :x
  12. 7rust

    What's a good IDE for Arma?

    Well, this Armadev plugin for Eclipse looks interessting! :eek:
  13. Small update, after reworking my description.ext I was able to output my GUI to the users screen using: 1 cutRsc["LIGHT_IED_DIALOG","PLAIN"]; But I am unable to find my display (via idd) to change some content of the Text :X disableSerialization; _disp = findDisplay 123; //outputs "no display" so it cant find the display idd which I have defined in my dialog. _test = _disp displayCtrl 1000; _test ctrlSetText "kjdsfkjdsf"; DES EXT: class rscTitles { class MY_MAIN_CLASS { idd = 123; movingEnable = false; enableSimulation = true; duration = 2; fadeIn = 0; fadeOut = 0; //class RscText; class Controls { class MY_CLASS_NAME: RscText { idc = 1000; text = ""; x = 0.171875 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.612 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.177188 * safezoneW; h = 0.028 * safezoneH; }; [......]
  14. 7rust

    What's a good IDE for Arma?

    Notepad++ together with the SQF plugin is great combination. Adds syntax-hightlighting: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680
  15. Hello Com, I added a bunch of custom mods to my Zeus mission, all of this content is working and I can play the mission in singleplayer without any problems and as Zeus I can place every custom object I want. When I play the mission on my linux A3 server nothing of the custom content is available to Zeus. Whats the reason for that? I guess my setup is correctly (otherwise the objects wouldnt be available in singleplayer), I have placed the Gamemaster module and set it to "Addons present in the mission", synced one unit/object of every mod with the module ect. Where is the problem? Thanks for your time, best regards!